Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Complete randomness today. You've been warned.

~ I cried when the Canadian ice skater performed last night just days after her mother passed away. Amazing!

~ I want Spring so bad it hurts. I do this every year, but I think this is the worst.

~ There was a comment left about The Baby's toes that said it looked like he had some sort of disease. Haha! That cracked me up. But it was a spam comment with weird links so I deleted it.

~ I'm moving my shop. I hate change. Really, I do. But my etsy bills have been between $400-$500 the past few months, so I'm switching over to BigCartel.
(Wow, I'm just putting it all out there and being honest today! How unprofessional of me to discuss money like this...)
Anyway, BigCartel is much less. I've heard great things about it.
And you don't have to register to purchase. Super easy as a buyer AND as a seller.
I just didn't want you to be confused if you clicked and landed there.

~ My tummy looks chubbier today, but I'm fitting into a size ___ jeans. My skinny jeans. How weird! Bloat? Whoa, there goes that honesty thing again.

~ The winner of the Chick necklace giveaway is Sara. Don't look at her blog on an empty stomach. I'm warnin' ya.

~ I really should have a picture in this post.

~ Anyone want to come pack up my house for me? I'll let ya. We'll chat and laugh the whole time.

~ The Man keeps telling me we aren't really moving to a "farm." He says there must be crops or livestock to be considered a farm. Ummm, it's a big piece of land with wild animals and barns, a creek, and no pavement in sight. I'd say that's a farm.

~ The Baby drinks my coffee every morning. He's 3. He loves it.

~ My baby sister and I are going back to Vegas soon and I can't wait!

~ It's bugging me that there are no pictures here.

~ What's your random thought for the day?


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Love your random thoughts. Um, yeah, I'd say that is pretty much my idea of a farm. But, I've never lived on one so what do I know?

I am trying to think of a random thought but my mind is a total blank. And that is kind of random in itself because usually I have more than enough random thoughts to share.

Good luck with the packing. Glad to finally be on the other side of that project.


~jenna said...

...that i love your blog, always puts a smile on my face!

Love the Decor! said...

Random thought today
Rain rain go away...
Thanks for the honesty and the chance to smile
I would love to help you pack and know we would have many times of laughter!!
Laughing I think its what I do best. (just another random thought :)

Lindsay Thomas said...

My random thought: Is yoga ok for Christians to do? Really. It's been a discussion that's been going on around me a lot lately.

I love that you did a random post. LOVE.

And I really like the look of Big Cartel. (I think that's important!! :)) I have an Etsy shop but have yet to fill it with anything :( May think about using BC!


Funky Junk Interiors said...

Cool post. :)

Not sure I should share my random thoughts but what the hey.

- I should go to work.

- my arm hurts. I don't want to go to work.

- how will my bills get paid this month? No idea.

- I wish I could remember to turn on the Olympics. I never remember to. I missed the girl iceskater and I would have liked to see that.

- it's raining. Why NOW?

- coffee was great this am!

- my house is actually pretty clean!

- I'm so GLAD I'm not moving, however I would if it was to go on a 1/2 acre with a cool white chippy barn out back. With a coffee house nearby. And a lake. Maybe across the road. The work has to be worth it here!

- I'm paranoid my new glasses won't work for me. I've tried progressive in the past and detested them. Crossing my fingers here.. they were not cheap!

- I made a deadline. It was exhausting but I DID it!

- my cat is snoring

- I totally need to go to work otherwise I'll take up all Beki's bandwidth and not get paid for it even.

The (not even close) End.


Signs and Salvage said...

LOVE your Random thoughts are of caffeine and weather I might fall asleep at work boredom:):)

Happy Wednesday!!

Signs and Salvage said...

Oh & can call it a "Farm" If you have a barn...with the possibilities of having animals and crops...then it is a Farm:) Just tell your hubby it is "The Funny Farm":):)

merlin said...

The skater, to me, is a true Olympian. Wow, to reach deep, rely on training, be so disciplined, to carry through the sorrow, to have faith (she must) to face the music and the crowds alone. I wish I had seen it, just the story made me weep, humbled, and aspiring to be more like an olympian in my everyday.

The Sieberts said...

Ava loves my coffee too-i give her the leftover cold stuff at the bottom of my cup :)

Annette said...

What a cool post!! My random thought: I'm surprised how green the grass is since the snow melted!

tara said...

Love the random thoughts!! good luck with your new store location and with the FARM!! I say it is a farm too!

Memories for Life said...

