Monday, October 12, 2009


Cozy. Warm. Shelter.

Our home is feeling more and more homey lately.
Candles burning. Cider on the stove. Throw blankets on couches and chairs.
Our favorite soup for dinner.

Went to a couple of pumpkin patches over the weekend.
One was to do pictures with this adorable family.

Later we went to buy shoes for The Baby who could only fit into his favorite blue boots. They're adorable, but won't get him through the entire winter.
We were in a shopping center and The Man was at a different store next to us.
The baby needed to potty. Bad.

Payless, I love your prices, but seriously you need a public restroom.
It's not fair to a potty training 2 yr. old (or his mother) to not offer one.
The Boy and The Girl were both barefooted, trying on shoes and it was 34 degrees outside.
So I told them and the clerk, "I'm running right next door to Borders, we'll be back in just a minute."
Took The Baby to the toilet, made it back to Payless in 38.4 seconds and the big kids were screaming at each other.
Yelling. Fighting.
Unattended. In the middle of the shoe store.

Someone pass me that Mom of the Year award.
How embarrassing. They were seriously whacked out all day.
I think it was the weather.

I couldn't wait to get home. To make them do chores.
That's what I do everytime they fight. I love it. They hate it.
I say, "Is that fighting I hear? Oh good!! Because the kitchen needs swept and some new laundry needs started."
It has cut way back on the fighting.
Am I smart, or what?

Mailed lots of jewelry orders.
Stayed up late and created new pieces of jewelry. (need to find time to take pictures and list them for sale, but they're puuuurty!)
Took hundreds of new pictures. I'm in the process of editing them with a pumpkin spice latte in hand.

I love being able to work from home. It's such a blessing.

Unrelated to this, really, but I keep meaning to tell you about a book I received that I love.
We received it in the mail a while back from Sarah and my kids adore it.

Sarah is an American teacher living in Japan.
She has an etsy shop called Spadazzle.
You can purchase the book there. And as great as the book is, I think I loved the little extra goodies even more.
She includes little Japanese treats. We got candy (which my kids inhaled before I could even get pictures!) and bento boxes.
But it will be a surprise with each purchase. How fun is that!

And one more thing, I have a project coming up soon that will help your home look beautiful for the Holidays!
It's big. Really big.
Stay tuned.

It's cold and gray and dreary here.
But you know what? I have a home and I'm so grateful for that!
How's your Monday so far?


Wendy said...

I hear that Payless has nominated you for the Nobel Peace Prize after leaving your kids there. I think you may have a shot! ;o)

Unknown said...

I have those type of outings too! I will definitely try the housework punishment. Right now they are still kind of enjoying housework.

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

Mother of the Year?
No, that goes to me. Camden had to go SO BAD at the Pumpkin Patch yesterday... bathroom was way too far away.
I had no choice! I took her behind a building to squat.
THEN this worker guy followed us back there! He said "Oh, you're just changing a diaper?" (Camden doesn't wear diapers.)
"Ummmm, yeah."
That's when Chayse proclaimed: No, she's just peeing right here on the rocks."
I thought we were gonna get kicked out! :)
She's 2, what are you gonna do?!

jonahbonah said...

nobel peace prize?? if HE got a shot you are a shoe in!

girl, you are a hoot! i'm so glad i'm not the only one with such sweet children...NOT!


My Trendy Tykes said...

We need to make our way to the pumpkin patch real soon.

Dude....I am so giving you the Mother of the Year award.

Nicomi Nix Turner said...


Trasie Bressler said...

Glad you survived the photo shoot on Saturday and that you didn't freeze to death. I love the pictures of that adorable family! Just remember when we do our in a couple of weeks that the more chaotic they are the more I love them.......That's just the way we are in my house and well posed children just doesn't go with my home decor.....LOL!!!!

I have found a place for our pictures and it is that "PARK" I told you about. I'm hoping and praying that it's too cold for them to gather there and that since it's on a Friday they will all be working........I just love the trees, the leaves, the trails, the everything "FALL" about that "PARK" just don't like the worldly ways of that "PARK"

amy d said...

haha, is that why are local payless shut fear of your family??
i let out a big shreek when i saw the sign was gone (my hubby was driving and DID NOT like the fact that i made that noise while he was driving...he thought something major was wrong) i said, "yes, something major is wrong..payless is gone!!!
he rolled his eyes, and then promptly said in a crybaby voice "ahh, no more BOGO for you!!!!"

AMIdesigns said...

I wish we had pumpkin patches here in Ireland - those photos are gorgeous!

Bridget said...

All things considered, sounds like you had a great day. thanks for sharing the photos...your family is beautiful

Momiko Organics said...

The pictures are beautiful!

Farmgirl Paints said...

So true Beki...what a blessing to have a home. Love your pictures. That first one just made me smile:)

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

I hear ya on the no bathroom thing.

LOVE your photos. Wish I lived closer. I would love you to take my Christmas photos. I am never in a family shot....I am always behind the camera.

Our day was filled with the mall, runny noses and mcdonalds.

Annie said...

My kids are much older but I had to laugh out loud at your experience in the shoe store. I remember those days like they were yesterday! I think all of us moms and dads have experienced episodes such as this! Am already thinking of the Holidays so hurry up and get working so we can see what is up your sleeve and in the works on your craft table! Loved the pictures!!! Cute, cute, cute!

tattytiara said...

That top photo has got to be framed and featured in your cozy home - it's so fabulous.

Christina said...

Your big kids sound like my big kids! I like your consequence...if only I didn't have such control issues! I'll have to get over that, soon!
Very cute pics!

gina said...

Ha,HA. I'm not the only one with that secret. If I hear you- you must not have anything to do. If you listen closely at my home, you MAY hear angry words being hissed at times. ;)