Saturday, October 09, 2010

It's that time of year...

The time when my brain goes on full overload.
Time for random.

To many of you, it's barely Fall.
But because of my jewelry and photography businesses, I'm in full holiday mode already.
Lots of Fall photo sessions lately. (Although it would be more if the leaves would change colors! They still haven't.)
Lots of early Christmas shoppers buying jewelry.
Good for them.

I tend to wait until the week of a holiday or event before planning for it.
I'm efficient like that.

It's the time of year when weeks fly by. One day it's Monday, the next day it's Friday.
And I've no clue where the days in between went.

~ Recently we had "Donuts With Mom" at The Boy's school. He reminded me at 6:55am and it started at 7:15. And we have a 15 minute drive to his school.
I figured the other moms would look similar to me.
But no. They didn't have bed head and puffy eyes. They were dressed in cute capris, kitten heels, long drapey necklaces, short spikey hair perfectly in place.
*sigh* Every event at his school is a full fashion show.
I don't fit in. At all. But that's okay.

~ Yesterday I told The Boy to do his chores. His response: "Fine. You may have won this round. But in the end, I WILL prevail."

~ I have a stinking adorable idea in my head for Christmas cards.
I even bought the supplies to make them.
Last year the kids and I made Christmas cards. Really cute ones.
And I never mailed them. Once again, I'm efficient.
So maybe I should skip the card making this year and just mail last year's?

~ Recently we went to an air show. The day was absolutely beautiful and the Thunderbirds were flying right over us. And I was reminded that I love my camera.
Others around me were struggling with a delayed point and shoot, and I just snapped away. Easy peasy.
Everyone should get an easy SLR camera, even an inexpensive one. Start with a Canon Rebel. You'll love it.
I got to wear a Fall outfit this day. Cute cardigan, adorable jewelry, tall boots.
I don't get out much...

~ My neighbors want to say hi.

~ This child is "goodlicious". That's his word. And I love it.
He is. Yummy, sweet, rotten, hilarious.
Several people recognized him at the Barn Sale. Just strangers that read this blog.

~ Speaking of the Barn Sale, here are a couple other blog posts about it with better photos than mine. I was sort of stuck behind my table the whole time and couldn't get out to shoot the whole thing.

Click here and here.

~ How are things going in your world? Anything random you'd like to share?
I'll listen, I promise.


merlin said...

Thanks for inviting sharing....
not too random, I have a specific request.
Do you make jewelry to order? I would like a necklace with a heart (which I know you have) and small keys to represent each of my loved ones and rather than a pearl, one clear crystal that would refract light into the rainbow of colors that is my world. Could you do it, would you consider it, would it be affordable to make and sell?

Now to make it random: love your posts and photos, I bet those other moms were envious that you have the confidence to show up as you are, I wish I had cows for neighbors and I really look forward to your fingerprint posts, thanks for sharing your life with us.

Sara said...

Random? Hmmmm....well, I have been MOVED that in one week I will be walking for sweet Bella and that complete strangers are walking with me or have donated :) that's pretty cool. She's a miracle in all sense of the word.

Teacher /parent conferences are this always.Its always fun to see that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Merlin, yep! Email me at TheRustedChain AT and we'll see what we can work out.

Sara, that's wonderful!!

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

I love that you went to have donuts with him anyway. Before my daughter was born I would not even get the mail without makeup. While I was pregnant and throwing up all the time my 'cow that jumped over the moon' flannel pj's became my uniform -even to get the mail.

Melinda said...

Love the post.
Will be glad when we don't have to
figure out what to wear each day.
I'm not good with the transitional times of the year.

At least you made the effort to participate with "the boy" how many didn't?

Have a great weekend.


Unknown said...

This post made me REALLY like you. Might just go write a random post. But without pictures b/c I don't have an easy peasy camera....

Anonymous said...

i have insomnia.
that's my piece of random. :)

Kaira said...

I have had major Christmas Card fail for the past few years. I'm a mailing disaster. Its really bad because the post office is right around the corner. I probably won't even bother trying this year...

I'm not the stylish mom either - I just don't have it in me to put forth the effort day in and day out. I'm thankful my hubs sincerely adores me just the way I am. That poor, blind man... ;)

Unknown said...

You are just so fun and wonderful....even when you say you don't feel it! I think you are a awesome and honest mom. Don't feel bad about the "fashion show"....they all probably stressed about it. LOVE your photos!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I'm so happy to have found your blog. I love your sharp wit!! I don't fit in with the "other moms" either when mine were small. I'm far to laid back for such a big deal to paid to my attire. :) Love your blog. Hugs Tammy

The Hieberts said...

Well, at least you went!! We didn't make it. Sometimes what we have done is just go to the donut shop. That way they get what they want and more than just one!! And next year I am coming early to the barn sale because I have seen some great things in the pictures that were gone by the time I came!! Hope to talk soon!

Ruth said...

kitten heels?? at 7.15 AM???! yikes, i wouldn't fit in either! but that's ok too :)
your boys are hilarious and those pictures are amazingly clear!
random... i made pancakes with nutella last night. so. so. good.

Anonymous said...

Greatings, yo soy deprimida ...


Maple Memories said...

I went to the airshow too...with my SLR! BUT, my poor camera still has the stock lens it came with. I REALLY want to get a new zoom lens. One that I can use to capture close-ups at an airshow or football players on the field while I'm WAY UP in the stands. Any suggestions!? I find it overwhelming.