Thursday, July 01, 2010

Piece of cake...

Do you know Laura?

She drove all the way to Kansas yesterday to meet me.
Her, her husband and her 347 kids.

Okay she didn't really drive here just to meet me.
They're moving across the country.
And making a road trip of it!

I was so excited when she said they'd stop in for dinner!!

I impressed her with my mad culinary skills.
I served BBQ chicken sandwiches and store bought potato salad.
Her son Luke said, "Do you have any hot dogs?"
I said, "No honey, I'm sorry I don't."

Then Luke screamed, "Why didn't you buy any hot dogs?!!"

Laura is teeny tiny. I mean like L.A. tiny.
Me? I'm Kansas fit...
I said, "You can take this picture but don't make me look fat."
And Laura said, "Don't make me look old."
Somehow I still look fat but she doesn't look old.

She's just as funny in person as she is on her blog.
Her hot husband Nick is funny too. He's big. Really big.
But what I picked up is that she's also wonderfully warm, sweet, and caring in person.
She's so gentle and kind.
It's no wonder all their L.A. friends are sad to see them go.

She talks a lot. But I could've listened to her all day.
I tried to pretend I wasn't sick, but I was.
I don't think I said much the entire visit.

At one point, The Man was across the yard and she said something about him being hot.
And at that moment he touched himself inappropriately, as men do, thinking no one could see.
Yeah, that guy? Yep, that's my hot hubby...

The hamster made an appearance.
And nearly stayed here.
We would've kept him!
We'd have tried to keep him safe from the snakes, dogs, wild cats, coyotes, possums, and badgers.

Her daughters, Annie and Belle, are beautiful, kind, sweet, and well spoken.
We could've kept Belle for the next 10 years, if it were up to The Girl.
They got along great.
Beautiful Belle.

Ruth, we missed you! The only thing that could've made it more perfect is if you were here.
(and maybe if we had babysitters and grown up drinks...)

I wished they could've stayed longer.
As the sun goes down everything turns this gorgeous golden yellow color.
And the birds and locusts start singing.
It sounds amazing out here.
But I knew they had other commitments and needed to get going.

Laura, thank you so much for dragging your family out into the sticks to meet me!
Thank you for not being a serial killer.
You are beautiful and lovely in every way.
And I'm so excited to begin hearing about your new life as you settle in!


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Amy said...

So glad you had fun!! That picture of the two of you? My first thought was, "You look so much like your daughter in this picture!!" Hope you're feeling better! :)

Sara said...

whew. I am glad she wasn't a serial killer as well.
did you give her some jam?

Jenni said...

Aw, come on! You're both beautiful!

jonahbonah said...

ah man. see. that could have been us. i will make it to your farm one day soon!

Wendy said...

What? No pictures of the inappropriate self touching? Someone needs to be more ready with her camera.

There. I've left you a crazy comment. Happy now? Feel free to leave a some craziness back at my blog. Yeah, I finally wrote a post. Next up - He%& freezes over.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Sara, I forgot to give her jam!! I'm a dork.

Thanks ladies!

Wendy, if I were a classless blogger, I'd post that picture of him scratching himself. But I'm a very classy lady, in case you've never noticed. I just *tell* people about it, not show it. Ha!

Susan R said...

HA! "Thank you for not being a serial killer". I'm dyin' over that one. I had this lightening strike thought that jumped into my head. "Hey Susan, you're constantly lecturing your children about the dangers of chatting on the internet and giving out personal info to people you don't know" and I think I've chatted with at the very least 100s of people I don't know and given them all but my bra size on personal information over blogs. How's that for being smart?
However, I love this post and know how you feel. I wish I knew the wonderful people I've met over blogging in person. I wish we all lived close and could just pop over to eachother's place for a cup of sugar, a glass of lemonade or a late night of cards and desserts. Good times.

Beth-DSM said...

I just wanted to say {and if this is silly..well..thats ok!} that I love your blog. I just found it today..but you have made me giggle, smile, laugh, cry, yearn & ooh..ahhh.. :) Thank you. I've been quite out of it lately being off old meds and on new meds, and being sick as a dog...your blog is a sunny spot in my rainy week. <3

Weza said...

Im glad you met laura because now I have met you. Great blog, fab jewelery. xxx

Ruth said...

oh, i love love love it! this makes me so happy... what fun. and you are both so gorgeous! hope you're feeling less sick today beki :)

LuLu said...

Yoy are too cute!!Ahhh I would have loved to visit your farm and meet Laura's family... she makes me laugh!!! feel better soon,

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad that Laura is now being shared all over the country. I'm glad and I'm envious, too, because I knew her when.

I'm happy, too, to start reading your blog!

Vicki said...

I think it is so amazing when bloggers get to meet face to face. Sounds like you all had a great time...sorry you were sick and faking it--that was really nice of you.
I didn't know Laura so had to check out her blogs...she has enough of them. No wonder she's skinny--she apparently never stops...well, except in Kansas.

...You May Say I'm A Dreamer said...

How fun was that! Now I want to come to Kansas and meet you and your family! I'm not a serial killer either...just a serial blog stalker. Have a great holiday!

Tara said...

you guys look fab-u-lous...
get well soon!

Jennifer said...

Stopping by from Nebraskagraceful! I loved your post and pictures. You don't look fat, by the way. What a beautiful idea for every Friday!

Laura said...

You are not fat. And your hair is amazing. And your husband is hot. And your kids are so kind and adorable. I even loved your dog. And I am not LA skinny!!! In LA I considered well fed!!!!

Thanks for having us... Luke is sti talking about the super fun truck ride!!!
Love you!

Artsnark said...

sounds like a blast