Saturday, November 06, 2010

Pumpkins Pigs and Piercings.

I woke up this morning and suddenly feel like it's here.
Fall. The season. The baking. The shopping. The rush. The madness.

It's here!
The weather has been unseasonably warm lately so that's made it a bit tough to get in the mood.

But last weekend we did go to the pumpkin patch.
It was so warm we were sweating. But the sunshine was beautiful.
I'll take a heavy dose of Vitamin D any time I can get it.

I love pigs. I'd want to get one or two on our farm except they stink.
I don't love stinky things.
Does anyone know why this pig would have a pierced nose?

Rebel? Fashion? Something she did in her teens that she now regrets?

Hay ride. Made The Baby incredibly happy.

And now comes the part where Beki confesses embarrassing things, assuring the readers that she's a wreck.

We did buy pumpkins.
They remained in the trunk of my car until last night.
I've told the kids we'll carve them today. A whole week after Halloween.
But now that we live in the country, we don't have neighbors to laugh at our sad jack-o-lanterns so no one will know.

Except you.

What are your plans this weekend?
Me: Baking. Sipping pumpkin pie coffee. Burning apple scented candles. And carving pumpkins.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if you really wondered about the pig's nose ring or not, but it's actually to keep them from rooting, digging and causing too much damage to the farmland. I like your fashion rebel guess better though!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Yes, I really did want to know!

I had no idea they'd do that.
Thank you Kristi! :)

Unknown said...

Farms are fun to VISIT :)

Ruth said...

i am right there with you in pumpkin shame, sister! i bought one for a prop for some preggo photos but the session keeps getting delayed and delayed. i don't know how much longer it'll keep and whether just to start cooking it now??

can't believe it was that warm for you only a week ago!

Shell in your Pocket said...

That looks like a great farm...I love that slide!

sandy toe

Anonymous said...

It loks like you had a great day, and yes enjoy the sunshine while you can xx

Samantha said...

Visiting from Tatertots and Jello! I love that you are still going to carve your pumpkins - even if it is still a little late, your kids won't care!

Kara said...

Visiting from T&J. You are a great photographer...I love all of the bright pictures on your blog. LOVE your necklaces too!!