Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A good mom day.

I mentioned the other day that I had a bad mom week last week.
I stunk.
Yesterday, however, was a good mom day.

It started by meeting Jen, another blogger. She was giving a speech in Wichita, so we met up on her way there.
She is so easy and comfortable and it felt like we'd known each other for years!
We had a quick breakfast and then went to the site where Cora's Playground will be built.
She was very touched by The Macs story and just wanted to be there and pray for a bit.
We talked a while there and both choked up several times.
(this could not be a more unflattering picture of me. Ugh. Just how many chins do I have these days? And we both have cute hair. But the darn Kansas wind made it a mess.)

Then we both headed to Wichita, but different directions.
I was going on a field trip with my kids. I didn't ride on the bus, but drove seperately which was perfect.

I love going on field trips with them!
This is the first time I've gone to Crown Uptown Dinner Theater with them, but they go every year.
And it makes me cry happy. (cry happy is a phrase The Girl coined when she first realized that there is a difference in tears.)
The entire school goes!
The kids are encouraged to dress nice for the theater experience, they are told to be on their best behavior, and are served lunch there.

I always think of the kids that would never otherwise get to experience a theater. This might be the only time in their life that they get to go.
And our school makes it possible for them.
And that just brings me to tears. The happy kind. (Hey school people that read this blog, did you know I cry every year over this? I do. You guys rock.)
This year the production was Aladdin.

The kids were all so well behaved! But I'm still glad I wasn't on the bus.

On the way home, I had a screaming toddler. That's never fun.
So I bribed him with a blue slush and fries from Spangles. (It just tastes better. That's their slogan.)
It's a Wichita based burger and shake place that is yummy.

I ordered a coffee milkshake.
"Uhhh, I don't know if we can do that."
"Sure you can. Just add a healthy dose of coffee to a vanilla shake."
"Let me check with my manager." ...... "Okay we can do that."
You betcha.

And it was delicious.

I drove the rest of the way home listening to K-Love, happily watching the clouds build.

It was a good mom day.
**Disclaimer before I get yelled at - Yes, I did take pictures while I was driving down the highway. But I didn't hold the camera up to my face! Just pointed it in the right general direction and snapped away. I was safe, honest. You're looking like you don't believe me....

Oh yeah, I still need to draw the winners of the Bare Minerals makeup giveaway! I promise to do that soon.

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forever folding laundry said...

That's the good thing about bad mommy moments. You usually know a good one is close behind!

Looks like it was a lovely day!


Wendy said...

Okay, that play thing is about the coolest thing ever! Yeah, I'd happy cry about that, too.

If I start fussing will you send me a blue slush and some french fries?

Ramblin Mama said...

I had a 7th grade English teacher that took any interested students on a number of trips each year to a regular theater production. A member of her family worked there and would get really cheap tickets for Saturday matinees. She offered extra credit for anybody that wrote a review of the play. We just had to get ourselves to the theater which was on a downtown bus route. We loved her for that. Stayed in touch and went with her for years afterward.

Allen and Debby Graber said...

I always loved going on field trips with my kids too. I never thought about the option of driving myself - always went on the bus. But I enjoyed that. That is so cool about the school going to see the play. I like it that they were told to dress up and to be on their best behaviour. What a great opportunity for them! You are right, probably the only time for some of them. I love coffee shakes! Ever tried the mocha java chiller at Sonic?? And did you know that some Sonics out of state don't make them?! I ordered one in Arkansas and they'd never heard of it. I didn't think to tell them how to do it like you did. I'll do that next time.

traci said...

yes, that looks like a good mom day. your little one looks like he is having a good son day too. blue slush and fries. that's a pretty good combo.

kraftykash said...

What a great place to take the kids for a field trip! Im with you, the bus us stinky and loud. I feel bad sending my girl on it for field trips. My husband drives and does the camera thing alot, I would say its kinda safe. :)

Ashley said...

Those good mommy days always redeem us for those bad mommy weeks. I'm totally guilty of all of the above.

Jennifer Juniper said...

I totally take "safe" pics in the car, too. I tried to photograph the cop giving me a ticket this week, but couldn't find a camera. Do you think it would have been against the law???

Happy good mom day :)

Carolyne said...

You both look gorgeous! And, what a great opportunity for your kids!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Chins?! Whadd're talkin' girl?! If I looked as cute as either one of you I'd just have a blog that was all photos of ME! LOL!

So FUN to meet blogging friends! I LOVE this blogging world!

Live, Love, Laugh, Write! said...

Looks like you had an awesome day :) Yippee!

Vanessa and Company said...

The theatre looks like a blast, and Aladdin, nice! What a great choice for a play.

You are beautiful! I love the picture of you and Jen.

Coffee milkshake = L.O.V.E.

Sounds like the perfect day to me :)

Becky said...

I LOVE your blog. It is adorable. I just found it through Tip Junkie. Thanks for the great idea for father's day. I think I am going to try to do it, if I can get my 14 month old to hold still for more than one second.
Thanks again.

Jenna said...

I only saw one chin girl, you look great!

I take safe car pictures too :)

I love the coffee milkshake idea.. YUM!!

Mary Beth said...

The coffee milkshake is a great idea-now I'm craving one and you look gorgeous in that picture at the top. : )

Mary Beth

Christina said...

It sounds like a wonderful day.
And you are a beautiful woman! On the outside as well as the inside.

rentz said...

I've always loved that field trip. I didn't get to go this year, but the kids told me all about it. It's especially fun to watch the little ones who have never been to a live theatre before. They are so excited. So cute!

Unknown said...

Coffee milkshake?? Yes, please! I'll take two!

Amanda said...

ahhh, you made me miss school...well, mostly the "school people" and kids...I always enjoyed crown uptown and LOVED the way my kids came in the door all dressed up and ready to go! Maybe I would have a chance to cry about it if I hadn't been so concerned with the behavior and location of 25 third graders. But yes, I agree, it is touching that they can have an experience they may never get again.

Tessa said...

Sounds like a great day! Great photos too. :)

Rebekah said...

Thankful for those good days :) We ALL have those bad ones, so the good ones are sooooo good because they balance the others out.

Now I want fries and a coffee milkshake... thanks ;)

Daly Essentials said...

ohhh that coffee milkshake sound delicious! and what a great field trip!

arkie said...

I love Spangles! Went there on a trip to Witchita a few years back. Had a great spaghetti place there also.