Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is it over yet?

The snow? It was pretty and fluffy and fun.
But it was also cold and wet. I'm ready for color.
Warmth. Sun. Vitamin D. Bring it.

I asked you the other day if you have any questions for me.
I must spill way too much already because not many of you had questions.
Either that or you find me boring/annoying and don't want me to tell more.
And that's okay. But I'm going to anyway.

"Stacey said...
Hmmm... What's your favorite thing about that gorgeous little friend of yours, The Lazy Mom?"

She cracks me up. That's my favorite thing about her. Plus she's gorgeous and little.

Danielle said...
Will you please move back to the Slate Creek district so I can see you more often?

(She's talking about our old school.) Sorry Dani, no. We love it out here in the country! But I sure do miss that school and the staff.

Suzanne said...
How is the new puppy doing?? I need a puppy fix since my husband would kill me if I even mentioned getting a puppy!!!

Ellie is so good! She's very sweet, super fluffy and smells good. Lilo does not smell good. She just stinks. But Ellie is my new snuggly baby.
p.s. Suzanne, I need to have words with you... You know what you did! *ahem* :)

A Family of Love said...
What made you decide to start a photography business? Besides your blog, how else do you get new clients?

When people started asking me to do photo shoots for them, and offering to pay, I figured I was on to something. (I'm bright like that...) I did about 15-20 free sessions before I really started charging. And I learned soooo much!! It really is much more difficult than I thought it would be. Making people feel comfortable in front of the camera, learning to deal with different personalities, accomidating everyone's tastes... It's tough but I love it.
New clients really just come through word of mouth and my blog.

mmmgleisner said...
What made you decide to get into jewelry? and Do you do all the work yourself?

I've always been crafty and just decided one day that I wanted to try making jewelry. I instantly fell in love with it and when I had too many pieces to wear, I listed some of them on ebay. They took off, sold right and left, and I had a little growing business! Now, I don't do all the work myself. I have a small team of ladies that helps me. I asked them once if I could take a photo and share it on my blog and they said no! They want to remain behind the scenes. But no, I definitely couldn't do it all on my own!

Erica said...
when are you going to visit me in sunny california?? ;)
Today?! I'll hop a plane and be there today.

what is your favorite part about being a mom? what is the hardest or most frustrating part?
Favorite part? Too many to name. I love the cute ways kids mispronounce words and I never correct them. cluter = computer, towboy = cowboy, Ehwwie = Ellie. I love it.
Hardest? Being patient and keeping my cool when there are messes, or kids don't do what I want immediately. I'm not a very patient person so I struggle with this.

The Perfect Trio said...
i'd love to see more pictures of your home...what's comfy to you?? what's your style??? you said the other day that you are loving zebra print right now. i just wonder what else we have in common.

Ugh. This is a problem for me. I actually have pretty good taste and decent style. But you WOULD NOT know it by looking at our home right now. After we moved in last summer, we did a little remodeling, then jumped immediately into the Barn Sale, then into the madness of Fall and Christmas orders... The house has been last priority for too long.
Nearly every room still needs painted. The walls are mostly bare. Ew. There's a 1980's flower wallpaper border around our bathroom. Double ew.
My taste is funky/colorful/flea market/eclectic. I love bright fabrics like Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler. Love splashes of zebra and damask patterns. Love rust. Love vintage fans. Love antique furniture mixed with sleek modern touches.

Anonymous said...
What time of day is best to take pictures?

Thanks so much for a great blog.....any ideas on how I can make my blog better? :)

Best time of day would be not in direct sunlight in the middle of the day. If you have to shoot in the middle, find a shady spot. My favorite time is right before sunset when everything is warm and yellow.
Making your own blog better? Hmmm... I'm not sure I'm the best person to ask. Ha! Keep it fresh. Share personal stories occasionally but not too much. Share things that people can take away and use for themselves. (recipes, crafts, tips, etc.)
Visit other blogs and leave genuine comments. And pictures. Everyone loves to look at pretty pictures.

After all that snow this week, we're looking at 40's and 50's this weekend. Warmth!! We might actually tackle some home remodeling projects.
How's your weekend looking? Any plans?


Paula said...

Quiet weekend... I'm ready for sunshine & warmer temps. too! Next 4 days should by sunny & 60* - great news after all the snow!!

Date night tonight - dinner & a bookstore... can't wait!

Marlene said...

Plans for this weekend include but are not limited to: taking my son out on a hot chocolate & chess date at a coffeehouse, doing some painting in our kitchen, and watching some episodes of Full House. And making some Valentine treats for my dreamy hubby :)

Vicki said...

Beautiful photos! Love your little dog's little dog's name is Ellie too!

j said...

I love the photo of the heart in the snow. It is just lovely. ALL of your pictures are wonderful.

Mindy Harris said...

i saw your facebook status about blog comments. i can relate. it is tough to NOT base the success of one's blog off of comments or traffic. i try to remind myself that if one person was inspired, motivated, or directed toward the Lord, then, ultimately that's all that matters.
i always appreciate your comments, though. very much a TREAT.

Sara said...

I am doing a photo shoot tomorrow!!
(Woo Hoo!)
You can check my blog for my last one, if you have time!

I was feeling sad...thinking "she didn't answer MY question"...but then I went back and looked, and apparently it never posted.
(I was doing it on my phone, which is trickier)..

My question was:
What is your favorite Disney character and/or movie?

Dew Drop said...

OMG! Wish I'd seen your "Leave Your Comment" disclaimer sooner! Love your stuff - and you and your fam, too!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Sara, I love Up! Love love love that movie. But I also love Lilo and Stitch. Have fun at the photo shoot!!

Unknown said...

i love this post....much of my weekend was eaten up with sports, but now i'm blogging. i added a widget to allow me to reply to comments on blogger. i THINK i like it?

Kelley said...

Your pictures make the snow look so fun! BUT I am glad there is a little warm up in the midwest, at least for a week or so! Enjoy the warm sun this week :)

Unknown said...

We had those 40's this weekend. Up here in Minnesota that meant some people felt freedom to wear those shorts and teeshirts. After all, it was -4530 just a week prior. Okay, maybe it was only -22 degree windchill.

Beautiful post and beautiful pictures.