Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Today, I am THAT mom.

The one who stayed up too late last night.
The one who was grumpy with her kids this morning.
The one who gave The Baby garlic bread for breakfast because he insisted.
The one who tore through the house like a mad woman looking for her keys.

You don't understand. I never lose my keys. Ever.
I recognize the fact that I'm a dingbat, so I take all measures possible to keep my life organized. My keys are always in the exact same pocket in my purse.

I'm not going to point fingers, but I know who lost my keys.

Today I'm the mom who made her big kids walk to school in the freezing cold.
They've never done it before.
And my stroller is in the locked car so I couldn't go with them.
And I'm the mom who worried and called the school to let them know the kids were on the way.
Thank you oh-wonderful-school-receptionist for understanding and having them call me when they arrived!!


Sherry said...

You are also the mom who is going to make her kids hot chocolate after school and when they forget to hang up their jackets, you'll let it slide, just for today.

PS. Left you a little note on my blog.

Now, don't be so hard on yourself.

Unknown said...

Girl....we were on the SAME wave length this morning. I feverishly tore the house apart looking for my office card key badge. It's cold (44 degrees) and rainy here too. I made multiple trips to my car, re-traced my steps to the trash can in the front yard (because I drug it out there last night and the badge was connected to me then). I dumped my purse out, looking through bedding, etc, etc. My house is small and it's just me (plus puppy & kitty), and everything is pretty much "in place" so I was really perplexed. I got in the car and decided I was going to go to work and have to face the wrath of the IT Geeks and Security by not having my badge, then suddenly I had a thought. I rushed to my closet and pulled out the belt I wore yesterday over a sweater and skirt and LO AND BEHOLD, there it was! YAHOOO!!!
Bless your heart for having a bad morning....Sherry's right...just have some hot chocolate (and throw in some cookies) and the day will be fine. I'm GUESSING it was "ole garlic breath boy" that messed with your keys..am I right? LOL! But with a cute face like that...I'm sure his mid-deed was quickly forgotten. :)

My Trendy Tykes said...

Oh gosh, I can't talk to you anymore.
You are THAT mom.


Hope you find your keys soon.


Simply Sentimental said...

I have SO been one of those mom's before too.....

Dawn @ simply transparent said...

I came by the way of THAT Family..and found we have much in common..plus I liked your idea on the rainbow cake so much I'm going to use it for my dd 4th..b~day coming up..thanks!

Come over and say Hi sometime!

Jus Shar Designs said...

Oh that baby. He's a mad, crazy, genius I tell you. Mark my words...that child is headed for something big. :-)

Children are never as cold as we are. They probably felt all grown up being able to walk by themselves. Mine used to want to walk by themselves. Now they are teenagers and they expect to be driven everywhere.

gina said...

Oh, that mom scmat mom- we've all been there and we will all go there again. Your kids know you love 'em and were probably thrilled to have the chance to walk to school like big kids. :)

tscrapper said...

Hope your day gets better and you found your keys by now. We've all been there. :)

Beth said...

I hate those days. Then when you get kids to school you realize you walked them in wearing your slippers.

Rachel said...

Hugs to you!! I was THAT MOM too today!

Hope the day gets better! :)

MGF said...

My heart goes out to you today.

Tomorrow will be brighter. Give them hugs and kisses when they walk through the door, I am sure they forgot all about it.

Unknown said...

i love how he's sorta looking like, "who me???"

even in all that, you're also that mom who still cares. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have been that Mom SOO many times. The best thing that you can do is when those days happen is lots of deep breaths and cut yourself some slack.

Anonymous said...

I have been that Mom SOO many times. The best thing that you can do is when those days happen is lots of deep breaths and cut yourself some slack.

artsyclay said...

It's ok. Don't worry, we all have grumpy days. My most vivid memory of when I was THAT Mom was when my first 2 sons were very small and wouldn't settle down and take a nap one day, and I HAD to have a nap. I rarely get mad and raise my voice so I really scared them. I had a big fit and threw their riding giraffe toy down the stairs and its head broke off. (Dang, didn't mean to do that.) They got in their beds and were very quiet for about an hour. They still mention it occasionally, over 30 years later. LOL

Memories for Life said...

That face is too cute to be mad at...lost keys or not :)
Hope your day looks up!

XUE said...

Happy New Year greetings from one frazzled mom to another! I hv 2 kids so so yes, those days come & go. I hv enjoyed this post & the others too & look forward to more. Have a good weeknd - it's already Saturday morning here in Tokyo.