Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ask me...

What would you like to ask?

If you're going to ask if we set a new record low temperature this morning the answer is yes.

If you're going to ask if my photoshop program is giving me fits today, the answer is yes.

If you're going to ask if I have to get out in the cold and mail a bunch of packages today, the answer is yes.

If you're going to ask if this is what our creek looks like right now, the answer is no. This was last week.

I haven't done this in a while, so what else would you like to know?
I'm an open book. Anything you want to ask me?


Stacey said...

Hmmm... What's your favorite thing about that gorgeous little friend of yours, The Lazy Mom?

I hear she's awesome.

Danielle said...

Will you please move back to the Slate Creek district so I can see you more often?

Suzanne said...

How is the new puppy doing?? I need a puppy fix since my husband would kill me if I even mentioned getting a puppy!!!

A Family of Love said...

What made you decide to start a photography business? Besides your blog, how else do you get new clients?

Thank you!

My goal within the next 4 years is to start my own portrait studio.

Anonymous said...

Did I win your January giveaway? I'm a little "snowed" right now:)
Mrs. B.

Melanie said...

What made you decide to get into jewelry? and Do you do all the work yourself?

Erica said...

when are you going to visit me in sunny california?? ;)

what is your favorite part about being a mom? what is the hardest or most frustrating part?

Mary Richmond said...

I don't have anything to ask you--just wanted to say hi and say how much I love you ;-)

jonahbonah said...

i'd love to see more pictures of your home...what's comfy to you?? what's your style??? you said the other day that you are loving zebra print right now. i just wonder what else we have in common.

oh, and you're the best!

Anonymous said...

What time of day is best to take pictures?

Thanks so much for a great blog.....any ideas on how I can make my blog better? :)

Thanks Beki!

Erica said...
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