Thursday, September 09, 2010

I am woman...

Our Labor day weekend was filled with labor. Huh.
We're still remodeling this farmhouse, even though we wanted to have things done by now.
You know how that goes.
And because we've flipped several houses, we know how long each project takes.
Or we should. We still underestimate it every time.

So over the weekend, we tackled the kitchen floor.
This lovely 50's yellow stuff was just awful.

Every 18 inch square had about 30-40 nails in it.
This house was built to never be remodeled. It's good and solid.
And incredibly frustrating. For The Man. He worked for about 14 hours removing this floor while I was out shopping.

It's a dirty job.

The next day we (I) screwed hardibacker into the floor.
It's a cement board that you use as a base to tile over.
This was another all day job.

The next day we started laying tile, finally.
At the very last second, I told The Man, "Wait! I don't want it in a grid pattern. I want them staggered."
I thought he was gonna smack me. But I assured him it would look better and be just as easy. (I'm so smart...)
He gave in (as a man should) and we began laying tiles. Again, this took all day. I can't even imagine one person doing it by theirself.

And another day later we grouted, wiped, wiped, wiped, wiped, and wiped some more.
It takes forever to get all the grout off the tiles!
But the end result is that our kitchen is finally coming together!

Lilo's very excited about it as well. No really, she is.

Have you ever laid tile?


Wendy said...

I hope that you saved that old tile - it's suitable for framing!

Want to come lay some tile at my house next? I'll be your best friend!

Love the Decor! said...

It turned out lovely glad you staggered them!!

Jaime said...

I love the new floor! Looks great. :)

amy d said...

i hope you had knee pads... :)
looks great, love the tumbled edge and the stagger...can't wait to see the rest of the kitchen...hint, hint!

jonahbonah said...

hubs layed (or is it laid) tile in our old fixer-upper...the end result was lovely!!!

i love that you did something diff and staggered it. i'm thinking i like that much better than the regular way!!

Life Is Crazy Beautiful said...

Lovely job! I've never laid tile, but hope to in my own house before too awfully long. Lisa

Melissa said...

Oh My Heavens it's beautiful! We are in the process of doing tile in our house right now and I swear I might shoot someone before it's done! It's a MESSY job. The grout someone became my job because I'm patient with it, but it's a MESS! I love your tile and the grout color and the staggered is perfect. We are doing 13x13 tile in the bathrooms, laundry room, kitchen, dining room & entry way. We've finished all but the kitchen & dining room... they were going to be this weekend, but we have nothing prepped, so I'm guessing it'll be two more weeks before that's done. Ugh!

Kelly said...

nope! But I now know someone I can hire Should the occasion arise! It looks awesome!

Erica said...

you go, beki!
i have watched my husband, who does it by himself for a living, lay tile... but the closest i've gotten to "helping" was picking out which tile & color grout i wanted :)

Rachel said...

Impressive!! Looks great!

Unknown said...

hey there!
we laid tile on our basement, and had a similar 'brilliant idea,' to do it diagonally. It does look cool but took forever and a day!

As for the wiping after grouting ... there is something you can put on the tiles before you grout that helps with that. My mom knows what it is... let me know if you wanna know!

all the best,

Unknown said...

no but that sure looks purdy.

bomobob said...

Looks a lot like the job I had to do here. The kitchen floor was about 1-1/2" higher than the surrounding rooms. 3 layers of plywood and linoleum, dating back to when it was built in 1951.
We did the same thing as you. 3 guys with circular saws and crowbars and lots of beer, and we sliced and dice it up in 18" squares.
What a messy job.

rentz said...

Yep. We have. We did our bathroom floor in the old house. And we just tiled the basement shower a couple of weeks ago. Been meaning to get pics of that posted, but it hasn't happened yet. All the prep work is a pain, but we kinda' like actually laying the tile. Fun times!

Christina said...

Oh my goodness.
You all amaze me. I mean, YOU ALL AMAZE ME!
It is beautiful! I cannot even imagine tackling a job like that. I can barely clean our dining room table off every night. You guys...deserve an award.

Toni :O) said...

OMG..we laid tile..actually my brother-in-law knew how to do it and he showed was a very long and hard job but it looked so good when we got finished. Worth the effort but it's WORK! Although, now I LOVE our hard wood flooring, especially after I once dropped a jar of baby food peaches on the tile floor and it crashed ALL OVER THE PLACE! YIKES! Love your new tile looks GREAT!