Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Little Getaway...

Over the weekend we went to Springfield, MO which is where I'm from.
I always love being there.

My sister and I got to go out for a little girl time. I love that.
It was cold, unfortunately. But we walked, talked, shopped, had coffee at The Mudhouse.

We enjoyed the lines and architecture of the old buildings and wrought iron fences.
We shopped at Gallery Bistro, which is this little market in the middle of downtown.
Fresh flowers. Fresh fish. Bulk bins. Organic wine. Things you can't get at the small town WalMarts I go to get my groceries.


We had cupcakes. And cheesecake. And tacos. (I'm sure we burned off all those calories walking... *ahem*)
We found sunglasses 2 for $10 in a little boutique so I bought a pair for both of us.
I'm a spender... She's a lucky sister.

One storefront window was filled with birds.

And then I noticed this sign. "Put a bird on it..." Ha!
I'm not into the huge bird trend right now. But it makes me laugh.
You've seen the video this is referencing, right? If not, click here to see it.
Just put a bird on it. It'll instantly become trendy and lovely and fashionable and cool. Ha.


It was so nice. Even though it was only a few cold hours, it was good for my soul.

What do you do when you have girl time with a friend or relative?


Peggy said...

My favourite girl time is lunch at a little cafe. Chai Tea at Second cup and A good magazine from Chapters. It is my favourite alone time too.

Unknown said...

So glad you got to have Sister Time...that sounds like a blast. I LOVE the YouTube clip. I've never heardof Portlandia before but am having a good time going thru some of the other YouTube's of them. I posted the "bird" clip on my Facebook and gave you credit for bringing it to my attention. :)

Lori said...

My two BFF's and I love to scrapbook together. Actually they scrapbook and I just talk a lot. LOL Usually once a year we go away for a weekend. BTW, I'm not into all the bird stuff either. Just not my cup of tea!
Blessings, Lori

Sarah said...

When I have girl time, I just like to sit and talk. With two little ones, I don't get to sit down very often. Glad you had fun!!


Julie said...

Eh, I see my sisters every week. Maybe it'd be better if we lived far away. More exciting anyway! : ) Love that video, but seriously, the things look better with birds on them! LOL!

jonahbonah said...

girl time? huh? when? i get no girl time.... you're a lucky girl!

Stacey said...

Two things.

1. Love this -- I'm a spender... She's a lucky sister.
2. Love the video.

The Lazy Mom wuz here.

Melinda said...

Sounds like fun.
Springfield is one of my fave places to go.


CalleLillyCafe said...

Love the photos! That right there is my kinda day. Love walking & looking in boutiques & little shops &... eating! I have always loved cute birds & owls even before the big bang. huh? ha! a long--- time. Need to watch video. wondering if I saw or not. thx for the visit & comment love. Girl time? Used to be every Fri am w/bff going to Paradise Bakery (yum!), the Farmhouse (mom & pop joint, to die for!) or Wildflower Bread Co then over to Barnes & Noble to eat some more, browse & people watch or shop! other than that doesn't happen. too busy! I made time for that bcuz too much time has passed. Starbucks yrs ago w/my big sister to catch up & tell all. She had passed though in 2006. =( okay I will stop or I could go on! Have a good nite. =)

Paula said...

Looks like a nice weekend. I need to check out the "put a bird on it" thing, it's really making the rounds. Funny thing is, I do love birds!

Anonymous said...

I walk around town on a cold Sunday after ion with my sister. ;0). Thanks again for the sunglasses.

Love you Beki! <3