Thursday, May 13, 2010


You can tell when I get super busy because I don't blog.
And I don't have time to visit your blogs.
And that makes me sad.
And I whine.

I can't believe it's Thursday already!
Updates: We still haven't moved into our farmhouse.
We're aiming for Memorial Day weekend.
Just as we made plans, The Man got overloaded with hours at work.
And The Rusted Chain got slammed with Mother's Day orders.
So we're still going up there every evening and working, but we haven't had more than a few hours at a time to get work done.

I really wanted things to be done my way before we move in but I don't think that's going to happen.
I probably won't have the light fixtures, flooring, and countertops I want just because we don't have time to do all of it.
And so I whine.

I want what I want, when I want it.

Mr. Badger is still there, but he's moved to a different barn now.
We still want him gone.

We planted tomatoes, jalepenos, eggplant, and watermelon in our garden.
By "we" I mean The Man and the kids.
That's my Mother's Day gift every year. They plant things for me.
I love it!

I've have some great photo shoots lately!
I'm trying to find time to edit the photos and then I'll share them.
Beautiful people in front of my lens.

We have several new items listed in our shop.
1. Funky Mama necklace
2. Wife of a Hero
3. Full of Love
4. I Love You More
5. It All Started With a Kiss

Also, Father's Day is coming soon.
Our Get In The Hole golf ball marker is always a great gift for men. (It can be personalized.)

And if you haven't entered the current jewelry giveaway, there's still time.

I'm ready for school to be out.
I'm excited to sleep in.
And enjoy my kids.
And live on a farm.
And pretend to be all domestic, even though I'm really not.

Only a week left until summer break!
What's your favorite summer activity?


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Love the Decor! said...

Wow you guys go on summer break early!
I love long summer days sitting in my favorite outdoor chair by our waterfall reading a book or paging through a magazine. Life is good!

Love the Decor! said...

oops forgot to mention an apron give away at my blog
If you win you can feel even more domestic : )

Wendy said...

Maybe you need the decorating fairies to come finish up for you before you move in. And if they do, can you please ask them to send the cleaning fairies over to my house? I've been waiting for them for the last 4 years or so and they've got a lot of work to do around here.

Sara said...

summer is wonderful here, too.
because I am off with my kids.
I will still take Molly to daycare twice a week, so she is still in the habit of, it gives me time with Jack, and we can do big kid stuff that is impossible to do with a 2 year old, dorky things like miniature golf....

Elisa Seaba said...

Sitting by the pool with a big coke!! :)

Amanda said...

Lucky kids, our summer break doesn't start until the 2nd week of JUNE!

We love going to the pool during the summer months.

Casey said...

Bless your heart! You have so much going on!

I am sooooo ready for summer break but we still have 4 weeks and 1 day left. Yes I am counting them down one by one. It can't come soon enough. I am more than ready to go to the beach!

The one thing that stands out about summer break as a kid was the games we used to play around the neighborhood. We had lots of kids in our neighborhood and someone was always playing a game of hide and seek, kick the can or freeze tag. Good times.

daisychain said...

the new designs are gorgeous

kraftykash said...

Love the new designs! I cant wait for summer. Just for the simple "no schedule" "no routine" atmosphere

Signs and Salvage said...

For us...summer is all about going to the beach & camping. We leave on July 9 for a 2 week trip up the west coast in our motorhome! It will be the FIRST 2 week vacation we have ever taken:) LOVE the new designs and you can whine to us anytime:):)



Mrs Anne said...

you my dear are so talented.
love all of your works.
keep on creating!

Erica said...

you are one busy lady! if i lived closer i would come help you and my boys could play w/ the baby ;)

hey and necklace #2 sure is awesome! lol

and my favorite summer activity is SWIMMING. hands down.

Melinda said...

A break from school. This has been a tough year and the kids get more antsy as the days go by. But I think we teachers are as antdy as the kids.


Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Love the necklaces! Sad when it gets too busy to blog. :)

Cute Chain said...

Even I Wanna Chain Like This ....

Christina said...

You all are such hard workers!! It will be so great when you are done and can relax in your new home.
I just love to be at the beach the kids. We go with my husband's sister and her kids, and have so much fun. I also love visiting with my mom and dad...whenever we can. :)

Michelle DeRusha said...

I can't wait to head north to my husband's family's cabin on the north shore of Lake Superior. Campfires, hiking, tossing rocks into the water (this entertains the kids for hours!)...

I love that Get in the Hole golf marker. I am going to order one for my hub for father's day!

In fact, I love all your jewelry...will turn to your site when my sister's birthday comes around for sure.

Have a great weekend!

jonahbonah said...

I LOVE the 'wife of a hero' necklace!!!!! If I wasn't saving every penny for my vacay and Hubs' R&R I would snatch it up right now!!!!!

It's hailing right now and I'm stuck in my truck...I don't want to get wet in the rain!!!!

Ok. Enough rambling!!