Monday, November 30, 2009

Sick and Tired.

That's me.

Saturday I started coming down with a nasty bug.
I was thinking, "Great. I don't have time to be sick!" when in reality, there's never a good time for moms to get sick.
I spent all day Sunday in bed.
Wishing I had a snuggie. (for real!)
Running a fever. And chills.
And singing Katy Perry's song "You're hot then you're Cold" over and over in my head.

The Man was nice enough to take care of the kids.
He made them pancakes for dinner.
It's the only thing he knows how to make.
Oh, and brownies. He's the pancake and brownie maker in our house.

At 5:00pm I finally got out of bed and headed downstairs.

And saw this.

(Funky lighting on this one.)

The Man and kids had put up Christmas decorations.
Which really meant, they had dumped every Christmas box they could find, all over the dining room floor.

It was a sweet gesture so I pretended to be happily surprised, although all I was thinking was "Holy cow, I have to clean all this up!!"

I took a long bath and decided that someday when I'm rich and famous, I want a heated bathtub.
I love baths, but I hate the way the cold porcelain tub sucks out the heat so fast!

This morning I was still too sick to take the kids to school.
So I had them ride their bikes. In 20 degree weather.
The Boy couldn't find any gloves. The girl only found one.
What a mess they were, but I sent them off anyway.

I walked them outside and absolutely loved the way that 20 degrees felt on my feverish skin!
So after I sent them off I sat on the porch swing for a few minutes.
For real.

I think I'm slowly rejoining the land of the living now.
I apologize if I owe you an email. I'll get to it soon. I hope.


Laura said...

the worst part of the mom getting sick is the MESS that is waiting for her to clean when she feels better.
good luck with that
and hope that fever goes away

My Trendy Tykes said...

You should have put socks on their hands.

Clean ones work best but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Stinky or not.

Ya know what I mean?

Get better!

OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Poor Mommy. Ain't nuthin dun right unless Mommy does it. Get better soon and don't worry about the kids, they thaw out eventually. At least mine did, got grown and had mini hers. Just take care of you. Linda in New Mexico

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

Hope you are well soon and that that mess cleans itself up for you??

I have a nasty head cold today.. so I'm with ya... ugh.

MariaSoleil said...

heck, when I'm rich I'm going to get me a self-cleaning house. think big!!

Shorty said...

And when the kids come home complaining, just tell them they can tell that story to their grand kids one day... "I had to ride my bike through 20 degree weather and no gloves to school, and you get to float like the Jetson's?"

Get well wishes to you, my friend!

Learning Spanish at 41 said...

Just rest up...their sweetness in the decorating outweighs the mess. Really. Prayers for your speedy recovery, friend.

Bridget said...

lots of get well wishes & healing vibes being sent your way

Mateja said...

Get well wishes to you!

Connie K said...

Get well soon !! I sent you a email last week letting you know i mailed your Christmas ornaments hope you get them this week :)

Polka Dot Moon said...

Hope you're back in the swing of things soon!

We (kids and hubs) had the "flu" - you know the one they keep talking about - here a couple of weeks did that stink! How I managed to not get sick is beyond me!

Kelly said...

Aw, I hope you feel better. I despise being sick at anytime and do love the cold like you when I have a sucky fever.

You're in my thoughts! xo

Ruth said...

feel better soon you poor old thing! i WISH i could listen to your playlist... stupid licensing issues!

The Flying Bee said...

This sounds like my Sunday. We went to church, but couldn't make it all the way through. I stayed in bed the whole rest of the day and wished I had a snuggie, too! Woke up today feeling better, thank the Lord! :)

Glad you are starting to feel better.

Ruth said...

ps... is a snuggie the same as a slanket? i heard this weekend that a friend of mine bought one for his girlfriend's birthday and she made him take it back because it wasn't the blanket she'd had on her list. not sure i ever liked her anyway... ;)

Sara said...

I had the same thing the week before Thanksgiving.
I was so sick. I kept saying I would rather be giving birth.
And my Jack was a 10 pound baby not delivered via c-section.

Hope it doesn't linger,
Mommies should not be sick. ever.

Allen and Debby Graber said...

My husband and my daughter's family had the upchucking kind of illness. And running to the bathroom. I had a fever and achy for a couple of days but luckily have not had to vomit. It really was sweet for them to decorate.

LuLu said...

Oh you poor thing... praying you feel better soon! Bless your family for decorating... I would have thought your exact thoughts! :)

Unknown said...

Yikes that's no fun at all!! I do hope you are feeling better tonight! I always chew lots of vitamin C when I'm sick and it seems to speed things along a bit faster...

Thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit, I really do appreciate's so nice to "meet" new people!

:) T

Melinda said...

Sorry to hear that you are under the weather. It's tough to be sick at this time of the year.
Liquids and vitamins--that's what you need.


Christina said...

Feel better soon! As if I could order such a thing, but I'll pray for your healing!

Robin in Benton said...

Get Better! Isn't it great when the men "help" us!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh you poor sweet thing! We had that nasty swine flu, so I can relate to the fever thing!!! I hope you are feeling lots better tomorrow!


Fern said...

LOL! Lovely surprise :) Hope you feel better soon. I wonder what your hubby thinks about you referring to him as "The Man" - LOVE IT! It reminds me of my kids' Curious George books (the man with the yellow hat).

Vanessa said...

I know how you feel 100%. I too came down with some awful bug but it was Wednesday for me and lasted up till today. Gladly hubby took care of me! He brought me tea, covered me up, bought me soup(as he cant make it.. really he cant he he). Very happy to hear you are feeling better. Blessings to you!!

Unknown said...


Cristy said...

Hope you're feeling better Beki!

Laura Marchant said...

I have been under the same weather since last week. I thought I finally kicked it on Saturday but it came back full force on Sunday night. Ugh, I love December but why does it have to be the most popular month to be sick! Hope you feel better soon.

RhiannonSTR said...

I hope you feel better. It's true, when mom gets sick - everyone suffers and unfortunately, there is never a good time to get sick.

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Hope you are feeling better. I have some nasty cold, too. I do not have time for a cold.

(I would have been thinking the same thing if I saw that huge mess.)

José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...


The tree does look nice.
I understand that for Nature's sake people often use artificial trees, but when I was a kid, I really enjoyed the smell of the pine tree at night.
Of course that nowadays one can have those trees that are replanted (is this the correct word in english?).

Best regards,