Saturday, July 17, 2010


These two got home from summer camp yesterday.
They were gone 5 days!

The Girl instantly ran in and gave me a huge hug.
The Boy ran straight to the family room and started playing wii.
I finally had to hunt him down and force him to hug me.

Then I made them sit down and talk to me. They were thrilled.
I asked them what they missed most while they were gone.

"I missed popcorn."
"I missed Butterfingers."
"I missed sleeping in."
"I missed ice cream."

Me, "What was your favorite thing while you were there?"
Kids, "Pizza!" and "Canoeing!"

Me, "Did you bathe at all during the week?"
Kids, "Ummmm.... technically?" "Well they didn't have bathtubs. But they had showers."
Me, "So did you shower?"
Kids, "Well we swam in the pool..."

Me, "Did you brush your teeth at all?"
Kids, "I think so. Once."

Me, "Did you miss me?"
Kids, "Nope."
Me, "Not at all?! Your favorite mother ever! You didn't even miss me?!"
Kids, "Nope."
Me, "Did you miss anything about me?!"
Kids, "Nope."

I'm so glad they're home.


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Wendy said...

Can you send them back to camp until they miss you then? Maybe not such a nice camp? Nothing like being sold to science to make you miss your parents.

Jody said...

A. is going to camp this week and I'm pretty sure he isn't going to miss me either. I also know that I'm going to miss him like crazy. said...

LOL!!! They're precious, Beki!!

Melinda said...

Oh sure they did!

Glad they are home safe and had fun.

Come by--we are having fun a Dreaming!


Jenny said...

So funny!
My boys also think that swimming is the same thing as bathing. =)
Glad they had a good time!!

Marlene said...

As a former Bible camp employee (craft lady :) I can testify that certain age groups of kids WILL NOT SHOWER. At least there was a pool at your camp - our campers just swam in the lake. Five days of lake water and nothing else - ugh. Not to mention they LIVE in their swimsuits. But please know that we tried and *tried* to get them to shower. At least I wasn't a counselor - they had to sleep with the smell every night! (Although one of my friends who counseled would spray body spray on the girls at night - it was a good idea in theory, but the sweat/lake/passionfruit-mango combo had definite potential for putting anybody over the edge . . .
That being said, I LOVE camp! So glad your kids had fun!

Suzanne said...

It sounds like they had a great time!!! I would always get a huge sunburn at summer camp. Plus I am the youngest of the family so my mom would come down and cook all week at the camp. So I had to be good! Ha!! I bet you are happy to have them home!

Jenncw said...

When my oldest son went to Cub Scout camp last summer, the brand new bar of soap that I sent had not been used and he came home with the exact same # of pairs of clean underwear that I sent with him! Thank goodness I didn't have to share a tent with him! :)

Sara said...

at least they were honest :)

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

that's too funny! i'm sure secretly they did miss you, though.

Kelly said...

So funny! Typical kid answers.

Elizabeth said...

They look radiant!