Monday, January 31, 2011

A simple life...

I'll be honest. (always am...) Sometimes I feel left out.
Sometimes I feel like the world is passing me by.
I feel like everyone else has all the good stuff and I don't.
I want so many things. Big and small. I suppose that's just our nature - to constantly want more.
I find myself constantly wanting this and that and then more of this.

And then I realize that I really need nothing.

I love my simple life.
Sure it would be great to travel more, but I have some pretty amazing scenery right out my windows.

I'd love to spend more money on cute shoes, better phones, new toys... you know - "stuff".
But it sure feels nice to not have debt hanging over our heads.

The truth is that I have a simple life. And it's a good thing.
I have a roof over my head, cars to drive, warm clothes, warm food, a family who loves me, and laughter. Lots and lots of laughter.

I have all I need.
I just need to stop and take notice of it sometimes.



Megan said...

OMG that is exactly what I have spent this last weekend telling myself. Sometimes I have jealousy issues, a bad case of the wants or even a little bit of a nasty attitude when I don't get what I want...then I slow down and thank God that my boys are healthy, the bills are paid and dinner is in the oven...thanks for being you Beki.

Maple Memories said...

Love this post. So true. Your children are beautiful...and they look so happy. That speaks volumes.

Mary Richmond said...

i love this post--it is so true and heartfelt. we all know it, but it is easy to get caught up in this consumerist world. i think all this wanting causes a lot of strife in the world. it is hard to just sit back and step out of the wanting that our society really encourages but really, what more could we want than what we have if we have a family, love, a roof over our heads, enough food, heat, etc.? we will all have our own barometers on this and some will choose friends over family or pets over friends but in the is good to be satisfied with simple things, i think. and it is much easier to be happy ;-) love to you and your beautiful family! and personally, i don't think wanting something fun or fabulous is a bad thing....just when it takes over ;-)

Julie said...

Well said! After years of credit card spending, we are out of debt and not spending unless it is cash. My 4 year old daughter doesn't get as many shoes as she used to (like she cares. It was more for me than for her.) But we are so much happier and have learned to be content with what we have! I still have days where I want to go out and spend like crazy, but I control those urges (mostly by thinking about how mad my husband would be: }). Geez, maybe I should blog about this... You've opened a can of worms for me!!! : )

Ericka said...

Wow, so true! I think it something about this time of year with the end of the holidays and the weather. You do have beautiful children that look very happy. I hope that we can all find bliss in the simplicity that surrounds us. Take care. :)

Marci Goodwin said...

Love the simple life, although I am guilty of wanting MORE of whatever on occasion. I keep reminding myself that peace trumps stuff every time!

Chigger Hill Cottage said...

Wow, made me want to cry. In our Sunday school lesson yesterday, we talked about knowing God more just through reading the Bible. If we knew God better, then we would not have all these wants, we would all be satisfied with exactly what we have! You have nailed it! Great post, Thanks!

Elisa Seaba said...

Great reminder! It's so easy to get caught up in all the "wanting more" I live in one of the top 10 richest counties in the country and boy is it hard sometimes seeing wealthy people around you all the time, but i just remind myself everyday how very blessed i am!

Bethe77 said...

You are a very blessed woman! I love your post today and I think you have a wonderful life. Thank you for sharing it. Blessings

Suzanne said...

Great post!! I have to keep reminding myself of this as well. It is so easy to fall into jealousy and wanting things. This is one of the things I am trying to focus on in 2011...just be happy and breathe!

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Amy said...

Hugs to you. Applebees appetizers soon? :)

Chad and Jody said...

And those kids... man, you have cute kids.

BARBIE said...

Beautiful reminder. Life is so simple, isn't it? I was just telling a friend today that even though my heart longs at times for more, I am realizing that I really have everything that I need. God has been good to me.

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Meg B. said...

it is simple, that's what makes it real.

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Beki...You bless me so.

CalleLillyCafe said...

so true. we live the busy hectic life each day here. we have the *stuff* & I just wish we could stop time & enjoy smelling the fresh cut grass, etc. my girls & I will drive out to 'farm country' a few miles away & just dream about what it would be like if someday... we could live that life.

Laura said...

the sermon at mass on Friday was about Jesus telling the Apostles to go out and to bring nothing other than their shoes.

can you imagine needing nothing on a trip?

truth be told, we don't need stuff.
God created people to love PEOPLE, and to USE things.
of course, we WANT
we feel left OUT
we get jealous of what others have (well, I do)

but we don't need stuff
and we both know that

all we need is a full heart
we need God
that's it

so simple :-)