Thursday, June 24, 2010

4 and 4 and 4 makes 12.

~ We had a wedding shower recently.
Her wedding colors are yellow and turquoise.
We made cake pops, dipped in turquoise and yellow sugar.
I got yellow fabric from a clearance bin for table runners.
I used pewter mugs that belonged to the bride's grandmother years ago.
And picked yellow wild flowers from the side of the road.
Combined them with mason jars filled with kitchen utensils, little mirrors with turquoise tealights.
Lovely, simple, and sweet!

~ We have a splash park here in town that we go to every summer.
Hot day. Cold water. Tired kids. Happy mommy.

~ Every Wednesday we have a playdate at Badger Creek.
People come from far and wide. Okay, just from about 45 minutes away, but still...
We do an activity of some sort.
This week it was making 4th of July tees.
The kids all got to paint their own.
We hung them on the clothesline to dry.
Had a picnic in the shade.
Explored the farm a little. Checked to see if we could find any critters.
Laughed a lot. Played in the water.
Forgot to serve the popsicles we made.
Made new friends.

And that, boys and girls, is 12 photos from our week.

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S Club Mama said...

looks like a fun playdate! And what a beautiful shower you threw!

rentz said...

One of these days I'm gonna make it to your Wednesday fun! I will, I will, I will...

Jody said...

Thanks for a great time yesterday! Next time I will try to bring happier kiddos☺

Rachel said...

Looks like the perfect week! Love the cake pops and the bride-to-be's sweet expression!

Mom of 2 Cuties @ Sprinkles of Joy and Laughter said...

What thoughtful items you brought in fot the shower. It all looked so pretty. Cute shirts that the kiddos created. I've been wanting to attemt tie-dying with mine. Have a great week!

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

We LOVE splash parks! Looks like you're having a fun summer :)

Sara said...

great. it's not even 8am and I want cake pops...thanks, thanks a lot.

wish we lived only 45 minutes from you...cause MY bad baby teamed with yours...that would be exciting!

and, I have to say, your daughter has the kindest eyes ever.

Melinda said...

Well, Aren't you the creative one with the pictures? :)
Great twist on the bride's colors!
I'll have a cake pop too.
Kids loooked like they had fun at both places. Love the T-shirts!

Rest and Relax...


Rebecca Ramsey said...

What summery photos! They put me in a happy mood.
Those tee shirts came out great!

Kelly said...

What a great week! love the bridal shower! How simple and elegant!

Debbie said...

Love the t-shirts.... what fun.

Susan R said...

The fun of Summer time. I loved your previous post. I've never seen fireflies before.

Martha said...

looks like so much fun! I always love your photos! A beautiful shower you had indeed...and great ideas I love it!!!

Wendy said...

Oh sure, don't invite me over to Wednesday fun day. I see how you are. Just 'cuz I live a gazillion miles away...

Ruth said...

i love these pictures!! the wedding shower is BEAUTIFUL. i would like to come to a playdate please. as long as there are no 4ft snakes. well, any snakes. ok? TOWN GIRL DOESN'T DO CRITTERS. (except cute furry ones)

Anonymous said...

LOVE that sweet wedding shower - what a great color palette! And a beautiful bride to be!!

and those WEDNESADY playdates?!?? Just one more reason I wish I lived nearby. ;)