Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday numbers.

Number of miles traveled over the weekend: 578
Number of laughs shared: 733
Number of games of Apples to Apples I won: 0
Number of dirty dishes I left in the sink over the weekend: 72
Number of puppies at my feet: 1
Number of smelly Basset Hounds in the house: 1
Number of emails I need to reply to: 48
Number of cups of coffee I've had today: 1
Number of jewelry orders that need mailed this week: 1,204 (or something like that)
Number of harmonica playing 9 year olds in the next room: 1
Number of loads of laundry I need to wash: 12
Number of hours until Spring Break is over: 19
Number of hours it will take to get our taxes organized: 3500
Number of shoes scattered on my office floor: 8
Number of daffodils in a plastic Lion King "vase" next to me: 5
Number of dirty noses and Kool Aid mustaches in the home: 1

I'm not quite ready to tackle this week. But this week will tackle me if I don't get to it first. So here I go.

Happy Monday to you!!


Bethe77 said...

Yes! The numbers of things to accomplish in a week numrous.
Loved your blog today.
The dirty face perfect!

kraftykash said...

You go girl!! I know you can handle this. :)

Love the Decor! said...

Have a great one

Liz said...

That is the sweetest little boy dirty face I have evah seen. Evah!

Liz said...

That is the sweetest little boy dirty face I have evah seen. Evah!

Cheryl said...

Love it! . . . I can do ALL things through Him who gives me strength! :)
That sweet boy's face makes it all worth while, right? ;)

Michelle said...

How do you resist that face to tackle anything? He is so cute.