Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Guess who got nailed with a snowball right after I caught that picture.
I hate being cold.

On a totally unrelated note, Rebekah tagged me some time ago with the number 6. (And speaking of, she's hosting a giveaway! You should run enter.)

I was to go to the 6th file on my computer and find the 6th picture and post it.
I wasn't able to until now, due to the computer/camera issues that I'm sure you're sick of hearing about.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this picture though! I needed that shot of color today.
It was from The Girl's 7th birthday party when she requested a rainbow theme.
I had to make two cakes because we had lots of people over.

And because I'm on a 6 kick, someone else tagged me to tell 6 things about myself. I'm SO sorry that I can't remember who it was! If it was you, please speak up because I'd love to credit you.

1. I stink at following through on tags.
2. In 2008, I made Summer Resolutions rather than New Year's ones. I liked it.
3. My kids lost our remote control yesterday. I actually called them at someone else's house while they were at a sleepover, to see if they could remember where they put it. I'm so lazy.
4. I'm already craving Spring and we haven't even hit January yet.
5. I'm impatient.
6. It's almost noon and I'm still in my pajamas.

And now I'm tagging the last 5 people to leave a comment on the previous post.
WeaponsGradeMooseDrool, TanyBug, Danielle, NancyGrayce, and Sew Gracious.

Happy New Year to you!!!

**Update: I found the remote today. In a plant. Someone has some 'splaining to do.


Alicia @ Oh2122 said...

That's such a gret shot!

Happy New Year!

Alicia @ Oh2122 said...

Um, that should be "great."

Santa should have brought me universal spell ckeck.

Unknown said...

Awesome action shot...and WOW that's a lot of snow!
The birthday cakes are pretty and sure a bright spot of color! Happy birthday sweet daughter!

Happy New Year!

CalvaryGirl said...

Gracious we could be twins! LOL @ the remote, I would have done the same thing!! That cake is an awesome idea. We're gonna do that soon. DD would love that. I found your blog looking through posts at CFL a few weeks ago. I had you on follow, but since then had created blogrolls of bookmarked blogs. I'm slowly bringing everything together now.

There were a number of reasons leading up to my stepping down at the board after seven years (wow), but ultimately, the Lord said it was time. "Time Management" is something he's really dealing with me on ;o) KIT!

Happy New Year~

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koopermom said...

Those cakes are cool! Next time someone's having a bad day, I think I'll be making one!

Angie Seaman said...

Love the cakes girl. Such a cute idea! Also, love the snowball shot. Great job capturing that one. I detest being cold too. I dread leaving sunny Florida next Monday and getting off that plane back in Indy's 20-30 degree temps. YUCK! Hope you have a very Happy New Year!
Hugs, Angie



nancygrayce said...

Those cakes are great! Thanks for the tag....I'll have fun doing it...not today, but I will! :)

gina said...

Oh come on- it was worth that great shot, right?!!

Those cakes are pretty.

Hey it's almost *;30 PM and I'm still in MY pajamas. lol. It's a sick day for me.

PiaTillys Boutique said...

Love that snowball shot!!

And those cakes are so cute, what a great idea! :)


Anonymous said...

I love that photo!

Rebekah said...

Glad to see you were finally able to do the 6th tag :) Very creative on the cakes - I might have to use that idea, my youngest asks for a "rainbow cake" every year.

Thanks for mentioning my giveaway!

Sherry said...

I'm already waiting for spring, too! Wishing you and your family good health and happiness for the New Year.

CalvaryGirl said...

Tag! You're IT!


nikki/WhiMSy love said...

Oh my gosh--I was totally thinking of Spring today & picturing my yard all cute-like.

And I'm gonna have to make those cakes with my girls someday. Really adorable!!

j said...

The cakes are SO pretty!!