Thursday, January 13, 2011

On being blonde...

Guess what? I'm a ditz. Scatterbrained. A dingbat. Blonde.
My excuse has always been my hair color, but I know that I'd still be spacey even if I were a redhead or brunette.

Once I found a seller on etsy that made children's tees and one had an astronaut on it with the words "Space Cadet."
I asked if she could make it in a grown up size. She did. I wear it proudly!

I try to fight it as well as I can.
I make lists, follow a calendar, keep notes.
I always put my keys in the exact same pocket in my purse so I know where they are.
I always put my lipglosses in the same pocket in my purse too, so I don't misplace them.
I always park in the same aisle at the WalMarts. Always. The Man makes fun of me but I don't care.
It doesn't matter if it's the furthest spot down that aisle, I park there. And I never lose my car! You'll never see me wandering the parking lot confused.
But if I strayed from my plan, sure as heck, I'd be all sorts of lost.

Good things about being an airhead?
Constant surprises. It's like Christmas over and over.

I can watch a movie 5 times and be surprised at the ending every time. I never remember what happens!

Every year when I pack away my winter coat, I leave a suprise for myself in the pocket. $5, a new lipgloss, or whatever.
And every year in the fall when I pull out my coat, I'm always thrilled at what I find!

I'm still finding Christmas presents that I stashed away but forgot where I put them. Fun! This might go on for months.
Some of the presents I even bought for myself, knowing I wouldn't remember it.

Sometimes I find clothing in my closet with the tags still on, that I don't remember buying.

Is this terrible to admit?

I fight it. I really do. I take every step I can to stay organized.
But without fighting it, I'd be a big hot mess!
You know... a bigger hotter mess than I already am.

I'm a very Type B person, fighting desperately to be a Type A.
What about you? Are you organized? Disorganized?

p.s. Lilo loves snow. And Beki loves 8 frames per second on her camera.


Elizabeth @ My Life, Such as it is... said...

I'm blond and as scatterbrained as all get out. I used to not be before getting married and having a child. I try lists, calendars, etc. and sorta keep up but definitely feel like I'm forgetting something all the time.

Unknown said...

uh. i don't know. maybe i'm a type AB. not organized but not terribly scattered either. your post cracks me up. really, really.

kate said...

This is SO me!! LOL I love that you can admit it. Maybe I should too...

Danielle said...

I was a Type A until I had children. Now I'm a Type B striving to be a Type A. I loved reading your post - it made me laugh at myself! Keep up the good work.

Wendy said...

I was gonna say something, but I forgot what it was.

Unknown said...

Great post and great pics of Lilo and Baby. :) The camera's awesome.
I'm pretty organized but have drawers and closets that might beg to differ. However, my disorganization can be shut away so I fool people into thinking I've "got it together". LOL!

Melanie said...

Right there by your side - i just haven't learned to embrace it as well as you have. You're my inspiration girl!!

~Tanya~ said...

You could be describing me minus the blonde. Wish I was more organized. I really wanted to comment on the pictures with this post, way fun!

Unknown said...

i am not organized. as long as everyone has on their diaper or undies and people are fed and happy, i have done my job for the day.
my husband's the one who holds tupperware organization conferences in our kitchen.
i roll my eyes.

amy d said...

i just wanna hug that lilo!

at home in the burbs said...

i want to live on a farm....

kraftykash said...

Those are great pictures! I'm slightly organized. Actually I'm good at looking like I'm organized. :)

Lori said...

Oh My I FEEL YOUR PAIN and my hair is very BROWN!!! LOL It takes all I have within me to keep it all together. Mine is called ADD!!! My mind has already moved on to something else before I even think about it!!! I am so glad to know there are others like me!! Thank for sharing. Lori

Bethe77 said...

So disoraganized that I need someone full time to figure out my disoragnixation.LOL! But also that person doesnt exist in my life. So in the mean time I use lots of calendars throughut the house and my shop along with a date book and still it isnt enough. I still miss appointments like this week. Good thing they all know me.
Love your camara shots with your new camara. Beautiful!

The Little Red Shop said...

Sweet! I pretty much know how I want to organize everything. I just have to get around to actually doing it. Ahhh...your camera is AWESOME! Can I have it? : )

Have a gorgeous weekend,

Julie M.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Beki...You make me laugh. =D

I am, for the most part, organized...however, I have this little problem called menopause. It is making me a bit scatterbrained.

Amy said...

Is this in response to my "organized" post the other day? :) I'm not a Type A. Truly. Just an organized Type B. :)

ellie d said...

oh my goodness, i could have written that post! i am a true brunette but this is SO LIKE ME. could you tell me the etsy seller & maybe i can get a tshirt too? :)

Anonymous said...

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