Monday, October 11, 2010

DJ Tanner

Remember her?
She was on Full House. With Uncle Jesse.
And Kimmy.
And a little set of girls known as the Olsen Twins.
Gosh that show had a lot of hair going on! Hey, it was the 80's.

DJ was played by Candace Cameron.
I mentioned her a while back here on the blog.

Now we're BFF's. We're like *this*.
Okay, not really.
Don't tell her I said that. She'll think I'm a crazy psycho stalker or something and I wouldn't want that.

But Candace Cameron Bure is now married, a mother of ridiculously gorgeous children, wife of a hockey player, starring in a show called Make It Or Break It, co-author of a new book called Reshaping It All, and a fan of The Rusted Chain jewelry.

Recently she tweeted me: "Look what I'm wearing today!"

It's our I Have Decided necklace, designed just for her.

The day her package arrived she sent me a message: "Wow!! I got the necklaces today!!! I absolutely LOVE them. Thank you so much."

If I could pick a celebrity to wear our jewelry (and there are quite a few that do), I'd pick someone who represents the things I stand for.
Family. Christian values. Hard working. Loyalty. Motherhood.

Candace does exactly that!

Thanks Candace for being my imaginary BFF!


Unknown said...

How have such a "glamorous life"......:) But you deserve are one cool chick. :)

Anonymous said...

"I Have Decided" as in...I have decided to follow Jesus?! Because if so..I NEED THAT.

In Gold. Because I'm a gold girl. But really-what a great necklace!

Susan said...

Love her! We still watch Full House every day around here...such a great show. Very cool that she is a fan of your jewelry...she has good taste!

Darlene Schacht said...

You didn't mention her ridiculously gorgeous co-author. *wink*

Great article, she told me about your website too.

Darlene Schacht said...

AND I just took a closer look at the necklace. Gorgeous!!

LittleGemsbyKari said...

i'm beyond jealous :) how great!

Joy said...

so awesome!

.....Elizabeth..... Polka Dot Skies said...

She is just lovely! And your necklace looks beautiful on her! I loved Full House! Not too long ago, my dad was telling me about this cute show with twins and a big sis and the uncles living with the family! I laughed like crazy and had to break the news to my dad that he was watching reruns from ages ago:)

Anonymous said...

I know right, to have a client of notoriety. She is lovely gal for sure. Her and Kirk Cameron?? is that his name... he too is a man of God and his wife and children very much into the way of God. Hugs.Tammy

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Yes, "I have decided..." to follow Jesus. :) But we don't have it in gold! :(

Yes, Darlene Schacht is her ridiculously gorgeous (and funny!!) co-author!

And yes, Candace and Kirk Cameron are siblings. :)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

That is more than cool! I think she is such a wonderful person with great values.

and how cool that she tweeted you!

S Club Mama said...

awesome ; she's still gorgeous. :D

Lindsay Thomas said...

I LOVE her! She is so beautiful. Wow. What an awesome thing to have her wear your necklace!!

Mommafo said...

That's so sweet of her to let you know how much you rock!

Molly said...

Oh.My.Word! How cool! I love DJ oopps Candace Cameron :) Wow I know someone that has talked to her! Ok now I am being stalkerish, he he! You and your jewelry rocks lady!!!
~Molly P

Trasie Bressler said...

You totally rock and I as so happy for you and so proud of you! I know you personally and have been in your home and you truly are an amazing person with amazing values and a love for the things and people that God has blessed you with in your life. HE must be so proud of you!

Thanks for being REAL and for loving all of us despite all of our imperfections!

Love ya sister,

sara said...

very cool! i love your jewelry & end up giving it to those extra special people in my life (even if i was going to keep it for myself!) i just want to share the joy & beautiful messages they hold. thank you for your designs!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Very cool!
Wow! You do rub shoulders with some famous folk!

maNda said...

very cool!

Melinda said...

Congratulations to you!


Martha said...

Exciting...happy dance are you? So glad she is sharing and love the saying on the necklace:)

Laura said...

I love her!
And I had a HUGE crush on Kirk Cameron.
They are an awesome family.
Good for you!

Now...get your ass on a plane, sister, and meet up with me and RUTH, THIS Saturday, around noon, in Soho for brunch and cocktails.

Have Candace foot the bill for your flight :-)

Elisa Seaba said...


the whyte house said...

congrats to you!! what a wonderful family to support you! the cameron siblings have always seemed like amazing people. i'd love to hear kirk speak(i think he was either in wichita or coming to speak this year!)
we loved 'full house' and dj when we were growing up. she was such a 'real' character.
promise tangeman(photographer/graphic designer)photographed candace's family last year. i still can't believe she has kids that old! :)

Becca @ My Crazy Good Life said...

Ahhh!!! I'm excited for you!!

Christina said...

How very cool, and so fun!

Nicole @Team Pipkin said...

So Cool! I saw that tweet of her's when she posted it.
She's a good BFF to have. Plus you two could pass for sisters.

Amanda said...

ummm... that is super coolio. candice looks gorgeous {your necklace is definitely glammin' her up}!

Bridgette said...

Candace and Kirk also have 2 beautiful and wonderful sisters, Bridgette and Melissa. Just saying! :)