Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Six and Six.

First, six photos of the past weekend.

Second, my summer resolutions.

Every year I know that there's no way I'll stick to New Year's resolutions.
So I make them at the beginning of summer.
(Summer, to me, starts when my kids get out of school. This is their first week out.)

1. Hang the laundry on the line. Only turn on the dryer if it's a rainy day.
It's better for the budget, better for the environment, and actually burns a few more calories.

2. Be firm with Unplug It Day. This is a struggle. When the kids are exhausted and cranky and hot and sweaty, sometimes I just want to plop them down in an air conditioned living room in front of cartoons.

3. Keep a gratitude journal. And have the kids keep one as well.

4. Not waste anything grown in our garden. Every year we get a huge crop of tomatoes or eggplant and a point comes where I'm too busy lazy to use them, so I just throw them out. Not good!

5. Take some Saturday mornings to myself to go thrifting, yard saling, flea marketing, and alone time. (I made this same resolution last summer and I didn't get to go out once!)

6. Lose 10 lbs. For real this time.

Yay Summer!!!

p.s. To answer the emails -
All the photos were taken at the farm.
Yes that's a snakeskin.
The feather was about 14 inches long, although you can't tell in the photo.
The top middle picture is a certain critter's toes.


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Michelle DeRusha said...

Love your resolutions -- particularly the garden one. I do the same thing...and then feel horribly guilty about it.

Rachel said...

Great resolutions. I like the idea of starting them in the summer. This is your year...good luck and God's blessings on your goals. You can do it!

P.S. Love the laundry line idea. I may be using that myself. :)

Julie Harward said...

Some good ones here...take that day for yourself..it will bless you and the kids! Come say hi :D

Tia Colleen said...

Man, I could stand to set a few goals of my own this summer. Good thinkin' Mama.

kraftykash said...

I love the gratitude journal idea. Summer came up so fast and will be gone before we know it. I think these are great goals. My kids have 6 days left of school. ugh

Amy said...

I used to keep a gratitude journal. Still have it. So fun to go back and look through. So many simple things that we can be grateful for/happy about. (I guess mine was more of a happy journal!) :)

rentz said...

I always throw out some of my garden produce too! Such a waste!

Alone time? What's that? Sounds like a resolution I would make that would never happen too!

Love the gratitude journal idea.

Sew Gracious said...

Great resolutions and probably more "keep-able" than the New Years kind!

Melissa Miller said...

Beki your blog is beautiful and so are you sweet friend! Thanks for coming by for a sweet visit. You are always welcome anytime.

*Blessings & Smiles* ~Melissa :)

Sassy said...

What a great idea to make SUMMER resolutions! I love it! Now... I have to think of mine.... I so desperately want a clothesline and have asked for one the last five years. When the AC is on I am the electric ogre ...always after someone for why is that light on or shut the door or no using the dryer during the day! My family loves me. i am also bridging out with a container garden as I don't know the first thing about growing anything.. but... I am trying this year a tomato plant and green pepper plant. If anything grows I should be able to make something delish with them... I hope. This summer my husband and I decided to get back to the basics... visiting family more... and not having our life revolve around friends and all their activities and drama! Decluttering the house has to also go on my list.. room by room.

Good luck to you!

Polka Dot Moon said...

I can't take my eyes off your photos, especially the last one! Is that the shedding of a snake?????

Suzanne said...

Thanks so much for your nice comment on my blog. Your list is fabulous and your photos gorgeous! I also love the fact that all your "advertising money" is donated. What a nice thing to do.

Decorchick! said...

Oh wow, how would I ever do the unplug day? Your post on it is inspiring though. Thanks for the great tips!

Two Little Tots said...

what a good list, i should come up with one, since i am not doing so well on my goals for this year.

Jessica said...

Good luck!!!!

Between You and Me said...

love the pictures and LOVE your summer resolutions!

Let us know how it goes....
off to make mine!

Mira said...

You sound like me, when the summer starts for me is when school is out. I too make a summer resolution list and start my summer Bible study and then make real plans to do things for myself and all of those projects that I leave until school is out.

By the way, where do you go flea marketing at. I love going to thrifty places and looking for neat old stuff, just curious.


Tara said...

love your resolutions...especially the one for Saturday morning...how lovely and decandent that sounds to me. Its usually when I'm cleaning house. I think I'll change that and start this weekend!

I Love Pretty Little Things said...

Hello, Thank you for coming over to visit me on my blog. I love your photography, and your weekend looks wonderful and peaceful.
I also like you summer resolutions. I might make some for my self...
Have a wonderful summer day!!!

lisa said...

Ground Hog? Anyway, summer resultions are a great idea. I might try that this year. Seems easier that New Year resolutions. And thanks for stopping by!

Amanda said...

Love your resolutions and the idea of starting in the summer!

The critter toes and snake skin creeped me out... I grew up on a farm and never got used to the icky stuff, lol.

Does that mean you caught/eliminated the badger?

Sara said...

is that "the" badger?

Christina said...

I love the photo of you...is that a self-portrait?
Can you share more about your gratitude journal? I'm sure it's something that one can do to suit one's self (what a sentence!), but I like to hear what others are doing when it is something like that. It sounds wonderful.

Faded Plains said...

Love your resolutiouns...and I think summer is the best time to do them...I always feel energetic at the beginning of summer...towards the end...not so much.