Monday, January 05, 2009

My brain hurts.

But that's not terribly unusual.

Why does photography have to be so complicated? And why do I have to be so impatient? I just want to look through the camera, push the button, and have amazing pictures come out. Is that too much to ask?

I have a nice camera.

But that sure doesn't mean I know what I'm doing. And as I mentioned the other day, I'm learning a new photo editing program.

So far I'm seeing a lot of graininess in my pictures when I'm done. It doesn't show up in the editing process, but then when I post the picture it looks all fuzzy.
I'm sure that's a user problem.

Regarding the photography, I'm getting tips from the experts like Tonya and Ree. I'm trying to let all the info digest.
Unfortunately I haven't had a real opporunity yet to just play with it all.

The Baby is usually making a mess somewhere (what's new), and The Boy and The Girl are out of school still. You'd think I could just do pictures of them, but it's bitter cold outside and I'm not mean enough to make them stand out in it. Usually.

When I try to grab an indoor shot, I end up with something like this.

Pay no attention to the enormous zit on my forehead. Or the "thing" in The Boy's nose.

Check out our orange hair.

EVERY picture I take in our house has a yellow/orange tint to it. I think it's because nearly everything in our house is brown.
The floors, the furniture, the walls. Seriously.
I love that it's all neutral, but it makes indoor photography a bear.
There's just nothing for the light to bounce off of.
I've suggested painting the walls white just so I can take better pictures and The Man told me I'd have to do it all myself.
Well, that's not going to happen.

I need more coffee. And peace and quiet. And patience. Just to get great pictures, that keep people coming back to my blog to ooh and aah. Yep, that's my goal.


Caitlin said...

That's what photoshop is for!

Unknown said...

Oh, what a pain! I hope you get it all figured out... soon!

Surely there should be an easier way, than painting your house by yourself!

(Sounds like he likes to paint as much as my husband! ;)

Sylvia C.

tscrapper said...

Good luck w/ the photos! I'm trying to retake photos in my shop and learn some new techniques, too. I just discovered the macro setting, so I need to play around more, too.

The Beauty Bargainista said...

well, I DEFINATLY know where your coming from! I have the same camera and take all the photos on my blog with it. It just takes pracice! I know thats not waht you want to hear, but its true! Let me know if you could use any tips or help! :)

Cathe Holden said...

Beki, you kill me! LOL!!

Wish I could offer some brilliant advice, but I would be on the far opposite end of brilliant if I even tried. I know nothing. Cheapie digital camera, auto setting, crossed fingers... that's how I do it. (And it shows.)


My Trendy Tykes said...

Is your ISO up too high?
My blog also "resizes" my photos when I insert them in the blog post. They actually look better but I am just too lazy to upload them myself and then insert.

Are you using a speedlite? Or natural light. Maybe there is just not enough light in the house??

Girl, I have the same camera and still can't operate it like I want. LOL!

Ask Angie (AngelicaGraceDesigns) She has become quiet the PRO at taking pics in just a short amount of time.



Anonymous said...

I wouldn't DARE have a photo of myself that close up! LOL. I'm older than you though.

Jus Shar Designs said...

You are going to paint your walls so you can take better photos. You are nuts! LOL

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

"You are going to paint your walls so you can take better photos."... SO I can have people ooh and ahh over my pictures on my blog! Don't forget that important part.


gina said...

The best pictures taken in my house are the ones I take directly by the huge pic window in my living room- every where else? Forget about it.... oh well, Spring will be here soon enough right?!??

Anonymous said...

Photography is so fickle...some days my pics are good; some days not so good. Hope you get it worked out.

Cthings said...

Well I know how you feel. I still am trying to work my new camera and it is well getting older. Almost 2 now and still trying. Good luck! I wonder if it is your lighting on the camera. Does it have a place where you select what kind of light you have in your house? I'm not an expert at all. Good luck on finding out.BTW it looks like a nice camera! SMILE!

Unknown said...

I know how you feel! My photos are by no means amazing, but all I have to say is thank heavens for editing software!

j said...

I am a point and shoot kind of girl. I didn't even read the owners manual to my camera, much to my husband's disappointment. So really, I have no idea how it works besides pushing the button thingy. I stink out loud with directions.

But the photos on your blog always look SO good to me. Of course after admitting that I know nothing, my opinion doesn't carry much weight, huh.

Hana said...

I feel your pain when it comes to photography. I LOVE it but have a dinky point & shoot. I hate not having any creative control with it. I'm hoping to move up to the Nikon D90 in the next month or so. I've been reading and researching tips so that I can use it once I get it. For little p&s will have to do!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

"I wouldn't DARE have a photo of myself that close up! LOL."

And no makeup even! I must've been feeling brave. That is definitely an extreme close up.

erin said...

Do you change your white balance?

Email me!

Rebekah said...

What program are you using to edit, anyway?

To me, it looks like the ISO is too high - I try to stick with 100 or 200 unless it's too dark then I drop to 400. If you're shooting in auto, then the camera is selecting your ISO for you, in which case you're at the mercy of the camera.