Saturday, April 03, 2010

Green Acres is the place to be....

Farm livin' is the life for me.

We're still about 4-5 weeks from actually living at the farm.
The floors are looking gorgeous! I mean stunning. Like I wanted to lick them.
But they had fresh poly on them so I refrained.

Next comes a full kitchen remodel.
But while The Man is inside doing the work, the kids and I play outside.
I play with my camera and they play with their toys.

Here's a peek into the past week.

Sand angels.

I may have to take back what I said the other day about not being a redneck.
It was the only cup I had out there! (yeah, it's Taco Bell.)

By the way, that beautiful red barn above... has a badger living in it.
They're mean. And fast.
Traps have been set but he hasn't been caught yet.

The Man has seen him several times going into and coming out of his hole.
Welcome to farm life, Beki.

We need a name for our farm. Something creative and descriptive.
Any suggestions?

{p.s. The winner of the necklace giveaway is Jen. Congrats!!}

{p.p.s. We could call our place Badger Creek! Or not... still looking for ideas.}


Tara said...

Great photos! I received my Worship Always necklace in the mail. I am lovin it!
Bet you will love the farm life.

Sheyb said...

I am so jealous!!! I might just have to come visit! :) Congrats on the farm, Beki! And great pics!


Erica said...

i love green acres ;) ha!
as for names... i'm no good at naming things ;)

Anonymous said...

Something "Haven"

The Rusted Haven Farm
The Sleepy Haven Farm
The Busy Haven Farm

Melinda said...

Happy Easter to you!
I'll have to mull this name thing over a bit and let you know.


Julie Harward said...

Red Barn Haven...I don't know, depends on whats around you. I'm happy for you..oh, those new wood floors, clean them with 1 part vineger and 9 parts water...and they will keep their beautiful shine! Love the old red barn and such cute kids! We had a farm dog that killed a badger once and a bobcat and saved my dad from a bull that tried to kill good farm dogs! Have a great Easter weekend...Come say hi :D

Funky Junk Interiors said...

I'm so smiling for you! Those outdoor nook and crannies must be like Christmas morning to you and your camera. That's what I loved about farmlife the most. You could go out for a long wander while staying IN your property line. I just loved getting lost around corners and blackberry bushes.

Can't think of a farm name yet but I'll ponder it some.


Elisa Seaba said...

I love your farm pictures! My kids were sitting here with me looking and Love the pictures of your little guy!

He & Me + 3 said...

Stunning pictures. Love your blog. Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway. Nice to meet new bloggers.

My Trendy Tykes said...

I dig badger creek!

Love the Decor! said...

I like badger Creek but you could call it Redneck acres!! Lol!

The MacDonald Family said...

Beautiful photos - makes me want to run away from suburbia!

Abby said...

Love the pics, especially the one with the bball hoop - you could sell that as a print. (I would buy it!)

Your farm reminds me of my grandparents' place, which I don't think is very far from you out there in KS. Wonderful memories of that farm with all those outbuildings and wide open spaces.

Thanks for commenting on my blog...which is very badly neglected!

Monique :) said...

It may be because I'm a Smallville fan or the red barn but it reminded me of the Kent farm! Beautiful pictures and your kids are adorable!...good luck with the name. Maybe go with a badger theme?

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Beautiful shots. Makes me want to live in the country.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Brittany said...

I'll be moving to the country/farm this summer more then likely and I am thrilled! It looks so beautifuL!

Thank you for stopping by! I am loving your blog, and cant wait to get to know you more through it!

~~Mia~~ said...

OH, some great suggestions ~ Badger Creek is fabulous and I quite like Redneck Acres! ;)

Um, oh yeah, why I am commenting ~ I wanted to tell you that I really love your pics and I think your farm is gorgeous!!!!! I can't wait to see pics of all the work you have done!

amy d said...

omg!!! i love that special police badge need to sell it, so i can buy it...hint-hint!!
as for a name....
the rust bucket ranch :)
but i also like badger creek!

A Family of Love said...

I am thinking for a name:
"The Rusted Acres Farm"

Love your pictures! Looking like a fun place to live.

Artsnark said...

wonderful photos - thanks for sharing your slice-o-life

Vicki said...

Great photos as usual. The Girl is looking more like her momma everyday!
Some friends of mine have a Salon and Spa named Fair Haven. I think that fits your farm to a T.

gina said...

Amazing photos - how great that that is the back drop of your life now!!

gina said...

I like the names with rust in them- so much a part of your life - with the The Rusted Chain and all of that gorgeous patina surrounding you know...

Leah Beth said...

Yep...I'm not sure I could be any more jealous. What amazing eye candy you have in your reach. I think it would be so much fun raising kids on a much more character than the average suburba life. Where did you find a farm in the "city"?

As for the name game: The only thing that is stuck in my head is those Dr. Pepper Bottles. "here a pepper, there a pepper"..."Raising 3 on a Pepper-ridge farm!". :) LOL. I think you'll have to be in my head to think that is even kind of cute.

Anyway...chin up! hope your week is all positive!