Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today's random.

The weather is beautiful.
It's a perfect Fall day.
Sunny and gorgeous.
I love coffee.
I want to rest all weekend.
But I can't.

Today I'm shooting a wedding. I love shooting weddings.
Tomorrow I'm shooting a senior. I love shooting seniors.

Some days I wonder if a time will come that I'll have to choose one of my businesses over the other.
For now, I just keep juggling.
I love both of them so much. And they both keep growing.
The Man is great at pitching in when I get swamped.
I'm swamped.

Several people have asked if I'm doing the blogger ornament exchange this year.
I can't.
I'm crazy, but not that crazy.
It was super fun and if someone else hosts one, I'll look at joining in.
But I'm already stretched way too thin.

If I'm stretched so thin, why am I not skinny? Hmmmm.
I want to be one of those people who loses their appetite when they get stressed.
Instead I just eat. Lots and lots. And BTW, stressed is desserts spelled backward.
So there.

I've done a good job lately of making nice meals for my family. They love it.
And I haven't forgotten to bring my kids home from church or anywhere, so I'm doing okay.

What about you? What are you doing this weekend?
Do you tend to take on too many things at once, or do you balance it all pretty well?


Lori Allberry said...

What a busy weekend you have in store Beki!
I hope you will share some of the wedding pictures and Sr pictures with us all!

I take on too many things at once, I'm wondering if there is any woman that doesn't at Christmas time?

Have a Super Saturday!


Mindy Harris said...

um i wish i could give 100% of me to jesus, husband, kids, ministry, running the home, friends, hobbies, physical fitness. i only know how to order the top 3 yet sometimes i can't keep them at the top.

gingerbread village today. fondue tonight. church and couponing with friends tomorrow.

and kissing the babies.


p.s. i eat when stressed too.

Jeanelle said...

I just found your blog and love it... I'm originally from California and am now living in Amsterdam (due to love), will definitely be gifting Rusted Chain to my mum & girlfriends back home!!


Artsnark said...

Remember to breathe this weekend ;D But I hear you - with family, birthday parties, domestic goddess duties, matting ,framing, show dropoff, work - phew - can I go back to bed now?

Thanks for mentioning the swap. I'd forgotten about I signed up for 1 months ago that is due next week

Anonymous said...

You just explained the past 10 years, at least, of my life. I had no idea that desserts (the sustainer of my day to day life, I'm all about "life is short, eat dessert first")is merely stressed
spelled backwards.
I love clarity, thank you.

Ruth said...

i would like to join your team of assistants... i am frazzled and sometimes dream about dropping it all and running off to somewhere random like, oh i don't know, kansas :)

Melinda said...

Every project that needs to be done that hasn't gotten done because something else needed to be done.

Check out my recent post on projects.


Holly said...

you are a busy girl! I actually didnt do too much this weekend! That was forced only because my car was in the shop so when the Daddy was at work we were stuck at home! We are going to watch the Titans play the Redskins today though!