Monday, January 03, 2011

Rejoicing on Monday.

Monday. The last day of Christmas vacation.
The Baby woke me up early. And I told him to go play, because mommy wants to sleep more.

Later I was woken up again. This time to screaming. The kind moms know isn't good.
I jumped up and found The Boy in the bathroom with blood all over.
The Baby had dropped a toy on The Boy's face and busted it open.
It needed stitches.
I made a few phone calls and rejoiced that a doctor would squeeze us in immediately rather than sending us to the E.R.

I rejoiced that The Girl watched The Baby in the waiting room while I was in with The Boy getting his stitches.

I rejoiced that it wasn't any worse. 6 stitches.
I rejoiced when the doctor and nurse said they've never had a kid as wonderful and patient and kind as The Boy. They think he should give lessons to all third graders.

This picture actually doesn't show anything, which is strange.
His eye was almost swollen shut. It has lovely shades of green and purple.
But the light in this one hides it all.

After any doctor visit, even a check up or shots, I take the kids out for ice cream.
It's just the right mommy thing to do.
And I rejoiced that spending a few dollars on ice cream is something we can do, while for many families, just getting food and water is a challenge.

We are so abundantly blessed. So spoiled. And I hope it's something I don't take for granted.
After a stressful morning, I rejoiced in a nap.

How's your year starting so far?


Love the Decor! said...

And a well deserved nap at that!!
Have a smooth rest of your day : )

Unknown said...


Mine are older - much older than that. I do still worry sometimes about the "accidents" that teens can cause each other to have. Thankfully we haven't had any here.

My last day of vacation is rather quiet and then tomorrow back to the craziness that is high school teaching.


Leah Spring said...

FYI for future reference: If your child has a facial injury, request to have a plastic surgeon do the stitches. They do it MUCH differently than regular doctors do!!! (ie, NO SCARRING) My son had 80 (yes, that's eighty!) stitches in his face at 9 years old. All you could see was exposed skull. It was horrible! Somehow I had the presence of mind to request a plastic surgeon. He's 22 now...his scar is INVISIBLE!!!!

My Trendy Tykes said...

I am glad that he is ok!

Rachel said...

I'm glad The Boy is okay. What a trooper. My new year is starting off quite well...full of anxious excitement to meet our baby that's due next month. Yay! :)

Amanda said...

Oh dear! What in the world was the toy and how did it fall on his face?!.... A few years ago on Christmas Eve my oldest dropped a cookie baking stone on my then 2 yr. old's big toy and we thought for sure it was broken. We ended up at the Urgent Care Center for a few hours that day. :( But rejoiced when it was just a bad bruise and all it needed was "buddy taped" to the next toe. :)

Happy New Year!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Glad he is ok! He is going to be very sore tomorrow.

Bethe77 said...

So glad boy is fine adn all ened well with ice cream and a good nap.
Ours is a bit stressful and I will leave it at that. As Im trying to focus on the postive. Blessing inot the New Year!

Amy said...

Poor Drew! What a trooper he is!! What in the world kind of toys do you let your "baby" play with?! :)

Unknown said...

ahhhh, the ER. i'm a pro at it - i have two boys. hope your little guy feels better soon!

Melinda said...

Glad EVERYONE is ok.
Ice Cream sounds delish!
Peacefully quiet.

Happy New Year!


Laura said...

no stitches here, but I did fall down a flight of stairs and hurt my back. not cool. I can't say I have been doing much rejoicing...and I should...

it is the darn bills I can not pay that get me down..

but nice to read see that if you look hard enough, there IS reason to always rejoice

my word of the year?
warm ham

rentz said...

I've been a mom for 12 years and did not know ice cream was the mom thing to do after doctor's appointments. You rock!

Glad the boy is ok! Happy new year! And I love your word for the year.

Wendy said...

Is it just me, or does getting stitches almost seem worth it in order to get Sonic?

So sorry The Boy got hurt! But very happy it didn't get his eye. Don't kids know they're not supposed to get hurt and scare Mommy like that?!