Love all the random facts :)

The "farm" cracks me up :)
And the Etsy fees scare the crap out of me! But that tells me you're doing AMAZING!!! Keep it up!!!

rentz said...

I cried too.

And my random thought for the day: Wow! I have A LOT of split ends.

Jennie Moran said...

I would so love to come and help you pack for a couple of days, I have it down to a science:) Can't wait to visit you at your farm.

~~Mia~~ said...

i love your random thoughts! thanks for sharing them!

my random thought of the day (or how random is it really..?) is that showers are over rated!

Tricia Rush Richner said...

Follower of Etsy It Up. Becoming a follower of yours. Love the baby photos...oooh! Love babies.

Sara said...

I thought I won the necklace...for like 2 seconds...but, then I read "not to look at her blog on an empty stomach"...and since I do not cook (and when I do, I certainly do not take photos!)...
OH well....
I love your random posts.....

Rachel said...

I love random posts! Peanut butter crackers are good. You are cracking me up! I usually don't enjoy posts w/o pics, but your randomness had me going the whole way through! Do you think tofu hot dogs are an oxymoron? Congrats Sara! I'm glad I had a couple Girl Scout Thin Mints before checking out your blog. Beki, your necklaces are divine! :)

Julie said...

Just found you and your blog - love it! Julie :)

Christina said...

My nine-year-old likes coffee, must be from the husband's side of the family. I dig tea, and hot chocolate, of course.
I hate being bloated...and yet, I cannot say no to the soda and the brownie. It is my own fault.
I feel your pain on the packing thing. We moved into this house almost a year ago and still have not finished unpacking, nor have we hung the first thing on the walls.
After all this talk about chocolate I'm going to have to make some preacher cookies tonight. Have to.

Bunny Chic Boutique said...

I know you're so excited about moving to a "Farm" ~ I'm thrilled for you. AND ~ can't wait to see your Kitchen completely redone. When you're done with the Farm ~ can you help me with my house?

LOVED your random post ~


Beantree Designs said...

I've said if I ever move again I'm taking a sutcase of clothes and a box of photos(huge box) and everything else can stay. Won't happen, I know, but that's how I feel about moving.

Anonymous said...

I could send my mom over to help you pack. For some odd reason, she is the only person in the world who LOVES the moving process. Packing and unpacking. Weird!

Your son's coffee habit doesn't sound terribly weird though. My youngest cousin used to drink coffee when he was a kid. I think it's because he was our grandparents' favorite (yes they openly had favorite grandkids, and no I didn't make the cut). Our grandfather was a huge coffee drinker and wanting to be like him, my cousin started drinking coffee too.

Diana said...

I thought I heard someone over here chanting "I want Spring! I want Spring!" Yeah... that would be all of us, huh!

Will have to check out the BigCartel. OoOoh that sounds so... mobster.

You don't look like you could be chubby if you tried! Underscore is not a size. ROTFL!! {Teasin' ya :D }

Yeaaaa, congrats to Sara on the necklace! Oh my... food on her blog....

Naw, don't need no picture.

I call that a farm.

My in-laws always said that coffee would stunt my boys' growth if I let them drink it... they are both adults and well over 6' tall now. Hmmmm....

Well, maybe a picture of the farm at least.

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

You just made me the happiest girl today. It must be because I sent "pick me pick me pick me" vibes subliminally through the blogoshere. I knew those would work one of these days!

Also, I totally teared up with the Canadian ice skater too. I'm glad to know it's not just because I'm a crazy hormonal pregnant woman.

Lastly, congrats on the skinny jeans girl. I have dreams of those...

the Provident Woman said...

The ice skating performance of the lady whose mom passed was the only olympic thing that I've watched and I was in tears too.

linda lou said...

on grandpa told me age 4 that it would turn my toes black and i of course believed him (i'm blonde) but then my brother and sister would drink it and their toes didn't turn black?? ):

and if you go to vegas so the the elvis show for me if a big elvis fan!! (:

good luck on your move.

Laura said...

I miss you and your blog and my cat died

Mrs. Durgin said...

I just wanted to mention as another option. I've had a store there for 2.5 years and have LOVED it. It's free and there are no fees.

Shannon said...

I am new here! What a nice blog. I enjoy reading it... Have a blessed day! Love the God's fingerprints post. I see them all over my boys.

Amatory Watches said...

Wow, What an impressive jewelry is that, Since the spring is nearby I can say soon all of us would be looking for new and impressive jewelry updates.

gina said...

today? that i wish i had somw brownie mix to whip up.