Saturday, September 11, 2010

I cried.

I bawled.
I was a Missouri girl, living in Colorado, very pregnant with my second child.
As the radio alarm went off I heard a voice say "...and then the plane hit the second building."
What?! I had worked for airlines. I'd been a flight attendant.
Planes can't just fly into buildings! That doesn't even make sense.

The Man and I jumped up and ran to turn on the tv.
It was The Today Show. And suddenly it all unfolded in front of our eyes.
I watched for about 10 minutes, getting sicker by the second.

And then I went to the bathroom. Curled up in a little ball (a pregnant ball) on the floor. And cried.
I just cried and cried.

I didn't know anyone involved. I knew no one in NYC, DC, or Pennsylvania.
But it just felt so personal.
How could someone do this to us? To me? To my country?
It felt the same as if they'd done it to my immediate family.
I was crushed and devastated.

May we never forget the pain.
May we never forget the lives lost.
May we never forget the heroes.
May we never forget the way we became a nation united.
May we never forget that we are the most incredible nation in the world.
And may we never forget that it was God that saw us through that terrible time.


Amanda said...

I was serving overseas at the time so we found out towards the end of the duty was so terrible. Many people we worked with had family and friends at the Pentagon. A day we'll never forget, even if we wanted to.

Lori Allberry said...

Beautiful tribute Beki.
We will never, ever forget that day!

outofthedark said...

Beki, what a wonderful post. Thanks for keeping us focused on what is truly important and WHO it is that we rely on.

It was interesting to read that you were living in Colorado then, having moved from Missouri and pregnant with your second child.
I had just relocated from Kansas to Colorado with my two baby girls.

I am thankful to have found you!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I was at work when a co-worker (ex military) rushed down the hall to tell us a plane had hit the World Trade Center. His words *this does not look good...large planes do not just DO that.* He returned to tell us the second plane had hit. He told us *this IS an act of terrorism and I expect us to be at war soon.* We ...could not get onto news sites on the net. I sat at my desk numb and scared.

Don't you think that our view of being secure changed that day?

Melanie said...


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

I think we all remember where we were at the moment we heard this horrific news. You are so right, may we never forget God saw us through. Wonderful tribute post!

Elissa Newton said...

I found out I was Pregnant that morning. There was equal fear and hope inside. Thank God for his grace and peace that brought us through.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful put! How could anyone ever forget? Our country is not the same...united for awhile but....

Thanks for sharing
"blog stalker"