Monday, January 17, 2011


Today feels so much like a .... Monday.
I went back to sleep this morning after I sent the kids off to school.
I'm always convinced it will feel sooooo good. And it does. But then I regret it.
I'm groggy. I'm running behind.
I'm scattered. My to do list is so long I'm not even sure where to start.

I feel like it would take a room full of those office motivational posters to get me on track.
You know the ones I'm talking about, right? With the hiker on the mountain, the whale jumping out of the ocean.
Ugh. Those things are so cheesy. I love that they're in the background on The Office sometimes.
Have you seen the demotivational ones? LOVE! They crack me up.

Irony = I stayed up too late last night reading a motivational book.

For now I'll start eating this elephant one bite at a time. Taking the first step.
But first I need another cup of coffee. And a good laugh.

Aren't you glad you stopped in here for a Monday pep talk?

(photos are straight out of the camera. Our sunsets have been amazing lately!)

How's your Monday starting?


Casey said...

My Monday started GREAT and then slowly went down hill. But that's OK, I am still gonna make the most of it. This is DEFINITELY a Monday.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Truly a Monday. I had a fight with my friend. ='(

Bethe77 said...

Monday was off to Ck's monthly visit to the vets. Never borning. Then today I have a new Adult Foster Car I will be going to along with the otehr that I visit weekly. So we are off to a roaring start thsi Monday and week. Be blessed this week.
Love your susnet pictures they are so awsome!

Colleen said...

My Monday started about an hour ago. After yogurt, an Apple fritter and some root beer, I'm sitting on the couch crocheting the latest baby hats while the baby tries to kick his way out of the side of my belly. The hat is a new pattern and I'm loving it. So far, my day has been going well.

Unknown said...

i'm just mainly disappointed that it isn't spring yet. but then i listed gifts for 1000 gifts with ann voskamp. made me feel better.

merlin said...

My kids are home for MLK day today. My Monday feels like a weekend :)

Martha said...

your pictures are amazing...we had a beautiful sunrise on Sunday morning here:)

jonahbonah said...

My Monday felt much like yours.

Wanna know something funny? When I'm discouraged about my to-do list my husband always asks me "how do you eat an elephant?" and I have to respond with "one bite at a time." :0)

Sara said...

We bad Monday off ....I went to the park with my Molly. We Met a friend there ...and ...drum roll.....I ONLY SHOT IN MANUAL MODE.
I only panicked a little. If You have any advice, I Just posted some pictures on my blog.