Monday, September 21, 2009

The weekend...

That's what it was. Just wow!

There was a huge craft show nearby. It's one that's always a hit.
My husband's family did craft shows the entire time he was growing up.
They did them for a living.
Traveled the country and did one craft show after another, while homeschooling their kids.
They were like christian hippie nomads.

So he now hates craft shows.
And I laugh that he got a wife that loves them and even participates in them sometimes.

But when this big one happens every September, I head out by myself with my camera and coffee and browse for hours.
Once in a while I go with a friend, but mostly it's perfect alone time.
Happy shopping crafter's heaven.

I loved these chenille teddy bears. So sweet!
I don't think she has a website yet, but I have her card and can give you her email address if you want. Just let me know.
They were precious and really affordably priced.

TwoDogPond had seriously cute jewelry. Charms galore.
And a blog. And an etsy shop. How fun!

I didn't get to take many pictures at this booth because they caught me and my camera and rushed to ask me to stop. haha!
But the stuff is gorgeous. It's one booth I make sure to drool over every year.
It's called Closures.
All vintage beads and jewelry, refashioned into beautiful new pieces.

She also doesn't have a website yet, but I'll give you the email address if you'd like.

My favorite part of the day, though was meeting a few special new people.
I got to meet the tall and gorgeous Sarah of StellaJade, the tiny and gorgeous Heather of CookieMondays, and the perfectly sized and gorgeous Julie of JoysHope. I also got to meet Mindy and she's pretty much the most beautiful and fun person ever.

They could not be any more stunning and fun to hang out with.
And would you believe I didn't get a single picture of them?! For real.
I couldn't stop chewing on Julie's chunky baby.

She seriously wanted some craft fair food.

But her mommy would only let her eat cheerios. Isn't that sad?
Poor starving baby.

I didn't even realize that Jess was going to be there too, and it was good to see her.
And Megan was there, and her mom and sister, and Jess's sister and a whole crew of ladies!

On the way home from the craft fair I snagged some pictures of the beautiful scenery.
I have to say that this time of year Kansas is just really beautiful.

Yesterday was the dedication of Cora's playground.
Beautiful and heartbreaking.
I have lots of pictures, but I want Jess to get the chance to blog about it first and then I'll do it.

I bawled. Like broke into a full on ugly cry. Not the pretty cry with a tear or two trickling down. It was bad.
Luckily my sweet friend Amy was next to me with a tissue.

So it was a roller coaster of emotions. Up, down, back up, and back down again.
It left me exhausted, but incredibly grateful for all I have been blessed with.

Oh, one more thing. (This is the blog post that just won't end!)
I do have a terrible soft spot in my heart for children with cancer.
And right now there is a little boy named Carter who's fighting hard.
So I've listed this necklace to help raise money for him.
It can be stamped with SuperAnything.

Happy Monday ladies and gents!
Thank you all for your kind words, beautiful hearts, and loyalty.
You're the best readers in all of blogland.
And you look like you've lost some weight. Gorgeous people!
Have you been working out?


Wendy said...

Okay, are those homemade potato chips with cheese sauce?! Never heard of such a thing before, but now I totally want some!!! Lovely pics! And love the chubby baby arms! Enough exclamation points for ya?! ;o)

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Never!! Enough!!! Exclamation points!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The craft fair looks absolutely fabulous!!

i can't even imagine how emotional the dedication was. i tear up justing thinking about. wow, look forward to hearing more about it and see the photos. hugs, lisa

Laura said...

super great post
love the fair
love the pics
love you

michelle allen said...

okay, those taterchips look YUM!

your pictures are beautiful. love those charms :)

April Bourgois said...

I want to be a crafting Christian hippie nomad! Waaaa!!!!!! Looks like you had loads and loads of fun. Just love to go "camera shopping" too.

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Craft faires are my happy place!! I'm so jealous you got to me Julie in-person (I'm lucky enough to have Heather as a real-life friend!) I'm sure the dedication was beautiful!

kraftykash said...

I cant wait to see the pics from Coras playground. :)

As for craft shows, I love them! They are all so inspiring.

I truly, LOVE reading your blog.

Lonesome Road Studio said...

Want. Those. Potato. Chips.
I went to a fiber festival over the weekend; there's just something about the fall shows!

Robin in Benton said...

Don't feel bad about crying at the dedication yesterday - I was standing there crying too. And other through the blog I don't even know Joel or Jess even though I've said countless prayers for them. Just felt led to be there.

