Friday, November 27, 2009

Just because...

It's the holiday weekend.

And I'm still hopped up on tryptophan.

And company is here.

And it's a major shopping holiday.

And my kids are out of school.

And my schedule is all messed up.

And because .... well I have no nother excuses.

So for those reasons, Fingerprint Friday will not be seen today.
It will be back next week.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Sara said...

you are excused...
and therefore, so I am!
happy Turkey leftovers!

Gloria said...

I wondered if you were going to do the fingerprints on Friday today since it was after Thanksgiving and we're all wondering who's going to eat all the leftovers first! But I was up early so I took some frosty pics and you and your readers are all welcome to take a look. We don't really get too many of these kinds of days here so I took my opportunity today. Have a great weekend!

Artsnark said...

wishing you & your family a wonderful weekend

Laura said...


How great would it be if we could meet up for a latte and go shopping and talk for an entire afternoon??

Like you, this is a bUSY time over here....
I miss you!!!


gina said...

Sometimes pictures aren't neccessary- his fingerprints are all over your post. Enjoy your family and get some rest!!

Stacey said...

I just wanted to say that my ornament friend and I exchanged already and I received mine in the mail last night. It was very cute and I really had a great time doing it. I suggest that next year you post your information & since you host and arrange it all let all us bloggers send one your way as well! Many blessings to you & yours this Christmas season! Hugs~Stacey

Old Fashioned Girl said...

I was browsing your blog and heard the Winter Wonderland song done by Jason Mraz on your playlist. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got it from. I tried to find it on itunes and it isn't there or on any albums of his.
Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the holiday and take a break!!:-)

Angela said...

I received my beautiful Believe necklace and I LOVE it! Thanks so much!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Monica, I wish I could tell you where that Jason Mraz song came from but I don't know. I just go to and search and that's how I found it.

But I don't know which album/cd it's from. It's GREAT though, huh?!