Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Numbers again...

Number of people I've had in my house the past few days: 12
Number of those that were children: 8
Number of hours I had to prepare for that company arriving: 6
Number of meals I could make with the groceries I had on hand: 0
Number of calories I consumed at my favorite Mexican restaurant: 1,293
Number of zoom zoomer (4-wheeler) rides taken: 8
Number of naps taken: 5
Number of bumped heads: 1
Number of cups of coffee consumed: 7
Number of piles of puppy poop cleaned up: 9
Number of episodes of My Big Redneck Wedding watched: 3
Number of loads of laundry done: 0
Number of laughs: 182,367
Number of wii games played: 12
Number of children sleeping on my couch when I got up this morning: 3
Number of hikes taken out in the woods: 4
Number of photos I took with all 8 children together: 0

It's been a fun couple days! And now it's back to work.
p.s. My nose isn't as big as that photo shows. Really.
Random question today: Do you get the winter blahs? How do you fight it?


Wendy said...

Do I get the winter blahs? Hmmm... I don't think I do. And no, me staying in my pajamas all day is not an indicator. It's a way of life.

Wendy said...

Oh, and if a little redhead comes to your door and looks all innocent - don't buy it. She's there to steal your puppy.

Casey said...

I don't think I get the winter blahs. I get the blahs right after Chris goes back on the road. Takes me a little while to get over them.

Sara said...

Winter? What's that?
I dressed my kid in shorts and short sleeved polo today.

rentz said...

Ok, first of all Sara, that is just not fair. Rub it in why don't ya? :)

For the winter blahs I call my mom and whine. What's a mom for anyway?

Kelly said...

I just drink tons of hot beverages, hide under blankets and think of warmer days. Or I bake. depending on my energy level and the depth of the BLAs

Bethe77 said...

YES! I do get the Winter blahs. Fighting it usually isnt as easy as I would like it to be. Usually it means a trip in Feb to California to see my daughters and grandchildren. Sad to say i dont see that happening this year. So not sure how Im going to fight them this year. Blessings

jonahbonah said...

Dude, seriously? It's so blah here right now! And with my hubs gone it's even more blah!!! I need some sunshine...both literally and figuratively!!

Sara said...

Sorry, rentz....sometimes to beat the blahs I go to the beach or Disneyland. Wait...that's worse, isn't it?
Move to Ca....really! I tell Beki all the time!