Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Guac and stuff.

I absolutely love guacomole.
Love it.
My boyfriend Tyler Florence taught me one time how to make super easy guac.
I take it to parties and gatherings sometimes and I get tons of compliments on it!
And I'm ashamed to tell people what I actually did.

Slice an avacado (or 2 or 3) lengthwise all the way around. Scoop out the flesh with a spoon.

Now it gets tricky.
Add in some fresh garlic.
And salsa! It has peppers, onions, tomato, and everything else in it that you'd need.
Add salt, pepper, and lime juice to taste. (You could add chopped cilantro too, but I'm in the "cilantro is yucky" camp.)
Mash that in with a fork and you're done.

So easy and so good. Make it and people will be impressed with your "homemade" guacomole.
I've been getting questions about if The Baby has finally turned good.
Fear not, long time readers, he still makes messes.
Fortunately it's not nearly as often as it used to be.
But sometimes you just want some toasted coffee.

What?! You don't do this?

And to change topics again on ya -
We had some really heavy rain recently with flooding.
At our flip house, the backyard was so sludgy The Man had to make a pathway to walk on.

And at the park next to our house, a pond had formed.
And my kids couldn't resist going through it a time or twenty.

Nasty! They all had hot showers that night.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
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Lisa Holman of XSBaggage and Co. said...

Your Guac. sounds delish! I love anything avocado.

And, of course we make toasted coffee here! *snicker*

Ashley said...

That's pretty much the same way I make guac except delete the salsa cause I don't like tomatoes. I add in fresh jalepenos and such and cilantro.

The pond looks fun. My kids couldn't have resisted either.

Did you see I said delete instead of omit? I've been typing waaaaay too long.

Wendy said...

Now what fun would it be if bad baby turned good? A lot less blogging material that way.

So tell me, have you started building an ark and gathering animals?

Laura said...

your kids would get along GREAT with my kids.

Ink Obsession Designs said...

That guac looks so good! Thank you for officially making me hungry! :)

Mary Richmond said...

now i need me some quac....;-)

love the pictures of the kids in the rain and messes--they look like they're having a blast being kids and yay for you for celebrating their messiness. childhood and messiness are shortlived!

rentz said...

That's how I make guac, too. I also make my own salsa with garlic and yucky (to you, anyway) cilantro already in it, so I just add that to the avacados and I'm done. Yummy!

Love the pic of the baby looking at you. Cute!

Ruth said...

That guacamole looks lush. And if cilantro is the same as coriander I am soooo with you on that one!

jacjewelry said...

I make my own guacamole too, and it's similar to yours, only instead of salsa I add fresh tomatoes and a spoon of sour cream. I also add a tad of cayenne pepper!

Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

forget the guac - those pictures are THE BEST!! Such fun (but we love guac at our home as well. ) :)
Thanks for sharing at Tasty Tuesday.

Unknown said...

I love guac too!!!!! Tyler Florence is your boyfriend??? That's weird because he's mine too!! :) Chipotle has THE best guac I have ever tasted!!!

Unknown said...

Since you get Tyler Florence, that means I get Bobby Flay, right?

I think God invented guacamole to make us happy.

gina said...

oh yeah, my mackenna would have been body sliding through that "pond" . lol.

Unknown said...

i love tyler florence!

Rebekah said...

I like guacamole, but I like avocados with a lot of other things, too! I add a little coriander to my guacamole - the flavor it adds is fantastic!

you can never have enough toasted coffee grounds...