Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A little Happy.

Just a few bright spots in my day.

1. L.O.V.E.
2. Sparkly necklace
3. Clothespins
4. vintage spoons

1. Colorful pillow made for me by a friend
2. bright polka dots
3. Bandana and a glass doorknob
4. vintage fan

* * *

What's your bright spot today?


Nicole @Team Pipkin said...

Right now I would say the top of my dresser that I finally cleaned off yesterday. I put a pretty blue crate & dark wicker basket w/blue lining on top of my dresser to catch clutter. I makes me {happy} to look at that spot now.

Leah Spring said...

My bright spot today is I feel like I can't leave my computer because my email-to-phone is messed up, and I'm waiting to find out news of our adoption. And I'm TOTALLY HAPPY about not leaving my computer today! I will sit here ALL DAY LONG if I need to!!!! It's worth it!

Molly said...

Hello Beki! My bright spot was last night at about 8:45 PM. I was telling my husband how much I love Christmas music and could not wait until my favorite radio station starts to play it on Thanksgiving day. My love for Christmas music started when I was little and me and my granny woudl listen to ir while decorating the tree or baking or sitting with her while she knitted. Anyways, I was listening to my radio on my phone and after a song had finished playing, Do you hear what I hear by Andy Williams satrted playing, I had not programmed Chistmas music into music selections yet. I started crying because I knew Jesus had played that song just for me. Just a bright reminder that He is always around even if we can't see Him yet!
~Molly P

Lindsay Thomas said...

Flowers from a friend!!

Signs and Salvage said...

Mine are silly...but still bright...

13 year old Daughter asked me for my "expert" advice!

Breakfast for dinner...yummy!!

Watched a decent movie...

Hope you have a fabulous day!!!


Love the Decor! said...

My bright spot is the massage I get to treat myself to this morning. A definite luxury : )

Kelly said...

My daughter's smile when she "sneaks" out of her room in the morning, a cat's purr, and friends who tell you to get rid of your junk!

Ruth said...

i wore my 'dream big' necklace when i met laura!! so you were totally there in spirit.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous galaxy fan and pinwheel pillow. Love them. Tammy

Christina said...

Do you want to know if there was no real bright spot to my day? :(
Your pictures are very cheerful, though. So, that was nice!

Laura said...

Check out my post...too funny!!!!!

Savannah B-M said...

There are beautiful! Certainly a little bit of happy for me too.