Saturday, January 30, 2010

From the inside looking out.

I'm a wimp.
No really. I am.
I don't like being cold.
I don't like gray weather.
I like sunshine and vivid color.
Sadly, I don't rule the world.

We got a lot of snow over the past few days.
This was my view. From the inside, looking out.
You don't think I'd actually go out in the cold, just to take pictures of the snow, do you?!
Nope. I shot a few pics through the windows.
The ones that were clean enough, anyway.

We have awesome neighbors that clear our sidewalks for us.
Isn't that sweet? The Midwest rocks.

We let the kids draw on the window with a dry erase marker and play darts.
We have 4 of those guns that shoot the suction cup darts.
They love it! We have family battles at this window. I usually lose.
Before company comes over, we wipe off the windows real quick and pretend that we're a normal family.

When The Man got home from work, he decided to take us all sledding.
It's so much fun, but our sled is quite big.

Me, with the sled sitting on my shoulder.
And looking thrilled. (I actually was happy, I don't know why I look annoyed.)
And without a stitch of makeup on.
Why is it that every picture I show of myself here on the blog, I have no makeup?
That's a shame.
Because when I'm done up, I'm a dead ringer for Megan Fox.

Happy Weekend to you!
I hope you get lots of sleep, sunshine, and dark chocolate.


Ruth said...

megan fox is overrated. you're so cute - if i looked like that, i'd never wear makeup! and... is it weird to like your eyebrows???

stay warm and enjoy your weekend! i just bought orange dark chocolate an hour ago :)

jonahbonah said...

we went sledding today too!!! it was COLD! bring back my sunshine, please.

Kelly said...

Looks like a great sleading day! Hope you get some hot coco/coffee when you were done! I don't like the cold either.

CarzooCritters said...

What I would give for a day of sledding and snow and window darts! That is such a neat idea, I have never thought of that before!
Is it bad that I am so jealous of your cold and snow, I am in florida with 76 degree weather. Last night our air conditioning was out, it was over 85 and humid, had to use a little box fan to keep it slightly cool in here and woke up to a very not nice sore throat because of that fan blowing on me.
Try to stay warm and enjoy it, summer will be here soon enough =) When you have a wonderful summer, we have horrible hot and humid weather and when you get in the car the seat belts burn your skin!
Have a wonderful saturday!

Amy said...

I wish I looked so cute without make up on. :) I just posted a bunch of snow pictures on my blog. Every single one of them was taken through the window.

Stephanie said...

My son would love it if I let him play window darts! It's been cold here to, and I can't stand the cold weather. We moved to Florida several years ago to get away from the cold weather but then ended up having to move right back to be near my grandmother when my uncle and grandfather died. I can't wait to move back to where the sunshines all the time and it's never 8 degrees like it was yesterday morning.

Anonymous said...

OOOhhhhh.. I do not like the cold either..... and the flurries have started here! Your pics are great..

Lisa said...

Oh what fun! Sorry you have so much snow. We have it today and it will be here until Monday and by next weekend there will be no sign of it. We will have a few bad mornings with the ice on top but it will all work ok!
I think it's fun you play darts on the big window!!
Hugs, Lisa

tinyskillet said...

We went up to Michigan to visit family for Christmas. It was my 15 year old daughter's first time seeing snow! They had perfect weather for our visit, just around 30, 32 degrees, soft snow falling. She got a chance to go sleding and ice skate downtown. The houses are warmer (or more insulated) up there. We are whimps when it comes to cold. I told my husband we have to move further south, Florida hit a record low this winter!

Your photo is adorable! At least you had snow to do something in!

Tina said...

Oh wow-sledding! My three girls would love to do that! We hardly get any snow, maybe enough to make a few snowballs but that is it! We moved from a year-long temperate climate to the country where we have 4 definite seasons, and whilst I know it is really cold in winter, I really think that it helps us appreciate the beauty of spring and the warmth of summer...Guess the weather tables will be turned between our countries soon enough - wishing warmer weather your way soon! Oh and how lovely do you look without makeup!!! Envious!! Have a lovely day Beki - Tina x

Wendy said...

Feel free to pack up that snow and send it my way! We have yet to get a flake and I'm feeling ripped off!

No makeup, huh? Must be tough to be such a babe. ;o)

Vanessa said...

aww. I have never been sledding one day in my life but it sure sounds like fun. I have a theory. Maybe the cold is freezing your face into that expression? he he I had the same thing happen when I took pictures for Christmas out in the cold. I could have sworn I was smiling and then I check the pictures and I was frozen?? strange..anyway I hope you had fun sledding. Stay warm!!

amy d said...

you could of just done the griswold thing and roped the sled to the top of the car :)

Debra from Bungalow said...

Love your blog!
Sledding is a fun time even if it's cold. Just think of all the incredible memories you are creating for your kids.....with or without makeup you'll be beautiful in those memories!

Vicki said...

The boy and girl certainly look happy enough for all of you! Sledding...what fun. It's the wet shoes, socks, pants, jackets, gloves that you come home in that are yucky!
Hope you all had a great time....and why would you want to be a "normal" family anyway? That would not be fun. Why would you ever wear make-up with those baby blues?

Melinda said...

Sledding! What fun. We had snow too but not enough to do anything with which made Ken happy and most of it melted today anyway.

Have a great Sunday!


rentz said...

Okay, I think that picture of you is so cute! And I took tons of pictures from inside...while my hubby and the two little boys were out working hard shoveling.

Love the dart idea. My kids would LOVE your house! I'm not so nice.

Lori Allberry said...

Beki, you are so awesome! I truly love your posts!

And I'm so jealous - you look like that without make up on? Holy cow girl, you are a lucky one indeed!


Martha said...

How fun your sledding adventure looks!!! We haven't gotten as much snow but it was supposed to head our way from your area...we just never got it...
And I completely agree with you...I don't do well without sunshine either:)

Sara said...

It always surprises me when people who live in the snow, don't LOVE it...
Let's just say, I live in So. California for a reason :)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

That looks FUN!! I so wish I lived where it snowed. Here in Cali, we dont get snow in our town. I went to college at University of Colorado and those were some of the best 4 years because it SNOWED in the winter! So much fun :)

gina said...

I'm heading to the dollar store tomorrow for some suction darts - what a gREAT idea!!!!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

My husband and son went sledding today. was cold here.

I am looking forward to sun.

Christina said...

I think you look very young in that picture. Not that you aren't very young. :)
My kids the other day were being crazy in the car while I was on my way to the store. They saw a police car up ahead, pulled over. My daughter (9) yelled to her brother,"Look! A police car. Let's act normal." haha What is normal, anyway?!

trish at Two Peas in a Pod Homegrown Designs said...

see? this is why I like you! you make me laugh! hope you can move after sledding. I'm usually much slower, a few bruises and sore after a day out with the kids in the snow :>)