Saturday, June 05, 2010


We still don't have internet at the farmhouse.
They're supposed to come Monday and see if it can be hooked up.
SEE if it can be done.
We're in the sticks of Kansas and I may have to get dial up internet.

Can you even imagine? I didn't even know that existed still.


We had a water party the other day.
14 kids, lots of hoses, sprinklers, balloons, popsicles, picnics...
The kids seemed to have a really good time.
I only snapped a few photos though.
They picked mulberries and got to take them home.
Mommies, we have lots more! Come back again this Wednesday.


We were talking about collections.
The Boy told me he has a booger collection.
I said, "EWwww!!!! Where is it?!"
He said, "All over. I just drop them when I get them."
Maybe I shouldn't have blogged this.
Now no one will want to come to our house.
He was talking about the old house though.
And if you happen to be reading this and are interested in buying our old house, I've cleaned.
I promise.


I've made it for about 13 years without a cell phone.
It was to the point that I was avoiding one just to be the last American without a cell phone.
I'm stubborn like that.
And now I'm the proud new confused owner of a Blackberry.
The Man got it for me yesterday.
It's hot pink.
I used to have a cell phone years ago when they were big and clunky.
I thought I was so cool.
And now I can't even figure out how to make it through the tutorial on my blackberry.


At the farmhouse we still don't have tv. Along with the lack of internet.
So I've been reading tons and tons of old magazines to pass the time.
And working in the garden.
And riding the new four wheeler.
I'm like a real country girl now.


Today I saw a Mennonite lady in her pastel dress, bonnet, and white tennis shoes riding a Hustler mower out on her farm and it made me laugh.
That's just so classically Kansas!


I had a snake on my porch the other day.
Like 4 feet long.
I was telling the kids that it was "Huge!" and The Girl said, "Was it an anaconda?!"


The Baby's favorite color now is pink.
That's fab.
He also calls the four wheeler a Zoom Zoomer.


The other day on Twitter and Facebook, I offered a random necklace winner to a commenter on my blog.
I was supposed to draw a winner on Wed. but with the missing internet and all I couldn't until now.
So the winner is Jess.

I also have several dates open soon for family photos if any one's interested.
Just email me for details. (joshandbeki AT yahoo.)

Have a happy weekend!


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Celeste said...

Oh, looks like such fun!!!

p.s. as for internet -- you could always try looking into DirecTV's satellite internet service (Hughes Net)

Kelly said...

looks like a ton of fun to me. Scary about the snake though. They creep me out. Also a lack of TV never hurt any one. we went he entire summer with out any kind of TV and it was probably my best summer in recent history.

Chad and Jody said...

Wish we could come Wed. again- the girls said they want to come back. But if you give another all-call we'd like to be there. I felt bad as I was driving out on west street that I didn't say bye to the kids. So, we need to come back before school (I just puked in my mouth- it's a naughty word around here during summer) starts.

Chad and Jody said...

oh, and my husband has a crackberry- don't get too addicted to it..

Cathy said...

OH what fun fun fun!!!! Love your blog!!! (I'm new..sorry).

Unknown said...

i have a blackberry. I'll show you how to use it you can connect twitter and fb to it

Tia Colleen said...

A 4 foot long snake?!?!? ..elkslkdjclakj.

LeAnna said...

Sounds like you've been having quite a time! Some days our "speedy" internet is so so so slow I wish I had dial up, because it would be faster. Oh, technology. Hey, we're practically neighbors! I know lots of wonderful folks that live in Kansas, even though I'm an Okie. Be thankful your neighbor wears clothing while she mows. Mine wears a bikini. Only problem is that she's a very obese woman and sometimes her bikini disappears. It's not pretty.

Also wanted to say thanks for all the sweet comments you've left on my blog the past few weeks. Your words of encouragement and prayers have been soappreciated. We're hoping this next week offers a bit of a breather. Lord willing.

Erica said...

beki i think we are long lost friends and i wish kansas wasn't so far away. we would have a blast together and so would the kids! snakes... country... we had dial up internet here & now just recently they got satellite internet... not as fast as dsl but better than dial up ;)

Unknown said...

Love the pictures.

My daughter just wrote about trying to get an internet connection while she was at my in-laws. It was pretty funny!

I laughed when I read about your son's collection. :)


The MacDonald Family said...

This post cracks me up! First, my son has a booger collection too - drops them when he gets them too but mostly in his bed - EWWWW!! I totally get that! Snake, freak out for me, I'd probably lock the doors and call the police (yup I'm THAT kinda girl). But I'm insanely jealous about the no TV and no internet, I actually think that would be AWESOME for awhile anyways. Water party looks like a blast!!

Melinda said...

Great fun had by all! Still laughing about the booger collection.:)


Christina said...

I so love this post! A booger collection! A very long time ago I was making one of my kids' bed (name withheld to protect the guilty) and I smoothed the sheet out by swiping my hand over it in a long sweep. I heard all these little taps, or clicks. I realized that I had just brushed a ton of dried boogie balls onto our wood floor from the bed. Nice!
And a Blackberry would send me over the edge. :)
And you can ride all the four wheelers you want, but until you get yourself a pastel dress and bonnet, and some white tennis shoes to ride, you will not be a real country girl.

Sarah said...

You might try Verizon for your internet connection. If you can get cell phone service where you are, then you should be able to get internet through them. We live in the sticks in Indiana and we are able to get internet service with them.

Martha said...

dial up would be hard to go back to....don't blame you...but the comment about the snake being an anaconda...sounds like my kiddos...sounds super fun even though you don't have internet!

Anonymous said...

I love your posts mom YOU ROCK!!! The Girl. p.s.I love you

Marlene said...

That's okay that you made it that long without a cell phone! I had a gigantic one from 1997. It was purple, I was a senior in high school, and gosh darn it I was cool. Then there was a drought and I didn't have one until marriage. And I've never used it to text; I've never texted and I have no idea how to access the internet from it, although my dear husband says I can. But why would I want to do THAT?

It's nice living the no-frills-technology life. Enjoy the blackberry, I wouldn't know what to do with it either! :) But at least it's pink . . .

Love the Decor! said...

Too funny! Thank you for the delightful post... oh and when you decide to ride your mower dressed like that lady please send us a pix LOL!
Just trying o catch up around blog land. I have missed reading your posts but I should be all up to date after today!!