Saturday, December 05, 2009


It's always a crazy month.
For everyone. Not just me.
But I whine more than others.
And I whine about it every year.
But there's really just no way to skip an entire month.
Trust me, I've looked into it.

In addition to the regular December craziness, two of my three kids have December birthdays.

And this year I'm running a jewelry business and photography business - both of which exploded into more than I could've imagined!
(I've had my jewelry business for several years, but this is the busiest it's ever been.
I've hardly shared any of my photo shoots lately, just because of lack of time. But there have been some gorgeous people in front of my lens!)
And then I decided to lay in bed sick for almost a week and just let orders stack up.

Stress? Nahhh...

So yesterday I knew there was no possible way I could do a "real" birthday party for The Baby.
Chuck E. Cheese to the rescue.
Overpriced rubbery pizza, cheap plastic toys that it takes 12,480 tickets to purchase, and hundreds of kids screaming at the tops of their lungs.
Fun times!

For my little man, though... it was worth it.

Okay, actually for the sake of my own sanity, it was worth it. But whatever.

Out of all the presents he got, his favorite was Silly Putty.

He had such a good time.
He's a big three year old now.
And I kept what little bit of sanity I had left.

The winner of the camera strap cover by Shealynn is Julie! Congratulations.

Oh, and my big news is still coming. To be announced soon.
And I'm not pregnant. You funny girls.


tinyskillet said...

Don't they all want at least one Chuck E Cheese's birthday? Great photos, your three year old is so cute! My daughter's birthday is around Thanksgiving and that is bad enough, I can't imagine two in December! Good luck! Thanks for sharing!

Julie Harward said...

Hi there, thanks for the visit and kindness! How did you get 3 December birthdays...just good management I guess! LOL Remember the reason for this season as you run from one thing to the other! I know, been there, done that! Come say hi any time :D

Angela said...

I love the photos! The spunk in his eyes is so telling! Love it:).
Thank heaven for Chuck E!!!

Jody said...

Congratulations to Julie! I'm totally jealous. . .

Chuck E. Cheese looks like it was a hootin' good time. Happy Birthday to the little guy!

LuLu said...

What a great mom you are!!! The pictures are so cute and your son is adorable!!! Happy birthday to him!!! can't wait to hear the big news,

Sew Gracious said...

Happy Bday to your little guy! You're a good mom! Have you heard the song "Chuck E Cheese Hell"? Yes, it's for real!

CalleLillyCafe said...

Whoohoo! Thx!! Three December bdays. Oh no... I would save them for January! heehee (You can skip a month, just don't tell the kids!)

Happy Bday Lil Man!

Ruth said...

oh he is adorable!! and i'm glad you did whatever you could to keep that last bit of sanity...

now, i hate to spoil such a cute post by being crass but dude, that first teddy bear is packing more than pizza. WRONG.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Ha! RUTH!!! You naughty girl.

kraftykash said...

He is getting so big! Its been great watching your kids grow up via your blog. Im thinking hes a little big to call the baby. Maybe a contest for a new name idea? LOL :) Congrats on your successful business. I hope 2010 treats you 50 times better!!

Amy said...

Did you get his shirt at the consignment sale, by any chance? If so, I'm pretty sure it lived in our house before! :)

Melinda said...

Ok we need to slow down here or you'll be sick the entire month!
What a cutie--Mr. birthday boy is.
Looks like he had a great time!!!


Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Happy birthday to your sweetie!! Glad he had a great time.

December is such a crazy month. My daughter's birthday is the 14th.

Jeanne Oliver said...

Looking forward to your big news!!! We did a party there recently...and I was carrying around antibacterial handwash the whole time:-)

Christina said...

Silly putty! Keep it off any fabric! That stuff is banned in my house. They do love it, though. :)

gina said...

I had Shaye's fifth birthday party there. The whole month before her fourth birthday she was obsessed with the idea of a surprise party but her party weas already planned (by her!) and well known about. I however planned a pretend party WITH her for her fifth and had a surprise party FOR her a week earlier. :) She thought she was running errands with Daddy and couldn't believ he siad "hey let's stop her and play a few games". imagine her surprise to walk into the birthday area and there was all of her friends and family and kids from preschool. She was shocked and almost cried. SO worth the money- some things just are. Your little guy looks like he had a blast- with less stress for you... win win!

Cristy said...

Chuck E Cheese came to our rescue once as well.....during our big ice strom a few years back. With a store-bought cake too. The best part? No clean-up!

I feel your pain...I've had two birthday parties and one huge bake sale in the past three days. Ack! December is crazy at our house too!

Happy Birthday Big Guy! You are too cute. Glad you had a great B-Day!

gina said...

ps. I got my ornament exchange package today- look:

thanks for hosting Beki- in all of your free time. ;)

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...

Wonderful pictures of your little man. So sweet!

steviewren said...

Your baby is a little cutie. His birthday looks like it was a hit with him as well as you.

Artsnark said...

Excellent! Looks like he was one happy young man.

Just did the Bowling Alley B-day party for my 6 yr old. I feel your pain on the chaos factor

koralee said...

I so agree that Dec. makes me crazy but also brings me so much joy...crazy I know. I don't even have the added stress of two birthdays......hang in there. Thank you for visiting me the other day!

Kimmay said...

I had my 5th birthday at Chuck E Cheese! He will always remember that you took him out for a "real" birthday party!