Monday, February 15, 2010

Date night.

The Man and I don't get dates very often.
We have no sitter.
Not because our kids are terrible, just because ... well, I don't know.
We just can never find a sitter.
So our Valentine's Date often turns into a dinner for the entire family.

We make it a "fancy" meal.
You know, store bought ravioli.
But the red sauce makes it work for Valentine's day.

They get to drink sparkling grape juice out of nice glasses.
And have candles on the table.

We talked about the kind of people they should marry when they grow up.
We prayed for their future spouses.
We used our manners.

Then The Girl put her chin in her hand and headed off to fairytale land in her head, dreaming about her Prince Charming.
The Baby talked about trains along with loud "Choo Chooo!!!" noises.
The Boy started break dancing on the floor next to the table.

The Man and I just shook our heads and laughed.
Pure romance.

My poor deprived children have never had an ice cream cake.
Can you imagine?
So that was their gift from me.
They were so excited they screamed.
(We all had some for breakfast this morning too. Right about now, I'm the coolest mom in the universe.)

Only one glass of grape juice got spilled.
Not too shabby.
No broken dishes.
But those dishes are still on the table.
I suppose I should go load them into the dishwasher, huh?

How was your Valentine's Day?


Sara said...

goodness, that last picture is priceless!
we had a family valentines day, too.
but, I am not as good as you, my pictures are still downloading...
We went to Sea World...and stayed time!

Unknown said...

Timmy and I are lucky to have my sister down the road... we swap kid duty... (but probably not as often as we should!)

This Valentine's day, I saw my first movie since Elias was born!

It was really nice.

hope all is well for you!

Lindsay Thomas said...

Was that a DQ cake? How delicious! I'm glad you all had a good time. My hubby and I had our first Valentine's Day as a married couple! He's been out of town, so this was the first time we've been together in a few weeks. We just spent the day together watching reruns of our favorite tv shows and he took me to the movie Valentine's Day. It was a perfect day :)

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

I think that sounds like a perfect valentine's day!! And morning after. :)

cinnamonspice said...

Sounds lovely! What a cute cream cakes are the best, I had a Carvel one for my birthday this year...we also spent the day with our kiddos...celebrated on Fri. nite because that's when the sitter comes...TFS!

jaquelyn {mama thoughts} said...

Cute! Ice Cream Cakes are so fun. :) I didn't really do anything super special for VD; we had a dessert cafe as a fundraiser at church, so the Sweetheart and I had a mini-date in between "waiting tables". ;)

My Trendy Tykes said...

Very Swanky!

We had VDAY dinner with the kiddos too. (Homemade pizza and breadsticks)

Vicki said...

Sounded perfect to me! I love the pictures of The Girl and The Baby (who is not such a baby anymore.)

Bailey said...

We had ravioli as a family last night also! Love this recipe:

Oooh, the cake sounds great, I'm not so sure my boys (4 and 17 months) have experienced an ice cream cake either. You've inspired me!

Ruth said...

i've never had ice cream cake either... but i think i'd lean towards preferring some kind of cheese and potato cake - you know what i mean, salty carb friend!

other than that, i am quietly swooning over your newest (pink) necklace - gorgeous!!!!

Melinda said...

Sounds like everyone had fun.
Ours was nice!


Shannon K. said...

Hi there. This is my first visit here, but I have admired your jewelry on other blogs.

I wish we did something fun for Valentine's Day, but we don't.

Looks like you had a terrific time.

rentz said...

We had family meal also. Ryan's favorite tuna steak and blue cheese wedge salad. Our special drink-chocolate milk. It was on sale. I NEVER buy it, even though the kids beg me all the time. For dessert-Klondike Ice Cream Bars.

Chigger Hill Cottage said...

And people don't understand why dinner with the family is so important. That's when we seem to do the most laughing! My 22 yr old won't hardly miss dinner! And he's the funniest!

Anonymous said...

That is so adorable, the pictures of the kids drinking out of the flutes! Priceless!!

Replica Jewelry said...

Wow, what an amazing snaps are these. Thanks for sharing with us.

nomadcraftsetc said...

How cool!

Valentine's day is my birthday-I voted we play WII all day and veg. I was too tired from the week to do much else.

I made special Heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and we stayed in our pjs all day. Awe sometimes the best time with the family is at home in the pjs.

Lori Allberry said...

Beki - you are so awesome! You know, when my children were little, it was the same thing - we just didn't ever get sitters, and enjoyed our date night with our children! =)

Your posts are just so heartwarming, so real, I ♥love♥ reading them!!!


Celeste said...

FUN!! :)

ice cream cake for breakfast?! yeah. you're one cool mommy!

Michelle said...

I love the picture of the baby drinking out of the champagne glass - and if I lived anywhere withing driving range I'd watch your kids :) - and especially watch the baby, I know what he gets into! We stay at home and have an evening with the kids too, something about fighting crowds, long waits, and paying waaay too much isn't really romantic either.

Christina said...

Good Valentine's Day...the kids put together a surprise for us. It was one of the sweetest things.
I love that you said your dishes were still hanging around. We are having a disposal problem which makes me think the dishwasher can't drain properly, so I have to hand wash, but the drain was clogged (with a broken glass). I stuck my hand down there (covered with something but apparently not well enough) to get the glass out (because yes I did run the disposal while a tiny glass was down in there) and cut my finger. But now I don't have to wash the dishes tonight! Brilliant, no? :)
I love your date night. I think it's sweet, and the praying for your kids' futures? Nothing better. How romantic it is...for the two of you to have such love for your children and their unknown spouses that you would cover them with prayers now?! I love it.

T@iy@ said...

Valentine's Day happens to be my daughter's birthday! She turned 2 this year.

We had a very unromantic week of cleaning, prepping and baking for Valentine's Day and spent the day of hanging out with family and friends celebrating our little sweetie! It was a great day. Than that night we vegged out in our chairs and didn't move for an hour! :) We are actually going out next weekend. My dad needs his Ryla fix (our daughter) so he asked if he and my mom could take her Sunday... :D

...You May Say I'm A Dreamer said...

Such a great post! What a wonderful way to show the love you and your husband have for each other by sharing it with your children and making it a day to remember. SO sweet!

Leigh @themeparkmom said...

I love that you talk with your children about what kind of people they should marry and pray for their future spouses. I guess they are never too young to start laying the groundwork for good decisions later. Thank you for this idea!

Learning Spanish at 41 said...

Ravioli sound good right about now, I'm starved! We went to the beach for 2 days--surprise from my Valentine. Now I just wish we could go back!

gina said...

just like yours- family orientated- how you can you not include your kids on a day all about love?!

We had a heart shaped theme brunch and invited the neighbors.