Saturday, December 19, 2009


I've done a lot of crying lately.
Crying because I feel blessed.
Crying because I feel stressed.
Crying because of nice emails.
Crying because of nasty emails.
Crying because my kids are so amazing.
Crying because my kids won't stop fighting.
Crying because I feel overwhelmed.
Crying because a friend calls me, or a lovely gift arrives just at the right moment.

I'm a wreck, I tell ya!
But you know what always helps?


Today is The Boy's birthday.
He's 8.
And yeah, I cried over that too. (Y'all catch on quick!)
Later we'll sing this song. And I'll cry.
We learned it from Jess. And every time I think of her I cry.

I took these brownies to his class yesterday.
Brownie bites with crushed peppermint candy on top.

Surely you've figured out if you've been reading my blog for long, that I love easy recipes.

This was a boxed brownie mix. I added chocolate chips.
Baked in mini muffin tins. 16 minutes I think.
Then took them out, sprinkled crushed peppermints on top, and put them back in for 2 more minutes.

They were yummy!
And easy.

When I took them to his class yesterday, I also took his teacher her gift.
And guess what?
She cried. (Happy tears.)
I rock!


Unknown said...

i can so relate :) sending a big hug! susan

gina said...


And you do rock. :)

gina said...

Ps- thanks for that recipe- I have two classrooms to bake for this week- those will do perfectly!!!

Sheyb said...

Love ya! :)

Erica said...

still say you're pregnant... ;) LOL

you are a super woman, for sure. don't let those nasty emails get to you. you are so uplifting and encouraging. you bless so many people- just look at the hundreds of people who read your blog. you have been blessed by the Lord with a "voice" to be heard. i pray you have a fabulous week with your beautiful familiy!

Sara said...

i wish i could be the teacher who got gifts from you!!!

Amy said...

She came to show me her gift later that day. And cried again! :)

jonahbonah said...

i've been crying alot lately too! you and me...i'm tellin ya, we'd be best gal pals if you lived closer!


Hana said...

Sometimes ya just gotta cry! Ya know?! It's ok, I do it too! Love this brownie idea too! Will have to try it real tomorrow maybe! Have a great Christmas!

Trasie Bressler said...

I can so relate!

Hang in there sister.....You are blessed beyond measure and blessed without a doubt!

Unknown said...

I'm jealous... I haven't been able to shed one tear since having my baby.
I dunno what my deal is!

Merry Christmas, friend. :)


Ruth said...

Aw you soppy old thing!

I cried earlier this evening... felt too knackered to even want to go to church. I did go. And it was nice. But I still felt like a Bad Person!

Happy birthday to your little man :)

Anonymous said...

seriously, this could be the best gift of the season. I love my kids so much, and I'm so going to wear this everywhere I go. you're the best.

p.s. I loved it when The Boy bragged to some classmates that his mom and his teacher are friends! so cute.

Christina said...

I've cried a lot lately fact, last weekend I was in Barnes and Noble with my girls and I was trying to decide what book to get for my son's class party book exchange. I had Trumpet of the Swan in my hand and I was talking to the girl working in the store about it, and another book. I told her how much I loved Trumpet of the Swan, and how I loved reading it to my kids, and I got tears in my eyes! I laughed and said something about what a nut I was, I must be about to start my period. She laughed too, and when I got home, sure enough...I feel crazy these days, though. Somehow it's comforting to know I'm not the only one. :)