Monday, September 14, 2009

Say What?! (part 7 or 12 or something.)

These are actual google searches that have have lead people to my blog.

I haven't had any caffeiene yet and my brain isn't the sharpest, so I can't even come up with a response for some of them.

when to decorate for fall
We went over this last fall. Whenever you want.
Be strong. Be brave. Be yourself. Decorate when you want, not when Beki's blog tells you it's time. Seriously.
(this is the number 1 search I'm getting right now. Like 15-20 people a day are searching this and finding me. *sigh*)

is it too early to put up fall decorations 27 days till fall
when can i decorate for fall?

Just leave them up year round, okay?

cream cheese frosting is to die for
Yes, yes it is. Thank you Captain Obvious.

hannah montana feet pics
Ewww, you weirdo.

is there caffeine in a cherry limeade from sonic
mango cool breeze slush recipe sonic
I don't know the recipe, but don't bother trying it. It's nasty. Sorry Sonic.
I still love you.
do sonic slushies contain caffeine?

beki mania
Yay!!!! (imagine a stadium full of screaming fans, wearing my jewelry and begging for me to take their pictures.)

how to impress people and win friends
I'm mean, but if you have to google it, it's probably not gonna happen.

how to impress people at parties
Intelligent conversation and keeping your clothes on. People are always blown away!
Really. Try it.

what do you mean by taking shower
Ugh. I mean like, stepping into the bathtub, turning on the water, running it over your head and entire body, use a little soap and shampoo. Try to make it last a good 5 minutes or more. That's what I mean.

pamperingbeki pudge
Dang! Here I was feeling good about my adoring fans and now you're talking about my rolls.

what??? but they told me i can put it back after the foto session is over
Yeah, I don't even know what to say about that.

she never takes a shower
I do too!! At least twice a week or so.

beautiful bouncy perky 36" breasts
Bahaha!! Oh honey, you are soooo in the wrong spot. If you're looking for size 32 AA Long, that I can help you with.

Thank you to my regular readers for sticking around and being so dang normal!
The winner of the custom necklace is The Flying Bee, picked by the random number generator.

And because I need a picture here, here's The Baby and his orange balloon the other day.

My Life is Funny.


Amy said...

I am literally, rolling on the floor laughing! This is hilarious!

Thanks for sharing! *MUAH*

Snowcatcher said...

What a great day brightener! Can't believe some of those searches. You inspired me to go look at my own. I don't have anything nearly as funny or weird.

Jenny said...

Ha ha ha!! There are some wierd people out there! =) Have a great Monday!

The Flying Bee said...

I can't believe I won!!! Thank you so much Beki! Yay!!! I am doing a happy dance all through the kitchen!

Love your comments to the google searches! You're so funny!

Thanks again!

Molly said...

HAHAH!! Thats so funny, I wonder how people find my blog. Cute picture of the baby!!! Happy Monday!
~Molly P

Polka Dot Moon said...

Who needs caffeine when you can be jump started with this! TOO FUNNY!!!!

{baby looks darn cute too}

cabin + cub said...

Those are too funny... my blog always gets "collage girls" or "collage girls in shower" from weirdos trying to find college girls... but I'm just a gal who likes to make actual paper collages. ;)

Laura said...

how does one do this search? I am scared....

Farmgirl Paints said...

You are a hoot. Seriously though, how do you know what people search in order to find you?? Is this a really dumb question? I was intrigued:)

kraftykash said...

those are funny! Bad Baby is getting kinda big, maybe bad toddler? sounds better!

Love the Decor! said...

Thanks again for a daily chuckle. Love it :)

Ruth said...

brilliant! if a little terrifying...

rentz said...

You are so funny. Saturday's post was hilarious. Wish I would have seen you downtown, though.

Thanks so much for yesterday. Can't wait to see the pics!

Mrs Jelly said...

Bwa hahahaha
"32AA and long"
I can totally sympathise, although not with the 32AA bit.
My nipples don't so much point to the floor, rather the floor BEHIND me.
And there I go again.
Saying "nipples" on someone's blog.

Ashley said...

OMGosh....hilarious!!! I've had a few funny ones as well, but yours win ;)

jonahbonah said...

hahahahahahaha girl, you are a hoot!

Beadin By The Sea said...

Funny!... and that's before caffeine? Ok, now I'll have to go look at my searches but I have a feeling they won't be nearly as hilarious as yours.

Martha said...

I am dying laughing...and I am not saying that to be how funny you are! Enjoy your day!

Unknown said...

OMG those are hilarious! The things people google...haha!

Wendy said...

I have to say that I'm a little afraid of any breast that would be 36". Dang! That'd leave a mark!

Artsnark said...

Too funny!

Christina said...

adding the word "long" to your one response was perfection, you are flippin' hilarious.

eleventhirtysix images said...

Here via The Benner Daily - am going to have to add you to my blog list, too funny!

Misha said...

I get some interesting searches too because of my blog's title. Always great to get a peak into the weird things people google!

Sarah said...

Hello there, I'm just stopping by to tell you how much I love the jewelry and accessories you make. Just awesomely done!
Your blog is so funny!

gina said...

*gasp*snort*chuckle* okay- I've gotten ahold of myself. i LOVE when you do these and man, I don't blog about enough crazy stuff because my google stats are pretty normal and boring compared to yours. :D

Lisa Holman of XSBaggage and Co. said...

Know what's even funnier than the Google searches? Your responses to them! Cracked me up!!

Erica said...

i don't know how i missed this post... but i just saw it! hahaha that made me laugh. how in the world do you find out that information??

Beth Howard said...

rofl Brilliant! How did you find out how they searched?

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Several have asked how I found this - Google Analytics! It's a free service. You just add it to your blog and then you can see where your traffic is coming from.


Rebekah said...

Every time you do this I laugh so hard... then I come back a few times and reread it and laugh some more :D Thank you!!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

LMBO! This post is hilarious.