Thursday, February 04, 2010

Thursday Random

Today should've been Friday. All morning I thought it was.

Normally I wouldn't be blogging with so much to do, but I'm waiting on the mail to come with my supplies before I can do anything else.

The other day at the post office I had a newer clerk.
Making small talk I said, "Forutnately I don't have very many packages today."
I had like 17 or so.
As I was stacking them on the counter he goes, "Were you joking about that not very many thing?!"
To me, "many" would be 40 or 50, which seems to be the norm these days.
And many of those have 5-8 necklaces in them.
It's funny how our perceptions change.
At one point, I'd have thought 17 packages in a day was crazy.
Now that's a small day for me.
By the way, the current total on the Haiti fundraiser is $2,850!

I listed a couple of new necklaces this week.
Plant Seeds



This week, I also got a couple of camera strap covers from *Shey*[B].
Loooooooove them!

Polka dots, ruffles, damask, apple green... This is so me.

If you have an SLR camera, you need one of these.

The Baby says he's tired of the cold now.
It was fun for a bit, but now he's ready for Spring.

Happy Thursday!


Wendy said...

Love the new plant seeds necklace! I wonder if I'd kill the necklace as quickly as I kill anything I try to plant though...

jonahbonah said...

i was just wondering what i could blog about...there's "not me mondays", "wordless wednesdays", "fingerprint fridays"...maybe you should start "random thursdays"!!! i'm in!

oh, and i'm so off to order one of those ruffle straps from sheyb. i don't have the energy to make my own...although i might try a simple one.

Emily said...

I second his opinion! Go away winter!

kraftykash said...

The "baby" has the best eyes ever. He is going to swoon soon ladies someday. :) Beautiful necklaces....Im so happy for your increase in sales!

Rachel said...

The plant seeds is gorgeous and can have so many meanings. Definately going on my list of Etsy lovelies to save for. You get 2 Fridays this week... sort of. :)

Casey said...

I'm with Wendy! LOVE the Plant Seeds necklace. It's gorgeous! But so is everything else too. :)

LOVE those camera straps. I'm on my way to get a new camera and next on my list is one of those! Her's are just gorgeous. I was eying (or is it eyeing) her store last night. Pretty stuff!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

That Haiti total is amazing! What wonderful work you're doing.

I love that polka dot and ruffle strap cover! So yummy!!

Lori Allberry said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha Awwwww, I love that picture of The Baby!!! =) Love it!

I really must look into getting one of those straps for myself and my camera - they are awesome!

Your new necklaces are gorgeous!!

Wuut Wuut - you ROCK - congratulations on the Haiti total!


Lori Allberry said...

Hi Jen!

I've given you a Sunshine Award!! Knowing you and reading your blog, seeing your incredible work, brings Sunshine to me! Please check out my blog to read about it! =)


Kerrie said...

LOVE the new necklaces! I just saw the copper heart in the Etsy feed too - it makes mine flutter!!
I am completely incapable of spending money on myself, I really have to come up with a way to get someone to buy me one of these for a gift soon! :0)

Unknown said...

Is Thursday today, actually?

Polka Dot Moon said...

I'd be sick of the snow too! Short sleeves and lounge pants are all you need down here right now! I keep tellin' ya to come on down for a visit!

Oh and by the way......YOU ROCK! nuf' said ;)

Celeste said...

Just moments ago, my new strap cover from Shealynn arrived in my mailbox :)
I got the black/white damask with the apple green polka dot ruffle too! Love!

Lindsay Thomas said...

I love the colors of the Plant Seeds necklace. So FUN! And, what a blessing it is to say that 17 packages is a light day! WooHoo!

Blondiensc said...

You go girl on the fundraising, how wee...that is a lot of packages! And by the way, I love your header, looks great!

Christina said...

Wow!! That amount is amazing...and the new necklaces are very pretty.
I'm tired of cold, too. And it's not even that cold compared to some places in the US! :)

Lisa said...

Funny I was thinking it was Friday too. Lets just skip Thursday and have Saturday tomorrow! I will still have to work BUT it would still be fun!
Hugs, Lisa

~~Mia~~ said...

omgosh, i'm in loveeee with 'plant seeds' ~ it is sooo pretty!!!!

Ruth said...

your total (so far) is just incredible. and about all those packages... do you remember saying around christmas how much you wanted a holiday in the new year?! so much for that! but you are doing such a wonderful thing. happy thursday night, not long til friday!

Marlene said...

I love the new "plant seeds" necklace. Can you tell my husband? He never checks my "Favorites" on Etsy . . .

gina said...

my littlest cried on groundhog day when he saw his shadow- she said she is DONE with being cold. lol.

Katherine said...

Okay so Love the new necklace! I have the blk damask w/apple dot slip cover too from Shey, and I agree with your wee one...the snow's gotta go!!

Lavanya said...

Found your blog wonderful.. wl keep visiting