Saturday, April 24, 2010

Badger Creek

If you haven't been following along here, we bought a farmhouse.
We're remodeling it before we move in.
There's a badger living in one of our barns.

The Man shot it.
And it ran into it's hole.
We blocked up the holes with concrete.
But he's back.
The Man has seen him several times.
And badgers are mean.
So now we have traps set.

The Man called me the other night to say he'd caught something in the trap.

It wasn't the badger.
It was a possum.
It was curled up in the corner of the trap.
Cold and sleeping.
So The Man let go.
I think he was a bit fond of the little guy.
But we still have the badger.
And a creek runs through our property.

Grandpa tells a story of when a badger chased his tractor tires for over a mile once.

Someone else told us that he and his buddies had run over a badger in their pickup truck once.
Hit him square on with the tires.
And saw that badger run away afterward in their rearview mirror.

Someone else told us a story of a badger that killed their pit bull.

We're really not fans of this badger.
He could go away and we'd be alright with that.

The fish can stay.
The pheasant can stay.
The wild turkeys can stay.
The deer can stay.
Even the possums can stay.

But the stubborn badger needs to go.

I think the name of our farm is now officially Badger Creek.
I want a sign that says that. For real.
I'd hang it on the barn.
Or over the driveway.
Or in my living room.

Badger Creek.

One more thing.
The Baby picked flowers for you.


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Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

Great pictures!

My parents had an abandoned farm on one corner of their property, and a badger made it's home under the farmhouse. We'd see that thing from time to time over the years and our dogs would chase it, but it never really left. They finally bulldozed the farmhouse and we never saw it again, but it was kind of like our mean, elusive, unofficial mascot!

Julie Harward said...

I hate badgers..they are so tough, we had them on our farm. Once our dog, who was even tougher had a fight with the badger...Shep wouldn't give up and he killed that badger. Shep also saved my dad when a mean bull attacked dad while on his horse, he threw the horse and dad right over his shoulders and was getting ready to gore dad but Shep saved him! Your badger sounds like he has a vendeta...LOL Come say hi :D

Unknown said...

the store in wichita is called Coutry Bumpkins. lol. It has some cute stuff. check it out next time you go. it's just east of hillside on douglas

Unknown said...

the store in wichita is called Coutry Bumpkins. lol. It has some cute stuff. check it out next time you go. it's just east of hillside on douglas

Cole Franke said...

beautiful photos! sorry about the badger. :/

Erica said...

beautiful pictures beki! and thanks for the flowers baby :) badger creek is a great name!

Unknown said...

We live by a creek that is actually named Badger Creek :) And I think I saw a dead one by the road the other day... so there's always hope? :)

crush. blog said...

okay that last shot had us LAUGHING OUT LOUD!

that name is perfectly perfect!!!

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

What gorgeous pictures and what a fantastic piece of property you have! Good luck on your badger murder plans :).

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

i had no ideas badgers had 9 lives, just like cats!

carissa said...

beautiful pictures - as always! your family is making such sweet memories. badger creek sounds like the perfect name.

Unknown said...

Badger Creek. Love the name! Love the photos!!!

Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You are definitely in for some adventures with your new surroundings-and what gorgeous surroundings they are! Your photography is amazing. Someday I'm going to learn to use a camera, it's on my bucket list.

angie.a said...

They're getting SO big! Especially the "baby"!!

forever folding laundry said...

Love the the the idea of living on a farm. What great adventures you're all going to have!!


amy d said...

well when i catch the possum who has been trying to steal my fish i am bringing him to badger creek....since your so fond of the little suckers!
maybe i can talk my husband into tasing him first.

Kathleen said...

Tell baby, I said thanks for the lovely flowers! What a wonderful tour of Badger Creek. *roflol* hope you are badger-less soon!

Tina said...

Beki--girl, you're photography just keeps getting better and better. The first series on this post has wonderful bokeh, and I love the shots of the men fishing.

Unknown said...

Great photos! And a great name for your farm!

NicNacManiac said...

FAbulous story to recount about the history of the name of your new home!! Your photos are just beautiful and your family looks so happy and content!! Love the flowers Mama!!
Happy Weekend xOxO Nerina

Wendy said...

Well, maybe if you build a giant wooden badger... Sorry, too much Monty Python for me.

Mrs Anne said...

These photographs are lovely...I love the history to old houses.

I hope the badger is caught, i've heard they're SO mean.

Your kids are precious... how sweet for them to be able to fish right there!

:) Happiest weekend my friend!

Vicki said...

Ugh, badgers. Hope the badger goes and never comes back. The baby is so adorable and those flowers are truly flowers shaped like grass are my favorites. Really great photos of all the kids.

Ruth said...

gorgeous pictures! it's almost like you live in a fairytale... baddies and all! (the goodies always win)

Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

Great name! Have you tried calling the local Game Warden or Animal Control people to see if they have any ideas?

Martha said...

I don't blame you at all for wanting those badgers gone...not at all!!! Love your pictures as always!!!

jonahbonah said...

love the new name!!!

and i am lovin' those flowers!

your photos are super....cannot wait to meet ya!

Mom of 2 Cuties @ Sprinkles of Joy and Laughter said...

Perfect name and a great story for your children to pass along to their children. How lucky to have such a wonderful property to create memories with your children. Enjoyed all the photos too! havea great week

Susan R said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Maybe I'll have to come cook for you. You would think my children's tastes would mature over time or even with me being their mother, but I think they are stuck in junk food junction. I just can't figure out where they're getting it. Yes, I make junk food, but the yummy, homemade kind.
I'm so desperately jealous that you've bought a farm house. It's one of my dreams.
Love your jewelry. May I spotlight you on my blog?

Marlene said...

Love the name - and the flowers :)
Good luck with the badger thing!

Marlene said...

Oh, I completely stole your *this* font/asterick idea for my latest blog post. Because my daughter and Cracker Barrel are like *this*. ;)

Velvet Over Steel said...

I love that name for your farm! You should do all three ideas; I lvoe it! So glad I found your blog & following now. I'll be back soon see what you come up with for 'Badger Creek' signs. :-)

Kathy Campbell said...

Badgers are so mean! Love the name though and can't wait to see what the farmhouse looks like after it's done! I've always wanted to buy a farmhouse and renovate it. Maybe someday!

Cindi said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful story to make beautiful memories. Thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

What a wonderful post! Having a farm is a real dream of mine, although I realize it is a lot of work and not all sweet baby animals and sunsets... Thanks for sharing your story and your wonderful photos. Best of luck at Badger Creek! :)

Brandie said...

Wow - I've been behind in reading blogs for far too long so I didn't know about this farm - I'm sooooo jealous! The pictures are gorgeous - I can't believe you will live there.
But, I do hope that badger goes away!!

fran said...

Hey Beki, I love the photos you're posting of the farm. Love the name too! How's the remodel going? I need to make a date with you to come take Katie's pictures.

Two Little Tots said...

I cannot wait to see the farmhouse done...that is one of my dreams to re-do an old farmhouse.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!