Wednesday, March 30, 2011


{I love Sully and his heart shaped nose.}

You know that I don't think I'm a big deal, right?! I hope you know that. I really do not think that I'm a big deal.
{Have you seen those tshirts that say "I'm a really big deal on the internet"? Cracks me up!}

What I know, however, is that I'm just like you... a woman trying to do her best.
I get sometimes hundreds of emails a day.
Right now there are 3,241 emails in my inbox. Just recently that was over 10,000.
I'm not lying. I've worked my tail off to get the number down to where it is now.

To complicate things a bit, some of them come on twitter and facebook. business and personal. So I'm constantly checking multiple accounts.

Despite trying my best, I cannot reply to all of them.
They are questions, comments, suggestions, complaints, criticisms, media inquiries, and loads upon loads of requests for sponsorships.
I get tons of businesses and people wanting me to sponsor their blog, conference, charity, store, organization, giveaway, school, soccer tournament, family reunion, etc.

If I were to reply to every single one, I'd spend 5 or so hours a day just in emails.
I'm a wife, a mom, a small business owner, trying to juggle it all, while occasionally grieving the loss of a puppy, taking in a new puppy, attending school functions, showering once or twice a month, trying to feed my family a decent meal, and provide them with clean underwear.

I am a person, far from perfect.
At this stage of my life, my time management skills are the best they've ever been. That's a good thing. Of course it's never enough.
I need clones. No wait, multiple Beki's would probably not be good.
I need minions. I'd pay well for minions.

I promise you that I do read every single email. I just can't reply to all of them.
It's not that I'm careless or snotty or stuck up or that you aren't important.
You are.
It's just that I'm busy.

And when my family runs out of clean underwear, I start getting nasty comments from them.

I'm just a woman, doing my best.

Do you ever feel like you're drowning in stuff?


Bethe77 said...

Great post Beki!
I think you have it under control.

Wendy said...

Of course you'd always reply to my emails, right Beki? Beki...? Hello...?


Cynthia, TX said...

oh my I can so understand your underwear comment. ha ha

Kathy Campbell said...

Oh you poor thing. :( It can definitely be overwhelming, I totally understand!

In fact, that's why I started my small business "The Photog's Helper" in order to help photographers get their lives under control...I wanted to let you know though, that I do work with others that aren't photographers. So if you are interested in having someone help sort your email, organize it and get it under control, let me know! I do single sessions to let you breathe as well as ongoing purges and organizations.

Email me at smile at if you are interested!

Amber W said...

Bless you for doing your best!

Funny, I prayed yesterday morning about having too much to do and feeling tired all the time - well this morning, I managed to oversleep. Wednesday is the only day waking up late is ok so it wasn't too big of a deal but I just think it is funny how God works in our clutter. :)

Love the Decor! said...

Hang in there!! I often say "I need a Wife!!!"
No pressure here : ))

rentz said...

Do I feel like I'm drowning? Only about everyday lately. And I don't even have a small business. Or 10,000 emails. Adorable puppy, by the way! Hope you have a super productive day!

Unknown said...

ha! love this post! i love the shower comment and the last comment about drowning.

i often feel like i am going a hundred miles a minute, and then suddenly realize there is still so much to do.

but, if you keep the important things under-wraps (like clean underwear and what-not), it's all good!


Cristy said...

Oh how I understand this post! Hugs!!

Sarah said...

Oh I always feel like I am drowning. Great post!

kraftykash said...

I think it would be awesome to have that problem. I'm the opposite......always wonder how to get more people to look at my product. Just do the best that you can, thats all you can do. I always tell my kids to strive for their own personal best. I think you are awesome! And clean underwear= good Mama LOL

jonahbonah said...

and i thought i was drowning in emails...200 is overwhelming! HA!

you do have it together girl! you DO!

Sarah-Anne said...

you're doing great, beki. seriously. :)

deborah said...

I love that you are so real about stuff we all deal with! Some of us A) laugh,
B) some cry,
C) some get mad,
{ but to be real and do }
D) all of the above
is so healthy so good for you!
Love your post!

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Laundry and dishes without a dishwasher kill me! You're a fabulous mom keeping them in clean!


Alysa said...

Wow, I felt overwhelmed with my inbox at 400. You MUST be a big deal ;) Glad you have your priorities in check though, it's a good reminder.

Chad and Jody said...

You're such a snob. I wish you'd pay more attention to me. :)

Seriously, though. You're awesome. It's so cool I have a friend who gets 10,000 emails she can't get to in an instant.

love, me

Lori said...

I think you are Awesome and have it all together and yes as a small business owner I feel overwhelmed daily. I'm not an organized person by nature so I have to really work hard to be that way!!!
Blessings and congrats on the Great job your doing!!!
Blessings, Lori

Melinda said...

I think we all feel that way (most
of the time.)
I think we just have to do our best and be happy with what we can get done.
Relax you are doing fine. Family comes first.


Amy said...

Um... yes. Pretty sure I know exactly how you feel. I guess I'll send back the shirt I ordered for you. :)

BARBIE said...

I can't even imagine. I love your blog, even if you can't get around to commenting. I appreciate you and I understand. Now, go make sure those kiddos have clean underwear!!

Christina said...

Tooooo funny:
"I need clones. No wait, multiple Beki's would probably not be good.
I need minions. I'd pay well for minions."

I spent a long time drowning. Then God saved me (honestly, he's done that many times over, but this time it was really serious). Love your realness. :)

Non-Stop Mom said...

I'd pay well for minions too - but instead I get to do it all for 5 kids on my own. I feel like I am drowning on a regular basis, but I just have to laugh (or I will cry). Personally, I think you're doing great!!!

Elisa Seaba said...

I feel like i'm drowning a lot and i am not a small business owner and don't get those kind of emails so i can't imagine what you must feel like somedays! Minions, i need some of those too :)

T@iy@ said...

I could drown in those sweet puppy eyes! What a love!