Thursday, March 05, 2009

A night of love...

I got to attend a fundraiser tonight for The McClenahan family, honoring Cora.

This pretty lady is a consultant for Premier Jewelry and she organized it. (apparently I had a shiver when I snapped the picture... or too much coffee.)

They had some jewelry and fashion tips.

There was a sea of pink and green.

Jess's good friend talked about the family, the pregnancy announcement, and the day Cora was born.

If you look closely you can see her messy flower pin from Julie at joyshope, who was the inspiration for the Cora Playground Launch on Etsy. There were lots of the pins being worn!

It was a room full of ladies who have been touched by the McClenahan family.

The Girl took money out of her Disney savings jar to donate.

These two need to start blogging. Ahem! Ladies, hop to it!

There were tears and laughter, and celebration through the sadness.
There was a photo booth there (you know the kind you used to go in when you were a teen!) and everyone got to go in and do fun pictures.
They will all be put on a disc and given to Jess and I think she's going to love it.
To see so many people come together and support her family and celebrate her baby girl's birthday will mean so much to her.

Oh, and this was the sunset when I walked out of my house to head to the party. Seriously.

Thank you to all the ladies involved in organizing this! I hope you made a ton of money to help Joel and Jess. And Hi to all the new ladies I met who told me they read my blog!

Oh, and at the latest count the Etsy Playground launch raised over $15,000 with 60 or so sellers who still hadn't reported! WOW!! Thank you so much to Heather and Molly who have put in more hours than I can imagine to keep this running smoothly.


Amanda said...

thank you for this cute post. thank you for being there. I'm SOOO excited to announced the amount raised...I just want to wait till we get MOST of the orders in and make it official!!!

e family said...

I am so impressed by the support Joel and Jess have from your community and their friends. It really is makes me want to move to the midwest! Thanks for sharing the party.
Sara in Nevada

Julie said...


Falling Around said...

$15,000 with more to report!!! God has orchestrated a miracle here... that is so amazing!!

I wish with all my heart that I could have been there tonight. Joel & Jess are blessed to have such an awesome community of family and friends to support them through this.

Christy Klein

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

What an awesome night!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

i love all the pictures. What a beautiful night to celebrate cora!

Anonymous said...

Wow, $15,000 and more to come! I'm so honored to have contributed a tiny drop in that bucket (I bought on etsy). They won't have a playground, they'll have a theme park!!! I'll be stalking all the blogs to see the totals as they come in...You are all just so wonderful to have organized this!!!

hoosier68 said...

I am one who has stumbled on to the blogs about Cora and her family and all of her wonderful friends. I am a mother, grandmother, teacher and can only imagine the heartache you all have. What you are doing is beautiful. I check for updates frequently and am hoping to get Cora dresses for my 2 granddaughters. Keep blogging and know that there are prayers for all of you in southwestern Indiana.

Unknown said...

LOVE that pink and green. Looks like a great party for a great family.

Vanessa and Company said...

What an amazing event!
I love all of the beautiful pink and green everywhere.

Doug and Sarah said...

It was nice to meet you and put an actual face to your blog, which I love. Jewels for Cora was amazing! I'm so excited to hear how much money was raised. Amanda did a wonderful job organizign and planning the event.
Sarah Livesay

Michelle said...

That is an AMAZING sunset, I think God and Cora might have had a hand it in. It is amazing to see how much money has been raised. I can't wait to see the playground.

Anonymous said...

Oh Beki. That picture of me. Wow. I look so serious. ;) Maybe a blog is in my never know.

It WAS a beautiful night for Baby Cora, wasn't it?



Wendy said...

Your community is an inspiration to mothers everywhere.

It is so beautiful to see God's work in progress!

If we're ever passing through KS, I hope to stop in for my girls to play on Cora's Playground!!!!

Wendy in AZ/Blogland

j said...

I cannot imagine the loss that Cora's family is suffering. It breaks my heart. This was a very good thing that you all did.

Miranda said...

The beautiful sunset was the start to an amazingly wonderful event. That is awesome that Etsy has raised SO much money for Cora's Playground!!