Saturday, February 19, 2011


We have a simple life. I'm a simple (minded) lady.
And it is so fun to find joy in the small things.

Last night The Man and I were in the parking lot of a grocery store and a lady came over to me and said, "Excuse me. I just wanted to let you know that from way over there, your hair is beautiful!!!"
And then she walked away.
And The Man and I both busted up laughing. That's it? That's the end of the compliment? From over there, it's beautiful, but up close it's what?... Stringy? Straw? Disgusting? Jaw droppingly ugly?? What???
Too funny.
I love having someone who completely gets me.

Other little joys this week:

1. Hob Lob. Mmmhmmm.
2. Hot pink polka dot blanket
3. Snowman with grass hair
4. Vintage linens
5. Yellow flowers
6. Aqua baker's twine
7. I {heart} Photography embroidery hoop sent by one of my favorite buyers (Thank you Suzanne!), on my favorite Sandi Henderson fabric. Happy Mail.
8. Almond Joy coffee creamer. *swoon*
9. Warm sunset.

I think the greatest of these is number 8.

Do you have a favorite color to decorate with?


Simply Created by Cole said...

Love the simple joys of everyday life. Beautiful pictures Beki! My favorite color to decorate with is green. I love it! Have a great weekend.

Amanda said...

the snowman with the grass hair is darling! where did you find him?
i like to throw in bouts of red throughout our cottage - it's a fun accent color. enjoy your weekend!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

The snowman with grass hair came from the dollar bin at Target. :)

Leigh said...

right now I'm loving decorating shades of blue and aqua throughout my home. Loving the Joys for you right now!

Holly said...

it would seem that redis my favorite by looking at my house but I am trying hard to change it up a bit. I don't think I have a favorite!

Colleen said...

My great grandpa taught me to take joy in the simple things in life, and I try to live by that. It really does make life better.
I never really noticed before, but my home has a recurring color scheme of red/magenta and black. I have a lot of Asian theme going on and I like it.

Fairfield House said...

Hi Beki,

Blog hopping and came upon yours this afternoon. So much goodness see and read. I will be returning! I would take the compliment as such, despite the poor delivery. Perhaps she just meant she was admiring it from way over there and even from that far it's beautiful. Some just trip on their words but have good intentions.

Warm sunsets get me every time.


BARBIE said...

Almond Joy coffee creamer? If it tastes anything like the real candy bar, I want some!

Jan said...

Love the little things. Love that you just posted pics today. B/c I knew I wouldn't get much done today, I declared it Favorite Farm Pic Saturday. Think I may fall back on this on all my busy Saturdays. Enjoying your blog!

Wendy said...

I have all kinds of colors in my house! I don't do white walls. But one of my favorite is my pumpkin walls in my laundry room. I love orange!

Lori said...

I haven't done much decorating in the last few years but I love browns & reds. I am hoping to get some new things done in my house soon.
Blessings, Lori

jonahbonah said...

I am totally digging yellow right now...however, I haven't found a way to incorporate it into my decor. I need a cheery print or two hanging on these ol white walls!

Nancy in the Chicago 'burbs. said...

Almond Joy Cream! Oh My, I had know idea. I NEED to find this.

Allen and Debby Graber said...

I too am excited to see the Almond Joy coffee creamer! Where did you get it? I haven't seen it before. Need to get it for my "Starbucks" coffee bar!

Cristy said...

My favorite color to decorate with? White(does that count?)But you knew that.

Happy Mail. Nothing better. :)

rentz said...

I'm not going to give you advise on decorating. I pretty much stink at that. But just wanted to say that we have those little snowmen with grass hair and they make me really happy too. The little boys just love them.

rentz said...

Oh, and I forgot to say...the almond joy coffee creamer...i'm getting some of that. looks delish!

Peggy R said...

It use to be shades of green, however I recently painted our bedroom seaglass and I dont think I would ever want to change it.

Melinda said...

Fun stuff.
The yellow flowers are very cheerful!
We have greens, burgundy and creams
around here.

Happy Sunday!


kraftykash said...

Almond joy coffee creamer?? Get out of town!!! I love almond joys. I haven't had one in FOREVER! Would it even taste the same? Ah man! I bet that is tasty cakes in coffee. ENJOY:)

Laura said...

Thank GOD for simple.
WHo needs more than that?
And I have seen your hair up close.
And it is beautiful.

I am currently trying to decorate with brown.
We picked two colors to choose from on our bathroom wall.
Nick did two big brush strokes of brown.
It totally looks like someone smeared poop on the walls.
Which has happened, by the way.