Monday, May 03, 2010


Sorry it was so heavy here over the weekend.
I do try to keep the blog generally lighthearted and happy, but sometimes real life isn't at all lighthearted or happy.

The remainder of the weekend was focused on the birthday girl.
She had a slumber party with a couple of friends.
I did manicures on them with hot pink polish and flower nail stickers.
They stayed up late watching The Parent Trap.

They were sooooo good!
I couldn't have asked for a better group of girls.
Kind, respectful, giggly, polite, funny, smart.
I was very impressed.

The next day we went to Texas Road Ho for dinner.
Once when The Girl was 5 or 6, we pulled into their parking lot and the last part of their sign was burned out.

She read the sign out loud - "YAY! Texas Road Ho!"
So that's what we call it now.
I know, I know... what am I teaching my poor kids...
Hey, it's funny.

While we were eating, some sappy country song came on that made me tear up.
I don't even remember now what it was but everyone in the family started laughing at me.
Something about enjoy your kids while they're little because it'll be gone before you know it.
And I'm still in shock that my baby girl is 10.

Then the Jose Cuervo song came on. Do you know that one?
"But after one round with Jose Cuervo
I caught my boots tapping along with the beat
And After two rounds with Jose Cuervo
The band was sounding pretty darn good to me

Then after Three rounds with Jose Cuervo
I let her lead me out on the floor
And after Four rounds with Jose Cuervo
I was showing off moves never seen before

Well, round five or round six
I forgot what I came to forget
After Round seven, Or was it eight?
I bought a round for the whole dang place

And after nine rounds with Jose Cuervo
They were counting me out and i was about to give in
Then after ten rounds with Jose Cuervo
I lost count and started counting again

The Boy goes, "Oh!! I LOVE this song!"
Again, what am I teaching my poor kids...
He sang along through the whole thing.
The Baby just ate peanuts and danced.

This is what the day looked like.
I always tell people, if you can plan when your kids are born, pick the beginning of May.
It's the perfect time to have a baby!
Of course, some of us don't plan so well which is why two of my three kids were born right at Christmas time.
I rock.

How was your weekend?

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Love the Decor! said...

Happy Monday!!
End of April isn't too bad a time to have a baby/grandbaby either ; ) Of too visit my little sweetie for a few days. Hope your week is wonderful!

Casey said...

Sounds like the girl had a great birthday! I agree with the May birthday thing... I brought my girl home on Mother's Day. I couldn't have asked for a better present. :)

kraftykash said...

LOVE this post! Made me literally LOL. Our family has all sorts of nicknames for places. Makes life kinda fun. :) You have to come sign up for my giveaways, girl. They are simply fabulous! :)

Erica said...

my mom says the same thing about a may baby (my bro's bday is may 5). she said you totally miss being prego in the summer, which is wonderful. i'll have to try that next time (ha!). i'm glad you had such a wonderful bday party for the girl!

Michelle said...

My husband recently taught our kids how to suck spaghetti up their nose and pull it out their mouth at the dinner table....nice manners huh? think they'll appreciate that trick at the White House?

amy d said...

i bet the song was by trace adkins..."your gonna miss this" it's a great song and it always makes me cry and i don't even have kiddos :)

Shan said...

We had the same sky here in CO! Glad she had a wonderful birthday :)

Jen said...

I love the Texas Roadho! It's my fav place to get a steak and kick back on a Friday night!

Was it the Darius Rucker song you heard? Love that song. Love me some country!

So glad you had a fun weekend with your family. Happy birthday to the birthday girl!

Sara said...

I just want to thank you.
Thank you for letting your 10 year old still be a little nails, a sleepover, and the Parent Trap? I wish I was 10 again.
It is a treat to see little girls be little girls...when society makes everyone grow up too fast. I love that they are still so they should be :)
(I teach at a high risk school, where our 10 years are more like 16 years with the attitudes and clothing, and hobbies...)

Wish we had a Road Ho here :)

(and thanks for coming by my blog, too!)

rentz said...

Ok, I must be really hormonal. Your post about your girlie made me cry. All the same things I think about my girl. Except the part about her being pres. Professional soccer player? Maybe. Not pres, though.

Love that photo of the sky and field. Picture perfect Kansas!

jonahbonah said...

Happy Birthday, Girl!

My son has always called Red Lobster "Crab Lobster" cause I think he thought the lobster on the sign was a crab??? I don't know. He's 8 and still says it but quickly corrects himself for fear of embaressment!

Julie Harward said...

Sounds like a fun time with the girls...never heard of the Texas Road Ho...Spring is a great time for babies for sure! Come say i :D

Candace said...

1. What a fun birthday celebration!
2. It is what you DON'T teach your kids that they pick up on that's scary!
3. This last picture makes me drool! I'm in love with those clouds, and I want to be able to do that.

Kelly said...

May is the best time to have a child. It is when my birthday is! Although a close second would be the beginning of April. that is when my little girl was born. :) Have a great week!

Sara said...

oh yeah...I am a Cinco de Mayo, i have to agree on May babies ;)

Tina said...

You're so funny, Beki...always a treat to check in on the Rusted Chain. :)

Unknown said...

I'm pretty close with Eenie Meenie due end of May. I'm ready. Love the last pic. So blue.

Vanessa(and Company) said...

Looks like a beautiful birthday for a beautiful girl! I agree about the May babies too....I am one, and will be celebrating my May b-day on Sunday...Mother's Day!
Happy Wednesday Bek!
Love ya <3

Christina said...

Sweet, happy family times. I would imagine that your mind is still lingering on the story from previous post (I only saw the beginning as of yet)...I am glad you were able to have a good family time at such a wonderful establishment. ;)