Monday, January 04, 2010

The New Year, 2010...

My resolutions for this year -

1. Start wearing all silver tin foil clothing.
2. Hover around in my flying car.
3. Require the robots to start doing their share of house cleaning.

Remember when 2010 seemed like such a long way into the future?
And now it's here.
And by the way, is it "Twenty Ten" or "Two Thousand Ten"?

Some of you might remember that I don't do New Year's Resolutions.
I don't have anything against them, I just know that I won't keep them.

I make Summer Resolutions instead.

But I'm not a complete stick in the mud this time of year.
So I'm making a few little "goals." Let's call them that.

My first new goal is to impress my husband more often.
He married an impressive person and I want to give him that again.
And he doesn't read my blog so this will be a nice surprise for him.
'Nuff said.

My second goal is to never again check my email right before bed.
This is a simple little thing, but I always do it, and inevitably there is something that will bother me late into the night.
I might as well deal with it the next day, right?

My third goal is one I'm afraid to even commit to.
Because I have a strong feeling that I'll fail at it.
But I think it would be really good for me.
So I'm joining 365.
One photo. Everyday. 365. (However, I'm already a few days late, so mine will be project 361, or something else that's fabulously uncatchy.)
I am certain that they will not all be blogged, but I love the idea and the challenge of it.

Ali does a word of the year each year. She's really had me thinking on this one.
And I finally found the right word.

(necklace found here.)

This year I will soar above the level I've been content with.
I will allow my business to soar.
I will soar (more often) as a wife and mom.

I. Will. Soar.

What about you? Do you have resolutions?

I wasn't quite ready to jump back into the thick of things, but time tends to move forward whether I give it permission or not.

So off I go soaring into a new week, new goals, and this new year!


Polka Dot Moon said...

Well said! I too don't make resolutions and set goals :)

Let me know how the whole "tin foil" clothing works out....can it rust ;)

Happy Twenty Ten or 2010 or Two thousand ten!

Martha said...

I tend to make goals too instead of your word by the way...I think your goals are great...but I am thinking your hubby probably already thinks you are impressive already...but then again I know exactly what you mean...because I want to do that more too...Happy New Year...and by the way...can I borrow the no e-mail right before bed too...that is a fantastic one:)

gina said...

I made a list of goals- they are all pretty fun but kind of all revolve around me giving myself the time I need to develop my creativity. :) SOAR is a good word! I say 20 - 10 now, until this year I said two thousand and...

I guess two thousand and twenty two... etc. would get too wordy eventually. ;)

Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

good luck with Project 365! I've joined too. You can actually load backdated photos as long as they were taken on that day. I've set some goals sorta myself on my blog.

Trasie Bressler said...

I resolve this year to just be "HAPPY!"

Happy New Year to you!!

Laura said...

I sat, just now, thinking up lots of words for me
first came BELIEVE
followed quickly by ACHIEVE
not too long later came TRUST
which quickly turned into CREATE

and then I thought of all the inspiring women in my life
the ones that I look up to
and rely on
to get me out of slumps and dumps
and over hills and bumps
and what they all have
besides the money to do it all

they are all LOVED
they all LOVE a lot
they LOVE God
unconditionally, they LOVE

and so although I really like ACHIEVE
I don't think that I can achieve mush of anything, with out

so there
that's my word

ps I love YOU too

Laura said...

or maybe my word will be MUSH

not to be confused with MUCH

or maybe my resolution will be to check my spelling before I hit publish

Erica said...

oh i love SOAR! what a challenging and uplifting word for the year :)

rentz said...

Ok. That is too funny. I blogged before I read yours too. Great minds think alike, right?

Maybe another goal should be spend some time drinking coffee and chatting with a new friend...

rentz said...

Oh, and also, it's twenty-ten. definitely.

Pineapple Princess said...

I'm all about summer resolutions, thanks to you! :)

Ruth said...

this makes me so excited for your year! you go soar, baby! i'm doing 365 too. terrifying.

oh, and you could totally work silver foil ;)

Ruth said...

(laura is so mushy. i love it. one day we really have to mush on each other for realz!!)

Lynnette said...

I'm diggin' the tin foil clothing idea.

My word for this year is "strength" - not my own, but that which I seek and receive from God. This year will be full of hard, but good changes and I will need all the strength I can get.

jonahbonah said...

well said.
every. word.


Kasey said...

i swear i pulled up that 365 photo thing and saw a man smoking a joint.
but then i looked again and phew...
i think it's a harmonica.
i love the idea of this..not the joint..but the photo a day;)

Melinda said...

Enjoy the ride, the wind in your hair and the breeze on your face.

Good Luck.


Artsnark said...

great post! Adopting your email suggestion - makes so much more sense!

Colleen Keller said...

You're so inspiring. I haven't made resolutions in a long time. Goals are easier to work towards. As far as the 365 project, I think I can drink a mug of coffee every day, that's much easier for me than taking a picture every day. :o) Good luck with the pictures - you're an amazing artist with your camera.

alyssa said...

girl, i don't really make resolutions ethir. i do want to be closer to God & more obedient to i feel a few habits that i need to quit! being idle is one of them! ick. that feels like such a lazy word! maybe i should get off the computer!! have a good day!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Beki loved this post. Those were great "resolutions". Soar is a great kind of means success. I wish that for you in the new year. For me too:) Love the 365 thing too. I might have to think on that a little.

Learning Spanish at 41 said...

Perfect word for the year, thanks, Beki! :)

Unknown said...

I took Ali's lead too and asked my readers to pick a word for the year... they really picked some great words! Mine is PAUSE.

I need to not check my email before bedtime too. I like that!

I'm your newest follower and I'm looking forward reading more of your thoughts. I'd love to have you by my blog for a visit!

Christina said...

I really like this post! I don't like resolutions for the same reason. I wanted to quit drinking sodas this year and it's gotten worse! I am more rebellious than I thought.
Personally, I don't like "Twenty-ten" sounds goofy to me. I wonder if they had the same problem in centuries past? "Is it 'One Thousand' or 'Ten Hundred'" :)

B.jane said...


Kelly O. said...

love the new name of your shop!
Came over by way of V&Co.

Tong said...

Beautiful necklace and what a great message too! Just popping by to say hi from V&Co!