Wednesday, April 14, 2010


That just means a bunch of random nonsense, right?
I hope so.
I really should look up words before I start using them.

I love my businesses.
I have spent countless hours studying, learning, and practicing photography.
I don't want to be an "MWAC". (Mom With A Camera.) It seems that anybody and everybody nowadays does photography.
So much so, that there's a term for it! MWAC.
It's a great hobby.
I strive to set myself apart and work toward being in the top tier of photographers.
I love getting feedback from my photography clients. Often I hear, "Whoa. I knew you were good, but I didn't know you were that good!"
That means I've done my job well!
Summer photo shoots are starting to roll in. If you'd like portraits, just email me for details. Remember, I have a gorgeous farm to work with now. Ha!

I've also worked long and hard to establish The Rusted Chain.
And I'm thrilled when it does well. Right now we are just swamped with Mother's Day orders.
I'm not complaining. I love being busy.
But when I get this busy it seems like my brain just turns to mush.
All of my creativity is sucked dry and that doesn't leave much for my blog.

Earlier I looked through my pictures and all I could think to write was uhhhh,
errrrr.... ummmmm.... yeah.... colors.... words.... stuff....
Sucked dry, I tell ya.
And that's sad because there wasn't much there to start with.

So here are random pictures. That have nothing to do with each other.
And don't relate to this post in any way, other than to help explain where my brain is these days.

I miss summer.

I may have fallen asleep at my computer once or twice also.

This train is a toy that The Baby is obsessed with.
This picture will be printed for his wall at the farmhouse.

Lilo. I love to snuggle with her. Her ears are so soft.
I talk in choppy sentences. I'm sure that's a sign of extreme intelligence.

Polka dots. Magically appeared on The Girl's arm.
Very cute for a 9 year old.

More words here...

Insert funny saying here.

Imagine some life changing inspirational quote here.

The end.


Wendy said...

Okay, I love your dog. There. I've said it. Just don't tell my dog, okay? Lilo looks like the kind of dog you could just sit and talk to while she stares at you with those big droopy eyes. So, can she come over for a playdate? Oh, you can come, too. I'm a giver that way.

Michelle said...

How does Wendy seem to leave the first comment more often than should be statistically possible? I love the barn, if I lived closer I'd come have my picture taken there :)

Unknown said...

LOL! Love it! Blather is a great word!

Tia Colleen said...

Dangit. I'm totally a MWAC, aren't I?

Punctuation Mark said...

very cute post... send your images to me and participate on my latest give away... stop by my blog for more details!

Erica said...

hahahahaha i feel the same way!

Shuggamom said...

Love Love your Blog,you ALWAYS make my day with your comments and your beautiful pictures !!!! Cant wait to see more pictures from the farm.
Plus Im so excited that my daughter order me one of your precious necklaces for my Mothers Day Gift.(How Great is our God) We are so excited that Im getting something made with your hands!!! You do such wonderful work,BE PROUD OF IT !! Its a gift from GOD !!! Beki you make us laugh and share Gods beauty through your photos !!! Keep up the good work you are doing so many people LOVE you.
God's Richest Blessings to you and your family !!!
East Texas

Laura said...

MWAC? Are you sure the C is for camera?

Lori Allberry said...

Oh Beki - this was awesome, whether you are blathering or not - this is awesome, awesome, awesome!

You are definitely NOT just another MWAC! In no way shape or form!

And Lilo - she is to die for! I want to pet her ears, run them through my fingers and snuggle with her!


Unknown said...

I love the word BLATHER. It seems to sum things up so nicely.

The train picture is awesome. I'm going to show my boys it later.


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Tia, your pictures are always great!

I'm not meaning MWAC as a derogitory term. :)

Wendy is my special stalker so she always gets the first post.

Thank you ladies for the nice words!

tara said...

heh heh heh, you always make me laugh! I am sooo a MWAC, but I am cool with it! :) Hope you find some nourishment for the blather!

Wendy said...

Michelle, two words for ya: Twitter, baby! I live on Twitter and when Beki tweets, I jump.

And like Beki said, I'm kinda her stalker. ;o)

ChloƩ said...

I love the second picture... SO cute :D

Ruth said...

hey, blather girl! random clicking on your blog recently led me to find the most inspirational stuff. so you're all good, even when you feel like mush!

now excuse me while i steal your dog...

Angie said...


Love the 'falling asleep @ the computer'

I could actually do that right
now :))

carissa said...

i love this raw post. i'm tired just reading about all that you're doing! oh, and i'm so just a mom with a camera... hey, at least i don't think i'm good at it! ha ha! i really am so terrible at photography and am so jealous of mom's like you who know how to rock the camera. you are so full of talent, girl!

Unknown said...

my brain is mush most of the time, you're not alone :) susan

Vicki said...

Randomness, blather...all good things...great post!