Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Flying High.

The weather here lately has been crazy beautiful.
I use "crazy" as an adjective way too often.
And I'm sorry if you're still fighting winter. We are loving 80 degrees and sunshine.

The kids are on Spring Break this week, which is messing with my schedule.
In a good way.
We're staying up late, sleeping in late, spending the days outside soaking up large amounts of much-needed Vitamin D, and having picnics for lunch.
It's good.

We're doing a little landscaping. Usually The Man does that stuff but I offered to help this year.
Big mistake.
No one warned me how physical it is.
I may be too prissy for it after all. There's like dirt and worms and sweat and stuff!

I've switched to iced coffee in the mornings. That's a great thing.
I love this time of year.

We saw our first snake of the season. Ew.

I'm planting lots of flowers and planning the garden.
I've no idea what I'm doing, but it makes me feel like a real country living kind of gal and that's a good thing.

We're flying high and loving life lately!

Do you have a swing in your yard?


CalleLillyCafe said...

love those photos! the blue sky, tree views & that cutie little one! =) we have a tire swing connected to a big play set (Costco) not a cool one like that!
happy landscaping!

Lori Allberry said...

Love the photos!
Love the stories, or ummm blurbs!
Love iced coffee!
Hate snakes!
Hate dirt!
Hate sweat!
Love the photos again!
Love nice weather,
Hate that we don't have it yet.
Just little teases of it.

That is all.


Stacee Hastings Hendrickson said...

Brings back lots of good and fun Grandma and Grandpa Hastings house memories! Loved that tire swing.

Sarah-Anne said...

sure do! our tire swing was proudly used this weekend when we had friends over. :)

Elisa Seaba said...

Love those pictures! I LOVED swinging by the hour when i was a kid, now when i do it i feel like i'm gonna throw up! :) We have a swing set for the kids in the back yard but that tire swing looks pretty fun!

Julie said...

We have one of those horizontal tire swings and three others. But, the kids use the trampoline the most. Can't wait until we have 80 degree weather. We're in the 40's today. Yuck.

Kelly said...

We are loving he weather too. Although not to extent you are. First I was sick then my daughter. So we have been inside with the windows open!

DebW said...

Jealous as here in NH it is 35 degrees and they are predicting snow for tomorrow.
I will enjoy vicariously through your gorgeous photos!
Blessing on the journey~

Sarah said...

We are having beautiful weather in Indiana too, but it is supposed to get cold tomorrow. Yuck.

washingtonpharmgirl said...

What a gorgeous day! Throw in a happy child and you have...perfection!

Chad and Jody said...

seriously wish we had a tire swing after looking at these photos!

Unknown said...

we've enjoyed the weather her ein the south too. but cold again tomorrow....and thanks for NOT posting a picture of the snake....

Cheryl said...

Oh, you are so lucky!! It snowed here today in Chicagoland! yuck. oh well . . . Spring has GOT to be here somewhere . . . soon. i love gardening. I can't wait to dig my little fingers in the dirt. We used to have a swing, but then we moved . . . we need to move a fence before we put a swing up . . . maybe this summer. Your pics make me want to do it tomorrow. :)

A Family of Love said...

I'm so jealous of your warm weather! We just had a snow storm and had 12" or more inches of snow dumped on us!

Enjoy your nice weather!

Bethe77 said...

Love the photos. The tire swing what fun! Makes me want Spring and Summer even more.

Marlene said...

Wow, 80 degrees!! Yesterday I was shoveling a suprise 8" of snow off the driveway. No snakes though. I would have died on the spot if i would have seen one.

Love the tire swing pics!

kraftykash said...

Looks great! We do not have a swing. I was on a walk with a friend the other day and we saw several tree swings. We thought about pushing each other on them, but then decided it would be trespassing and people might call us creepers. LOL

Jennifer said...

what great pictures! You really captured our beautiful blue Kansas skye