Tuesday, December 02, 2008

So sweet!

Hungry yet? Believe it or not, these are not real! They're faux food made by the super sweet Jenni B. of JenniBOriginals.

They're so impressive, in fact, that Martha came calling. That's right, THE Martha. Jenni was invited to be on her show and teach Martha how to make these cuties. Martha loved them and even took some home with her!

Now Jenni is sharing her sweetness again and offering a giveaway on her blog for these yummy confection ornaments. Click here to enter. Just think, your tree could be decorated like Martha Stewart's!

Is that sweet or what?! Thanks JenniB!

Oh and Martha, if you're reading - Call me! My schedule is open right now and I can squeeze in an appearance. ;-)


www.AForestFrolic.typepad.com said...

Ha, yeah if Martha calls...hit me up so I can get in on the action! Those look de-lish...my mouth is watering! Thanks for sharing the giveaway love :-)

gina said...

:) Martha would be lucky to have you. A few bloggers I read were on the show about blogging. so cool.

Jenni B said...

Thanks for your plug! And don't forget to mention that the ornaments I'm giving away are the ACTUAL ornaments Martha took home with her to photograph for an upcoming book (she sent them back). So fun!! You're to SWEET!

Jenni B

MGF said...

I so thought they were real.

Unknown said...

Those look so real I would have made an embarrassing mistake and taken one to eat with my coffee if I were in her kitchen! and WOW..an invite from Martha Stewart...really cool!

Angie Seaman said...

Oh girl - I thought you and the kiddo's had been to the cupcake store when I first logged on. You know me and cupcakes. I'm a feene. Ha ha! Awesome - Awesome!
Blessings, Angie

Alicia @ Oh2122 said...

As I was scrolling down, I was thinking, "I wonder what kind of icing that is on those gingerbread men..."

Totally thought they were real!

nic said...

love those...especially the cupcakes. awesome finds, beki!