And I'm jealous - I wanted to go to that craft fair too - but didn't get to this year. Have to wait to enjoy it next year!

Anonymous said...

I would so be in heaven at that fair!!! All and my diet coke!!

Two Dog Pond said...

It was so nice to meet you on Saturday! You have done a fabulous job of covering the craft fair this weekend - thank you for including me. It was a good day, wasn't it? Although I failed to consume any of those potato chips, I did smell them all day. Yum.
Rachel (Two Dog Pond)

Jenny said...

Great pictures!! I LOVE craft fairs, but unfortunatly, I never seem to attend many. =(
I'm glad you had got to have some alone time. Those moments are necessary. =)

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend!

I LOVE craft fairs and we went to one yesterday. I dragged my husband and kids with me. The kids loved seeing the irish dancers they had as entertainment. While they were watching that I walked around by myself for a while. Those bracelets you photographed are gorgeous!

I was wondering how yesterday went with the dedication.

Sara said...

LOVE the necklace :)
(and being the SuperTeacher that I am, I may buy one for myself. Is that the same as bragging? I mean, I wrangle 24 Kindergarteners...the least I should have is a necklace, right?)
Have you heard about Kate McRae?
Another beautiful child with that horrible cancer...

and, I wouldve cried for Cora, too.

Mike and Linda said...

The potato chips look great. I think we must be really hunger right now. Craft Fairs can really get to be hard work..We use to do a lot of them and every year starting in September we would put up 9 or 10 Christmas trees every weekend and by the time Christmas arrive that was the last thing we wanted to do for ourselves.....

jody said...

Love the pics of Kansas! My sister just married a boy from Lawrence...and I'm an Iowa girl...the fields this time of year are gorgeous.
I'm off to check on that necklace...a good friend's son is going through chemo...I think she needs it!

The Flying Bee said...

Love the pictures of Kansas. So beautiful!

Glad you had fun at the craft show. I loved everything I saw but I just can't stop thinking about those chips with cheese!

Thanks for encouraging me today. I just might take you up on your offer! :)

Unknown said...

thanks for all the lovely eye candy!
super-enjoyable post!


Liz Mays said...

You know I don't really like going to craft shows with anyone either. I can look at what I want without worrying about anyone else if I'm alone.

Let it Shine said...

Hi! New to your blog.
Some beautiful items here and loving your blog.
But I seriously can't stop laughing..... "Christian Hippie Nomads"........that is fantastic.


Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

It was so much fun to meet you all! No pictures?! I think I got a few of you! When can we come back to Kansas???!!!

Jules said...

It was superduperfantastic to meet you!!!!
What a weekend. Janey says she wants her arm photshopped to look skinny. It's hard growing up in the OC. I'll have a chat with her.

Unknown said...

as a matter of fact, I HAVE been working out and have lost 3.5 lbs. Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure this Sat! Yee!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures and what an honor that you were able to go support the Mac's and their sweet playground. Amazing...

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

Fabulous post as always!! LOVE the picture of the Sunflowers!!! And aren't those bunnies and bears adorable?

That's so funny about my weight!!! No ~ just wearing black today 'cause it makes me look sleek and chic.

Bunny Hugs ~


P.S. Can't ever have too many !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE them and the ~ key also!!! ~~~

NotQuiteJuneCleaver said...

Just found your blog. LOVELY! But I have to say those chips with cheese kinda made my tummy hurt to look at them...especially this early! I will be off to read more...nice to meet you.

Karina said...

You are hilarious. I had to squeeze into a formal dress this weekend to attend my brother's wedding - your comments about weight loss would have helped!

Looking forward to seeing pictures of Cora's Playground dedication...

Ruth said...

wow, what a weekend... you're a special kind of fabulous person :)

Jody said...

I missed the craft fairs this weekend and am so sad about it. Have you ever gone to the one in Marion??? It's in their park and it is gorgeous. So relaxing and wonderful. said...

oh those sunflowers!!!!

Sarah said...

It was just lovely getting to meet you :)
As you said, definitely the best decision ever...

amy d said...

thanks to my mom, i have that turquoise teddy bear in my bedroom.
i love it. great pics of the fair.
i wish i could have been there.

Misha said...

Those bears are beautiful! Along with the vintage jewelry love love that! I would love to get the email for the woman who makes those bears, they would be so cute for my daughters.