Thursday, May 27, 2010

Family Rules Subway Art (so easy!)

I've seen the subway art all over the internet and I love it.
But many of the tutorials are far too complicated for me.

I'm a simple kind of crafter.

So when I saw my friend Amy's art, I knew I wanted to copy her!
And I love the Family Rules at Backyard Eden so that was my theme.

I like it a lot.
There are definitely mistakes, but I still like it.

First mistake is my board is big. Really big. Too big. It was just a piece of scrap wood, but I should've had The Man cut it in half for me.

I spray painted it white, just in case there were any little gaps.

I sat with my kids and came up with rules that we all agreed on.
They loved getting to help with the ideas.

I put them in all different fonts and sizes and printed them off.
*I would make the fonts even bigger next time, even though they seemed to be huge already. They're dwarfed by my gigantic board.

And I just cut, then decoupaged them in in a random order!

Our rules: (there are lots of them because we had so much space to fill!)
(Oh, and we used our last name for filler in some spots because we had run out of rules.)
Laugh. Laugh More. Say I Love You Daily. Clean up after yourself. Feed the dogs. Say your Prayers. L.O.V.E. Live Simply. Respect Each Other. Use Kind Words. Smell flowers. Sing loudly. Put the seat down. There are never enough hugs. Tell the Truth. Say Please and Thank you. Homemade is always best. Eat chocolate. Celebrate life. Love each other. No whining. Be patient. Keep your promises. {Be Thankful}. Forgive & Forget. Do your chores. Be helpful. Ohana: Nobody gets left behind. Use your imagination. Be responsible. Do your best. Control your temper. Share. Be creative. Work hard. Share joy. If you can't say something nice, don't speak. Read your bible. Obey your parents. Play hard. Brush daily. Dancy crazy. { Hugs }. Wash your hands. Enourage each other. x.o.x.o. Put God First. Make smart choices.

Once we're moved in, I'll put it on a shelf somewhere.
For now it's just propped against a wall, but I still love it!

p.s. This is an auto post. We're on our first Unplug It day. Wish me luck!


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Ink Obsession Designs said...

This is so cute and is a great idea!

Have a good "unplug it" day! :)

...You May Say I'm A Dreamer said...

Love this! I just may steal your idea!!

Julie Harward said...

I just love your rules and I don't think it's too big, big is good, put it up on a wall! Very cute rules too...good job! :D

Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

I love this idea! I need something to fill up a big wall and this plus some artwork will be perfect.

Chad and Jody said...

love. it. We are sooo doing this- you wouldn't want this to be one of the "artsy- crafty" things for this summer... like when WE come, would you? I have no idea what that D word means on this post. Decou-what?

amy d said...

it turned out so good! when i made mine, i think i used an entire black ink cartridge...:) my next one is gonna be all about the beach!!!

Michelle DeRusha said...

This is way cool -- totally have to copy this idea!

Good luck on your uplug it day!

Jody said...

Love this!

Puna said...

Oh wow, I'm here from My3Boybarians and I just had to say how much I love your jewelry! I entered myself into her contest to win but I wanted to tell you that if I don't, I'll purchase the I shoot people necklace. I also love your Christian jewelry. I'd love to purchase for the teens in my small group. How cute!

Julie said...

Great idea!!!

I loved your example so much that I decided to make one. Well, I guess I haven't exactly made it, but I did design one on and am having it made and then I am applying it to their "chalkboard" background.

I am so excited!

Amy said...

I saw this on your "happy things" list awhile back and it's been on my project list for awhile! I bought a canvas to do mine on. The subway art look is perfect for you and amy d... but I think I'm gonna need a little more color in mine! :)

Mrs Anne said...

i love it, and think you did a great job! :)

Sara said...

wouldn't it be fun to do another family one for EACH member of the family?
Your kids are big enough to brainstorm words that describe person...

Then, you could frame a darling picture of each kiddo above their "words"...down the hall, or in their rooms...

So, so, cute :)

Charlene said...

OH SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOVING THIS! What a great idea! How's the unplug day going? Yikes! Loved your resolutions. I need the last one the most. Arrrrrrrrrrrg 10 pounds! Have a great summer. Our's is HOT already. Charlene

Anne Lorys said...

What a wonderful project!
I think it turned out beautifully!

Have a great Friday!

Vicki said...

Love it! What fun you are going to have with your new farm! I am happy for you.

Melinda said...

Yours looks great!

Enjoy your evening.


Christina said...

That is such a great idea!! I love this.
I especially like the rule "Eat chocolate." And of course, "Put God first". :)

Martha said...

oh I love this!