Saturday, January 10, 2009

Some new necklaces

I've been listing things in my shop, but haven't really mentioned it here so be sure to keep checking!

Here are a few new things I listed for sale.

Grapelicious necklace

Super mom necklace (reversible) The Baby put his hand in there right as I took the shot!

Mist brooch

Love Squared necklace


Unknown said...

The Baby's hand is so precious in that shot :)

rebel said...

Thanks for visitin' my blog. That is really cool about Spfld Cashew Chicken bein' served in NY. You are the first person I've met through bloggin'. What school did you go to?
You have a really great blog and your children are so cute.
Thanks for stoppin' by.

moxylyn said...

The hand in the shot with the Mom necklace is perfect! I love the grapelicous necklace.

YaYa's Funhouse said...

The shot with baby's hand is perfect. I noticed it is the hand of a typical boy...cuts and scratches. HA!!

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful! I love the "Mist Brooch"- its dreamy... do you make custom stamped jewelry? to check out your shop again!

j said...

The super mom necklace is so cute. You have some MAD jewelry making skillz girl! Daaaaang.

Jenna Hansen said...

I love the grape necklace. My favorite color is purple. :-)


M said...

L-O-V-E that brooch!!!!